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Aunty Anna

But first, here is the picture Lori sent me of Wai. I have not seen him myself so this is all I know.  He is staying in a crate pen in her basement so it is hard for her to get a good shot.… Continue Reading “Aunty Anna”


I brought a girl baby cow home by mistake.  This was not my intention. But.  Ah well.  I give in. She is not a Bobby so now she will have a name and join the heifers. This calf is the tamest calf I have ever… Continue Reading “oops”

The Pods

The dogs have begun to sleep in their winter pods again. In the summer they sprawl out on the veranda floor but in the winter they find their pods and curl up like fossils out of the wind and sleep  there. Here is a better… Continue Reading “The Pods”


Hopefully today will be calmer. I still have a couple of teenagers and their baby staying for another week or so.  But the Frenchmen and I are hoping for a calmer day today. Something nice and ordinary would do the trick. We got all… Continue Reading “Calmer”

Mirror, Mirror

On the Wall.  Who is the peahen of them all? Vanity thy name is Geraldine. Now that the peahens are out they all spend a considerable amount of time in the garage looking at themselves  in the mirror and they do preen too! Not… Continue Reading “Mirror, Mirror”

Once a week

Once a week we are looking at this patch of ground – top sown with my special pasture cocktail.  Watching the grass grow. I am excited. The pasture not so much. In case you cannot see the whole of the picture in your header,… Continue Reading “Once a week”

Growling Sheila

Sheila tried to take her barn door off its hinges yeterday. She has another door out into her field but decided that she wanted to get into the field – maybe to visit Tane? She literally put her nose through the pales in the… Continue Reading “Growling Sheila”

Possibly Poppy.

I have three entries in my diary – all possible farrowing dates for Poppy. They read. April 04 – Possibly Poppy. April 25 – Possibly Poppy. May 17 – Possibly Poppy. I don’t think it will be April 04. Poppy and all the other… Continue Reading “Possibly Poppy.”

Dogging Aunty

As I was going through my pictures to find one last cow picture for the calendar (which is released  by the way, so check it out here).  I realised that we had very few good shots of Aunty Del. So I set the dogs… Continue Reading “Dogging Aunty”


It seems that the wind is directing my days at the moment. The other day it was the Northerly and now it has swung to the East and settled there with all the gloom and damp that always seems to accompany an Easterly.  It… Continue Reading “Easterly”