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Dogs in the Milk

The flood waters. The creek that is really a ditch has so much water in it that it looks like a long skinny lake.  I wonder what our beaver does when he is flooded out like that.  The water is literally lapping under the… Continue Reading “Dogs in the Milk”

Dairy Queens

After I wrote to you yesterday I pulled on my farm clothes and toddled out to let the cows into their milking antechamber.  They are always there before me. Looking all solemn and disinterested.  The Dairy Queens.Though the moment I open the doors they… Continue Reading “Dairy Queens”

Once a week

Once a week we are looking at this patch of ground – top sown with my special pasture cocktail.  Watching the grass grow. I am excited. The pasture not so much. In case you cannot see the whole of the picture in your header,… Continue Reading “Once a week”