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Once a week

Once a week we are looking at this patch of ground – top sown with my special pasture cocktail.  Watching the grass grow. I am excited. The pasture not so much. In case you cannot see the whole of the picture in your header,… Continue Reading “Once a week”

Is that the big pig?

I had been telling Inaki about my big pig. And as I introduced him to all the animals he was interested to meet this well loved Big Pig. – Is that the Big Pig? said Inaka looking at Manu my one year old Hereford… Continue Reading “Is that the big pig?”

The Turkey Project

At last the turkey eggs have arrived. These are Spanish Black Turkey eggs. A very old heritage turkey. In fact one of the oldest. The eggs came in the post and even though I ordered eight the very nice man sent me nine. So we… Continue Reading “The Turkey Project”