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The laziest cows in the world

Were you wondering what cows do in the summer? Laze about, thats what. This little trio of cows do nothing but sleep out under the trees. I guess it is a summer thing. The best cows are happy cows. And flies do not a… Continue Reading “The laziest cows in the world”

In Which Direction did My Rain Go?

Before I came to America I never thought about directions in relation to the compass. In New Zealand I never said going North for instance, I would say I am going up to Auckland. Intellectually I knew the sun rose in the East but… Continue Reading “In Which Direction did My Rain Go?”

Storm clouds Came, and Left, Without any Storm at all.

I am not going to write an awful lot today – I think these pictures speak for themselves. We did get some sun yesterday but the winds were very high. So the weeding in the asparagus was a trial. The ducks were fine but… Continue Reading “Storm clouds Came, and Left, Without any Storm at all.”

An Introduction – Mine

I was born in a house at high tide, on a beach in New Zealand, in the last few days of the 50’s. I spent the next 16 years of my life living in the house on the beach on the East Coast of… Continue Reading “An Introduction – Mine”

Sunday Mornings used to be Coffee and Newspapers.

Do you remember those days? I loved the Sunday newspaper. How it was really fat, fat enough that everyone had a favourite section and took it off into a corner like a dog with a bone. I also loved how – if you got… Continue Reading “Sunday Mornings used to be Coffee and Newspapers.”

Did I tell you? Why I Hate March!

A New Zealand Winter has finally arrived. In March. In Illinois. New Zealand winters are damp, and cold, and wet. And long. The Illinois March is too damn long. Which is why I hate March. March in Illinois has snow, rain, wind, sun, cold,… Continue Reading “Did I tell you? Why I Hate March!”