Yesterday was an ordinary day in that people arrived, people left, a few stayed, ducks pushed their boundaries, Molly  came home,  it rained, plans changed, morphed, reorganized themselves – an ordinary day. But the images I  collected for you in the last of the light on that very busy day feel a little touched my magical gods from many denominations and their hallelujah congregations.

I had planned to cut the hay today but the weather has turned and there is rain and storms forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The hay fields are  too long already, too seedy, gone too far and now too wet, so I will wait until Friday.


The pig pastures have begun to bloom.


I am still considering keeping this little bull calf as a bull –  I know it is probably a dumb idea but he is so stocky and strong and the breeding is so difficult without a bull.


I can consider a wee bit longer.




We will see how it goes with Aunty Del and Tia visiting the big red Angus bull next week.


The broody mauve in the sky of those rain clouds. Today is going to be dry and I wish I could cut my hay but it would be silly. There is rain out there.


I have a surprise gardener visiting for the next four days – he has already got stuck in to John’s tomatoes. Pruning and training them. (And picking them, we had fresh tomato with our spaghetti last night).

Everything got a good watering last night too so the weeding will be easy today.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

THE WEATHER: Perfect,  of course – now that I have decided not to cut the hay.

Monday 0% Precip. / 0 in
Lots of sunshine. High near 85F. Winds light and variable.

Monday Night 10% Precip. / 0 in
Clear to partly cloudy. Low 62F. Winds light and variable.


24 Comments on “JUST LOOK

  1. What lovely pink evening light you have in those photos. The calf on the left has a wonderful pink halo on its coat, Aunty Del has a pink blush, and that lavender sky is wonderful. A lovely summer evening…

      • Gotta love those incoming weather systems – your gardens will likely go berserk after that soaker, hey? (Good thing you’ve already been weeding, pruning and training; )
        One good thing about the seeded out grass being used for hay though… It’ll get a good start at reseeding for next year; )

  2. So many tough calls & hard decisions in farming. I would go right under from sitting on the fence.

  3. Amazing light. And I’m sorry about the hay. Your rain-haying relationship is such a strange/humorous/frustrating story. I hope you can keep that little bull. He is pretty. We are in hot weather here in New England, but I am glad to be home in the lush green and the gentler life style.

  4. It’s just too bad that you cannot strike some sort of deal with the weather gods during hay-making time. They give you just the right amount of non-rainy days when you need them and in return… well, I wonder what they would wish for!

  5. You had a tomato! I’m so jealous. He must have started them early. I’ve only got tiny green babies on my plant. And it got blight so early this year. It rained hard every day for over a week. I had mushrooms in a bunch of my flower pots. I don’t think I’m going to get many tomatoes, possibly none. 😒😢

  6. Beautiful images with their soft, natural colors and lush foliage. We’ve had rain after rain, too. Our trees have doubled in size and plants are waterlogged. Good luck with your hay.

  7. The little bull certainly looks like he’d produce good stock. That could be open to misinterpretation, but I’m sure you know that I mean babies.

  8. We just spent the last 4 days at Disney – it was such a lush green! And rain daily. Came home to brown and a tender box waiting for a flame! Ugh. I’m sorry your hay has gone beyond where it should. We make plans and mother nature says “hold up there Missy”

    Keep the bull if you think it works out financially. Could you rent his services to neighbors? 🙂 Here I am making you the Bull Pimp!!!!

  9. Have to agree there, Ceci! It IS hard to breed without a bull! chuckle! Took me several looks to figure out why you had a black monolith in your pasture. NOT – mama cow made to look huge next to the ‘kids’. And is that a calf I see running in the fields, tail flying high? These pictures are absolutely stunning. Perfect natural lighting! Adds so much character to a picture! Thanks!

  10. Yes, magical photos. Just one question: I see two little bulls. Which one is the one you want to keep?

  11. If you keep the bull calf you have the advantage of training him to be handled properly. He looks like a sweet tempered little fellow. Lovely light. I wish I could send you the right number of dry sunny days to get the hay in.

  12. You found the perfect light , didn’t you? That little bull calf is adorable and looks to have a nice personality. I bet you end up keeping him that way. 🙂

  13. I can’t tell the two little calves apart. I guess everyone else can.

  14. Whose was the bull calf? Would you not run into inbreeding problems if you kept him? Or is he not the son of the bull you used to have, Carlos I think his name was?

  15. You saved some sights that, if I had been there, I probably wouldn’t have seen, really seen. You and your camera have sharp eyes.

    My favorite is the photograph of the two calves. It has a mythical quality. Thosd rich colors blending, the thick matted grasses, the low over- hanging tree, the calves’ questioning faces as they explore while motber cow is distracted (or is she just another cow, but no matter) — all these details bring life and feeling into the scene. There is a slight orange glow on the side of the one calf’s head; it makes him (or is it her, and this time it does matter–to the story behind the scene) seem chosen, a creature with promise in an enchanted land.

    (Pay me no mind. Can’t help myself; I like to imagine.)

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