Rolling Hits of Stormy Weather

Nasty squalls hurled themselves across the landscape of the midwest plains last night.

Wind, rain that sounded like hail, the roar of the storms, all flew above our heads like malevolent angels. Thunder shook the house and lightening kept Boo under the desk with his storm blanket on his head.

The squalls came in banks, each storm became louder than the other until I gave up trying to write, took a leaf out of BooBoos book and curled up in bed under heavy blankets of my own, to read.

Stormy weather on the midwest plains is not for the faint of heart.

This morning has dawned just as dark and miserable y as the last but the temperature has dropped about 30 degrees and getting back up out of my bed proved more difficult than usual.

A peek of sun hit the fields for a moment.

Storm clouds lit by a shaft of low morning light. Winter Tree in foregound highlighted by morning sun. Black storm-clouds up behind.

Before we all dropped back down into stormy grey.

Storm clouds above a flat midwest field of wheat.
Brown duck having a bath in a dogs bowl. Brown duck washing next to her.

As though there are not enough puddles – this duck had to climb into the dogs water bowl.

Orange cat sitting in a big wooden box meeowing straight to the camera.

Poor Vandal was trapped in a huge box without a lid complaining that no one feeds him ever. He cares not one whit about thunder and lightening. Only food.

Huge 5 year old male Berkshire hog smiling to the camera.

Jude took a moment out of his busy schedule to make an announcement then realized he had not finished his dinner. so said not one useful thing.

Silhouette of winter tree against stormy cloud filled skies.

The wind will be fierce again today.

Not a good day for washing to be hung on the line.

I was going to be fencing today but I will continue work in the chook house instead.

Midwest plains with stormy skies and morning sun breaking just below the black clouds.

Inside work today I think.

Maybe I will bake bread!

I hear the birds starting to sing again. The birds always tell us when the worst is over.

How’s things in your neck of the woods?

I feel so sorry for all those whose storms developed into tornadoes. Awful.

Love celi

46 Comments on “Rolling Hits of Stormy Weather

  1. It poured with rain yesterday – I was expecting the same today and a wet bike ride to see the farmer. Fortunately it was damp and grey and I got away with it. That duck will be looking for fish in the dog bowl next!

    • That duck – what is it thinking? Speaking of which I am going to try fish in the rain water barrel again this summer! The pond weed might help I think.

  2. Such incredibly menacing sky in those photos. It looks more like a movie set than the farmie.

  3. Super windy here, but no rain for a few days. Inside jobs for today is a great idea! Those ducks will find and get in water anywhere! Keeping them out of the goats watering trough can be tough, that’s for sure!

  4. we are dealing all kinds of storms, big and small, and you’re right, they do bring a rare bit of beauty along with them

  5. Glad to hear you did not blow away! It would be nice to be an uncaring as the animals sometimes- worried only about the bowls being filled, never knowing what could be overhead.

      • I have seen a few begin to develop but never get down all the way – not this last time but in another big storm. What were those settlers thinking?

    • The worst was South of here (I think – my geography is not great) – there were some pretty major hits. But we just got the wild wind and deluges. Deluges? What is the plural of deluge?!

  6. We have been hearing a lot of news about the storms in the Midwest and particularly the terrible tornadoes! Here in the UK we have different weather patterns…of late, loads of rain and wind (not unusual) but nothing like the weather you have….Having said that the climate here is changing and so we are experiencing more extremes.
    The is an Island…which fits into Rhode Island to give you an idea of size…..and so the weather changes rapidly.
    I love the photographs of all your animals….a woman after my own heart:)

    • I lived and worked in the UK for a number of years and I have never seen so much drizzly rain in my life. I never ever went out without an umbrella and a warmie! The US is a land of extremes – in more ways than one!

  7. Since our family has many gluten-intolerant people and I have a large group coming. Today I shall make gluten free bread also 🙂

      • I like to us King Arthur Flour for everything. I used to mix my own, but decided theirs was much superior than mine. I am not a fan favorite of garbanzo bean as the main ingredient (it takes many flours to make up gluten free baking flour). I like rice flour as the main ingredient.

        Have you ever tried baking gluten free? It’s a tad messy and requires much fiddling around

  8. Stunning photos, yet again. Glad you all survived the night. Weather in the UK continues to be wet and windy ( no comparison though)! Spring still feels a long way off. Stay safe all of you.

  9. Zowie those are fantastic pics. We had a rolicky couple of hours last night. Terrific gusts of wind but only a little rain and some sheet lightening. Out to check the yard for fallen (actually blown down) branches this morning and found a few but not as many as I had thought. Good thing, we just took a whole truckload of branches and limbs out to a business that uses them to produce wood chips and mulch. I’d rather pay them (not that much) to take care of this stuff than the city which does a s—t-poor job of it and charges a dollar a yard waste can. I paid right around a hundred dollars last year (yes I keep count) to get rid of clippings, branches, etc. If it amounted to fewer cans it wouldn’t be so bad, I wouldn’t feel as if I’m being taken to the cleaners every two weeks.

    • I think I would rather take the branches right to the source too, – I hate to sound nuts but when I am in the city and they take the green waste away at the gate I just don’t know where it is going! I would rather see it hit the chipper too!

  10. Stellar stormy photos! Love the one of Vandal also- poor guy! Take care and better weather will be here by the by! xoxo

  11. As Percy Bysshe Shelley said, if winter comes can spring be far behind? I remember this quote each year as we go through our draggie winter here. Of course, it’s nothing like yours but as we are going into winter it has rained for several days and the wind has been very strong

    • Oh my goodness. I love this quote. AND I do not have it in my memory anywhere though I feel I must have read it.

      Remind me of this when I start to fall into the winter doldrums! Winter is just cold and wet in Wellington – sold straight to the bones.

  12. We are getting a lot of short, sharp thunderstorms. Loads of lightning, loud thunder (and consequently, catatonic dog), a sudden blast of rain, and then it’s gone half an hour later. I wouldn’t care so much except for the strain on poor old doggo, who shakes, drools, and retreats to a bed I make for him in the shower cubicle, where he feels a fraction safer. The storms are late this year. Normally we’d be getting cooler, less humid and less rainfall. I’d be planting beans, lettuces, peppers and tomatoes… But not yet. Still too hot and damp.

    • We can’t plant yet either. Interesting that we are in the same position. Boo is much better now I cover him with a really heavy old blanket folded four times. As long as I keep my feet on him! 😂 these dogs.

  13. Stunning photos. Really capture the drama and contrast. We’ve settled into proper pre-Easter autumn weather and finally turned our clocks back from daylight saving so the light feels right for the time of day and year.

  14. I’d never really thought about it. Do animals look up ! I guess for balls and flying discs ! Things to ponder

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