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Going Green

The word Green stands for so many different things. Environmentally friendly. The greenies. Marijuana. The Green Party (hey NZ – are they still there?). Green as in innocent or un-knowing. Little Green Men.  Green as in envious. Green Tea. For me: Green means – well – GREEN… Continue Reading “Going Green”

Gardening in the rain

Yesterday it rained. I am trying very hard not to make sarcastic comments like ” Rain? Really? You’re kidding.” More rain. Amanda was Kitchen Mama which meant I had hours to spend in the garden and it was raining but I just worked in the… Continue Reading “Gardening in the rain”

Prairie Squalls

Again and again yesterday we were hit with buckets of drenching rain. Inches of it.  Pouring out of the sky., I don’t even really understand how a fluffy cloud could contain so much water.  Literally Tons of water in a little cloud like that.… Continue Reading “Prairie Squalls”

From A little Mermaid

Because there has been so much more rain. I feel like I am swimming through the days. Yesterday it simply poured almost all day. Again. The rain carried dread with it. We wish for rain, but too much of anything carries its own punishment.… Continue Reading “From A little Mermaid”


So sorry. This morning I woke up late. The fire had gone out. It was blowing a gale outside and bucketing down with rain. All at the same time.  I launched myself out of bed. I fed everyone in the barn (all the pigs… Continue Reading “Late!”

Long Arms

I often think my arms are longer than they really are, I reach over a fence or through a gate and just cannot reach the object I am trying to reach. You would think after living this long with these arms I would know… Continue Reading “Long Arms”

A Surprise for The Matriarch

I kept this a secret from everyone until The Matriarch came home because I wanted it to be a surprise. (And she reads the blog every day so i could not even whisper it) So after we picked her up from the airport and… Continue Reading “A Surprise for The Matriarch”

The Duke of Kupa

When we were children and lived at the beach on a quarter acre section, we had lots of guinea pigs. Thirty-six at one time I remember.  (We were very proud of that number) Males and females, shorthaired and long haired, all colours. The only… Continue Reading “The Duke of Kupa”

Rain on the hay – my language could be stronger…

This year, every time we cut the hay it rained. This time it rained then it snowed then it dried beautifully. My friend and I walked out to the hay makers field before lunch yesterday. She had come down to help me with the… Continue Reading “Rain on the hay – my language could be stronger…”

Cooling Our Hot Heels

The heat has finally come to the Prairies. I must be very careful that everyone has plenty of water. All the pigs will have their wallows topped up each morning. And I have discovered that if you hose the heels of a cow she… Continue Reading “Cooling Our Hot Heels”