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RAIN – Pouring Rain in a Golden Morning

It rained yesterday afternoon and is still raining this morning. And after months in California the rain feels luxurious. Probably an inconvenience to the city people but joyous to us out here in the country. It has not rained since I returned to the… Continue Reading “RAIN – Pouring Rain in a Golden Morning”

It’s Been So Long

I am popping in to test things out today and share a few photographs with you. I had a wee problem with a few trollers on the blog. They made everything sour. So I went quiet for a while hoping they would get bored.… Continue Reading “It’s Been So Long”


When I can think of a header that is not ‘more rain’. I will let you know. Another deluge yesterday evening.


I have run all kinds of scenarios through my head this season – trying to come up with a solution for the tweeny ducklings so they could have shelter and a run. It was not going to work putting them in with the big… Continue Reading “SOLVED”


It rained all day yesterday. Real wet soaking rain. So the ducks and I practiced all day  going in and out of their new home.


As I work even harder to feed my animals without buying feed in plastic bags the sprouting gets more and more important. As we know plastic is not going anywhere but into the piles and landfills in our respective countries. It is quite simply… Continue Reading “HOPEFUL SPROUTS”


Yesterday was an ordinary day in that people arrived, people left, a few stayed, ducks pushed their boundaries, Molly  came home,  it rained, plans changed, morphed, reorganized themselves – an ordinary day. But the images I  collected for you in the last of the… Continue Reading “JUST LOOK”


Or four and a half inches of rain depending on your preference. My titles seldom make any sense. I write almost every day and never get around to putting thought into my titles. 


Calves are often hard to find – but they are never lost.


This has got to be my favourite photo of Sheila ever.