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You would think, and I did as I scaled the side of the stock trailer and pulled myself up onto its roof, that this cloud would bring destructive weather to the farm. It looked so full of doom. But it did not. The long … Continue Reading “THE DOOM CLOUD”


The clouds sat on our heads like bubbling pot lids yesterday while the winds raged beneath. 



The Dishes

Now that Alissa is gone and the woofing is finished I have to do all the dishes by myself! Dammit -I  forgot about that. There is quite a bit of blood in Lady Astors milk now – whatever the trauma was to her udder… Continue Reading “The Dishes”

Weather coming in

My beautiful field almost ready to be baled and now there is weather coming in early this afternoon. So I am going to try and get it baled and into the barn before the storms roll in. There are three fields like this.  I cannot… Continue Reading “Weather coming in”

In-side the cloud

Yesterday the warmth brought a heavy mist and I worked within the cottony echoey warmth of a wet cloud all day. The pigs loved the misty warm weather – they were outside in their field almost all day. The view from the clothes line… Continue Reading “In-side the cloud”

Driving for Pizza

Yesterday evening after a somewhat muddly day I drove over to a small American midwest country town, that has a real live Italian chef, to buy some good pizza for this New Zealand farmer to take back home to my prairie kitchen for dinner.… Continue Reading “Driving for Pizza”

Extreme Images of A Storm

Late yesterday morning I saw this great broody cloud coming over the horizon like a huge intergalactic mother ship, I dropped what I was doing and sprinting past the long list of work I should have been doing, I collected my camera, jumped in the… Continue Reading “Extreme Images of A Storm”

Natures Way?

Nature is cruel and most of all it is cruel to animals or birds that are not perfect.  After watching the pea-chicks roll around their little box, both with one leg out at a right angle, wings spread, miserable, unable even to stand to eat,… Continue Reading “Natures Way?”

Do you want help with your vampires?

Good.  We have just harvested lots of fat and delicious garlic.  Maybe I don’t want to share these with the vampires, tell them to grow their own!  They get too much publicity lately anyway. Vampires just ain’t what they used to be! Once clean… Continue Reading “Do you want help with your vampires?”