Storm clouds Came, and Left, Without any Storm at all.

I am not going to write an awful lot today – I think these pictures speak for themselves.

Brown ducks  waiting in the farmyard for their dinner.

We did get some sun yesterday but the winds were very high. So the weeding in the asparagus was a trial. The ducks were fine but Mr Flowers did not come out – he does not do well in the high winds with his long tail.

Basket of chickens eggs of different shades.

But the warm wind also hauls the grasses up, so the cows fields and the wheat fields grew a pace yesterday!

Wheat blurred by the wind with storm clouds above.

In the evening the clouds came in and there was every indication that we were going to have another good storm.

Storm clouds in the West pinkened by the sunset in the East. Above fields on the plains.

Which, frankly would have been great as we are beginning to need the rain.

These clouds were all out to the West and lit by the sunset in the East. Incredible light.

Storm clouds in the West pinkened by the sunset in the East. Above fields on the plains. Organic Wheat fields in the foreground

As the sun set and the light dropped the intensity of these storm clouds built but they held on to their rainfall.

Storm clouds above organic wheat fields. Flat horizon. Farmhouse in the distance.

And Soared past leaving nary a drop of rain.

Maybe this is how this summer will go. Less rain. I am going to make sure to plant the vegetables that need more water closer to the hoses. As a rule we don’t need to irrigate a lot out here but the gardens have more mouths to feed this year so we may have to water to get the food onto tables.

Take Care and Talk Soon

Have a lovely day.


18 Comments on “Storm clouds Came, and Left, Without any Storm at all.

  1. It’s been very stormy with sunny intervals here too.
    There was a duck drama yesterday. Three ducks were sitting on the pond wall, when a sneaky fox lunged at them. They all took off, but the hen duck got her wing stuck on the anti heron wire. Fortunately, the fox ran off and a neighbour had freed the wing by the time I got downstairs. Poor Jemima was very distressed, but 10 minutes of swimming up and down with lots of water splashing on her back enabled her to take off and to look for her boyfriends.
    That fox nearly got arsenic sandwiches for breakfast!

    • Oh my gosh! That poor duck. What a bad fox! I am surprised he did not catch her though with her being caught in the wire. In his nature I suppose but there are so many foxes in the city. I remember seeing them sitting on the shed roofs from the train.

      • She was in the pond and the fox seemed reluctant to jump in. I yelled at it and then the neighbour came out. So it was lucky. That fox gets fed and they all have plenty dustbins (their choice) to go through.
        Sadly a fox’s nature, like cats and humans, is to kill for fun.
        My father made the mistake of feeding the foxes in Cornwall, thinking that a well fed fox would leave his ducks alone…

  2. Spring weather is showy and unpredictable. My favorite time of year, when everything blooms! The good with the bad sometimes.

  3. I love clouds. Yours are spectacular. Great photos. Makes me want to paint but watercolour is my medium and clouds are so hard in watercolour and I always feel disappointed. Some day I would love to try and paint some of your photos. Would that be ok with you?

  4. I do love it when the skies are so open that you can see the full scope of an impending storm. It’s mostly very flat here, so we get a similar effect, but generally when stuff like that arrives, it pours, no holds barred. We’ve had a great year for rainfall, the sugarcane is looking very lush!

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