Fact: Chickens Lay Eggs Standing Up. Video.

Here I will show you.

I had dismantled the laying boxes yesterday, taking off the front plank preparing for the spring clean. I was sweeping out the boxes when this chicken insisted on climbing in and laying her egg. Quick. Quick. She said. She wiggled about a bit then stood still, squatted slightly and laid her egg.

Not even caring that the nesting box had no ‘nesting’ left in it. And was not even swept yet. It was a lovely egg though.

The chickens laid 18 eggs yesterday, which is good as lots of people around here need eggs.

I let the cows out into the fields.

I know that there is not enough grass out there. And I know it is way too early. And when I was walking the fences I had to do quite a bit of repair after the winter. But I just could not bear having them on the concrete and in the sacrifice paddock anymore.

One of these beef cows goes into the locker in a couple of months and green grass is so good for them.

They will still be getting hay though – I saved the good alfalfa hay for this ‘finishing’ period.

Rooster standing guard over sleeping ducks.

This is the ducks rooster.

Cat 4 Thunder Storm last night.

It is the last day of the month so I guess you could say that March is going out like a lion after its gentle start.

We did not get those screechy warnings on the phones though and these Cirrocumulus clouds yesterday evening gave me no real warning either so I went to bed unaware of what was barreling towards us.

But I was awoken at 1.30 to very high winds. Not much sleep again. It was a loud storm!.

Golden white cow in winter field with big sky behind.

All the animals had taken shelter, the ducks went under the porch, there were massive wind gusts, doors smashed open, Boo went under the bed and great floods of loud rain. Now, this morning, there is just wind, and even sun! The powers that be have a storm warning in place from noon. The usual stuff, damaging winds, hail and possibly a tornado.

Though I don’t worry much about tornadoes here where we are. Our land is very low, and the Old Codger had never seen a tornado through here in his life and he lived here for a hundred years.

farmer in black cotton leggings and gumboots with oversized carhart jacket in feed shed. Sitting on bales of alfalfa doing something off screen

Typical farming outfit. I am in the little grain shed that I stole from the ducks. This is the most ungainly shot in the world but it made me laugh. Boo took it! He is hopeless at angles.

See those feed bags of vegetarian pig feed? (For Jude and FreeBee) I reuse those bags in the house for trash bags. Everything gets at least a second use in The Sustainable Home.

Have a lovely day.


39 Comments on “Fact: Chickens Lay Eggs Standing Up. Video.

    • The storm with a strong tornado was aimed directly at us. It skipped over us 2 miles away then resumed northeast of us. It was tense for a while. We had a little hail and rain but no wind and damage. Our forecast over the recent few days was accurate and definitely not entertaining. 🙂

      • Unless you want to describe it as a thriller. 2 miles away is way too close a call.

        We got the storms as predicted but none of them have developed. Luckily . The storms have been bad enough.

        Thank good ness that tornado skipped over you. Nasty things.

  1. The chicken seemed very matter of fact about laying the egg. I might say an old pro kinda attitude 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. I’m chuckling at the idea of HOW Boo might have taken that photo. And yes to reusing feed bags for bin liners, we do that with dog kibble and chook grain bags too. I also have a couple of chooks who lay standing, a kind of ‘shoot and run’, especially if I have just delivered a bucket of scraps and they’re suffering from FOMO.

      • They do, and they’re picky! Mine prefer wood shavings to hay, leaves or dried grass. Under all of it, I have a square of artificial turf which I can just pull out and hose off when the nesting box needs cleaning out, saves a lot of scrubbing!

  3. I love learning about farm life–I had no idea chickens lay their eggs standing up. I read the little notes in cartons of eggs. One explained the color of eggs has to do with the jowls of the chicken. Brown eggs are laid by chickens with somewhat brown jowls.I’m not explaining it exactly.

  4. So interesting and informative. Those eggs look as delicious as ever. Boo the photographer, ha ha!

  5. I’ve been “wintering” in southern Arizona this year. We’ve had several of those high wind torrential rain storms come through recently. They are even more interesting sitting in a travel trailer! Tell Boo, it could be worse, much worse.

  6. My uncle had a hatchery in Bettendorf, Iowa many years ago and I remember seeing chickens just sort of stop where they were and drop an egg. It was nice to hear the familiar sounds too. I would go along on chick deliveries to the various farms. My aunt wondered why I never wanted dinner the days I went along to “help”. It was because I was stuffed with home baked cookies, cake and fresh that morning milk usually after a tour of the farm and introductions to all the animals. It was wonderful.

  7. Super cool video of the hen laying! Quick and efficient! Are you using the prickly laying mats in the chicken boxes? I’m guessing not, as they are made of plastic. So interesting that the rooster has his own flock…of ducks! That’s a new one! But it’s silly to be surprised at anything on a farm! We are still bottle feeding 3 of our 6 baby goats, and trying hard to cure one of the mothers of mastitis. It’s tough going. 😦 We’ve had storms here today, and I just read of a tornado sighting in Little Rock, about 3 hours south of us. But the sun is brightly shining here now and so far all is well. 🙂

  8. When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go! I remember giving birth, when it’s time to PUSH, you push!!!!!

      • 🙂 I agree. I use them until they crack. Which is for years and years. Something that happens to us, is we get lots of plastic blowing up from the subdivisions below us. Soooo—that means I get their stuff and often times can re-use it. Still, it would be better if they would take care of their own trash—just say’n.

  9. That was so interesting to watch, having had no experience with chickens whatever. I always wanted to live somewhere I could have chickens. A friend that lives a long distance from me has them but I’ve not seen them. They do fascinate me and the video was great. Thank you.

  10. I learn such interesting things here. How to corner a peacock and not to be offended when he gives me the cold shoulder later on and now, the fact that chickens lay their eggs standing up! Fascinating.

  11. Hope your weather is maintaining itself and there have been no major situations today. I am always so envious of your eggs… 🙂

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