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So, you are thinking of Burying Food in your Garden?

My son called from the Central Valley in California last night and said over 10,000 acres of farm land in the Central Valley are under water. They have been underwater for too long. And they have not had the worst of the flooding over… Continue Reading “So, you are thinking of Burying Food in your Garden?”

Catastrophic Flooding in Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay my home region, has been smashed to bits. Cyclone Gabrielle, a severe tropical cyclone that reached a Category 3 on February 6, 2023 threw days of heavy rain and high winds at New Zealand – many regions from Northland to the Central North… Continue Reading “Catastrophic Flooding in Hawkes Bay”


The snow white geese flew overhead in a huge cloud, kept low by the gray heavy sky.  There were hundreds of them.  Calling like gulls after a fishing boat.  The large group circled around a field of water dropping lower and lower. Spiraling down and… Continue Reading “SNOW GEESE”


This has got to be my favourite photo of Sheila ever. 

Dogs in the Milk

The flood waters. The creek that is really a ditch has so much water in it that it looks like a long skinny lake.  I wonder what our beaver does when he is flooded out like that.  The water is literally lapping under the… Continue Reading “Dogs in the Milk”

Wild Storms, Electric Shocks and Back Doors

I fully intended to have this written and ready to post at dawn this morning  as usual but then the weather had other plans. The electrician did not come to turn our power off yesterday but a nasty storm did.  A very nasty storm.… Continue Reading “Wild Storms, Electric Shocks and Back Doors”

A peahens egg looks like this

Yes it is the one on the left. I was hoping for speckles or at  least something a little  distinctive but no they look just like a chickens egg though they are much bigger and even a bit pointier at the end.  Too big… Continue Reading “A peahens egg looks like this”