I wonder – does good morning mean it IS a good morning or I wish a good morning for you. 


So far it is a good morning and I also wish a good morning for you.


It was pretty hot yesterday and will be even hotter today. But that’s OK. As long as everyone has water and some good fresh food we are All Good. (can you see the three pigs bottoms in the above  picture)



WaiWai is the watchful one. He is waiting for Tima to get out of the bath so he can have his turn.


The cows hang out in Pat’s Paddock waiting for me to open the gate to the new field up by the ditch. I bring them down out of there at night as I have built the fence straight across the coyote track.  They will probably go round but a coyote would spook my wee herd in the night. It is a small field, the one surrounding last years wild garden, and if frightened the animals might run my rather fragile looking electric fence. Plus the two calves are still small and a bit silly. So I bring Del’s herd down for the night.


Yesterday evening Ton and I had to go out and find the sleeping calf in the long grass and slowly walk her back to the herd before closing the gate. She sleeps so deeply she is always being left behind. Ton is the best at finding lost calves.


It was such hot work TonTon gave himself wee cold bath afterwards.

I hope you have a good morning and a good day.


WEATHER: Even hotter.

Saturday 20% Precip. / 0 in
Sunny. Hot and humid. High 93F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph.

Saturday Night 10% Precip. / 0 in
Clear to partly cloudy. Warm and humid. Low 73F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph.

27 Comments on “GOOD MORNING

  1. Hmmmm! For me it generally means I’ve declared it is a good morning and you better cooperate or there will be hell to pay 🙂

  2. There is a real air of peace and contentment in the photos today. Of course, the serenity belies Miss C and her frantically moving feet, out of our gaze. A bit like a swan, all regal grace above, all speedy paddling below…

  3. The photo of TonTon is wonderful. It looks as though your heat is about equal to ours at this point, and were there a second tub, I’d be more than happy to join in the fun.

    • When he gets hot you will hear a dignified woosh of water and that is Ton sliding into some animals tub. Of course he draws the line at bathing in the pigs water!

  4. I think it’s probably all in the wishing, since people say it even on the most miserable of days.
    Those ducks look huge!

  5. Good Morning, Good Morning! Good Morning to You! And You! And you! And I am not singing in the rain this morning, glory be. It’s the last perfect day in June.

  6. Good morning to you too! Our mornings are still dark and cold, but we are heading back to summer now, in about 6 long weeks time. Laura

  7. Good morning and good day to you all! Love the little rumps in the foliage – means their mouths are busy, busy, busy! Mr. Flowers is at his best and I could just hug those peahens…they look SO soft! The duckling’s wing feathers are taking on real definition now, and Wai with his delightful patience for his turn at the mud bath almost puts a halo on his head! BTW, what were you doing last night with the so so so so newsletter that was ‘on existent and couldn’t be found? Practicing? Experimenting? Just horsing around? Got a kick out of it, anyway! In any event, Good Day to you, Miss C and farmy friends!

  8. Some days it’s one or the other. The best days are when it is both.

  9. Good morning to all, both in the sense of well wishing and gratefulness… for today: Sunday, the first of July -where did the first half of the year go?- because it is raining gently, filling our tanks and watering the garden. A quiet day with the fire smouldering, after a busy week.

  10. Yuck! Hot and humid. It seems that everyone in America is getting warm weather except us. We expect it about now, but is has not happened. It has barely been more than ninety degrees with minimal humidity. It is close to 110 in Palm Springs and elsewhere out there, but that is normal.

  11. Such happy animals. It is proper to say good morning (before noon of course) to all you greet.

  12. i dont comment much , but you are my calm place to go daily , thank you for that ….. i love our wai-wai…. my 24 yr old son and i have watched her progress and were amazed at your fight for her , thank you celi. as you seem like family , i thought i would let you know that my 33 old daughter lost her husband and father to her 3 kids on the first of may. he had to take his motorcycle to work that morning at 4:30 and hit an elk. we are all lost , havent been on page much , i have never seen so much pain in one of my children’s faces. .knew you would understand my loss and lack of daily participation. hugs, holly

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