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Scenes while Mowing

Our old mower is so loud and so old and so wonky that it is a wrestling match to get mowing done. But I cleaned up the pathways between the asparagus beds. (There is a little asparagus coming up but still not much –… Continue Reading “Scenes while Mowing”

The Re-Wilding of a Farm Field

We have a lot of wild areas out here in this corner of the prairie. I used to call them my faerie gardens but really they are just wild and out of control. I have no time for formal gardens that I cannot eat.… Continue Reading “The Re-Wilding of a Farm Field”

In Which Direction did My Rain Go?

Before I came to America I never thought about directions in relation to the compass. In New Zealand I never said going North for instance, I would say I am going up to Auckland. Intellectually I knew the sun rose in the East but… Continue Reading “In Which Direction did My Rain Go?”


Clouds can be so pretty and songful and worthy of guessing games – but not these clouds. These clouds are like a blanket of white grey from horizon to horizon- the colour of snow – a lid that is closed, ephemeral and full of… Continue Reading “CLOUDS”


The sky was a kaleidoscope yesterday. Frequently shaken.


You would think, and I did as I scaled the side of the stock trailer and pulled myself up onto its roof, that this cloud would bring destructive weather to the farm. It looked so full of doom. But it did not. The long … Continue Reading “THE DOOM CLOUD”


The first thing I do every day – even before I sit down to write to you, my friends – is I check the weather.  As kids, when the radio man read the weather forecast woe betide anyone who spoke or rattled pots or slammed… Continue Reading “HIGH WINDS”



Prairie Sky

We all work under a sky.  It is my luck that I have an enormous sky. My mother is the sky. Hard work is not a bad thing. A little winter cold is not a bad thing. And a little bit of hunger is… Continue Reading “Prairie Sky”

Sheila and the flies

Sheila is being an old lazy bones lately and it is not even hot yet. I try to get her to come for a walk but she just goes from one lying-down-spot to another. Her favourite being anything to do with compost. If there… Continue Reading “Sheila and the flies”