Aunty Anna

But first, here is the picture Lori sent me of Wai. I have not seen him myself so this is all I know.  He is staying in a crate pen in her basement so it is hard for her to get a good shot. This poor pig is so terribly fat  I am very much looking forward to getting this pig outside so he can add exercise to his recovery regime. 
Here is the story of Wai in Lori’s words.  (She calls him Johnny because he had no name – Jonny No Name).
No other pigs’ story has pulled at my heart more than that of Johnny, a two year old potbelly found left to die.
A couple on vacation happened to come across  Johnny in Kentucky. With much coaxing, the owner agreed to relinquish him to their care. He was then taken to Purdue large animal hospital.
His platelet count was low and every move of this large boy that took place bruised him. His skin, opened with sores and places that had sores were now covered with what felt like armor holding the infection inside. Grossly overfed, Johnny had become fat blind, and the eyelashes have actually curled inside the eye itself. He is 170 pounds.  His legs weak from trying to hold up the extra 80lbs that he is carrying, (note from C: think of 80 extra pounds of butter strapped around your middle) he stopped attempting to walk at all. Johnny was thought to have a blockage in his bladder or rectum but after a scope, nothing was found but infection. It took two weeks of a catheter before the infection was under control enough for him to urinate on his own. His organs had all taken a toll and though neglect was evident, why would his body be in this bad of shape? Prognosis was that his diet ( he was left with bags of chicken or goat feed) also had rat poison in it. Amazing how someone would leave their animal to die and still when help arrived, they did not want to let him go. They would prefer he just die.
I guess downsizing animals meant whatever wasn’t sold at auction meant that it would be left for death.
Johnny while at Purdue should have responded better, however he had  given up and went into depression as pigs often will. 
For now, he heals indoors and is still depressed. His spirits are lifted when he can be visited by a friend who brings her duck by. Even just farm sounds playing in the background gives him a little more pep.
He remains loving though he’s been treated horrid and will come over to people when he hears them. He even will give a snout kiss.
As the infection and poison works it’s way out his pores, Johnny’s skin peels showing good growth for the new coming in.
Jonny No Name, who now has the name Wai, is coming here tomorrow.  If the vet gives him the all clear. One of his eyes has begun to open – there is just a triangle of space for him to maybe see a little. We have some work ahead of us with this boy. If there are any other vet interventions needed the Foundation that funds Lori’s rescue house will pay for them.
Yesterday Aunty Anna was dropping strands of mucous after she stood up. This is a very strong indication of pregnancy, plus I really do think her udder is beginning to plump up. If she is bred her first date would be the 19th of this month – but I am fairly sure that will not be the case. Maybe in three weeks from then.  You will remember that Aunty Anna is a Hereford/Shorthorn cross so if she is pregnant and all goes well she will feed her own calf. I will not  be milking her. She is too wild.
Alex,  the Dexter,  is still hanging about glaring at everybody. 
Who knows when her date will be. I am not sure about the 23rd now,  unless things happen very fast like they did with Lady.
I am picking the new raspberries. They are an old variety that starts off red and goes almost black when they are ripe.
Someone on instagram was telling me the old name of this variety when my phone spat the dummy. The screen froze.  Now the phone is sulking in a bag of rice waiting to go to the phone shop but I really do not have time for a few days so it will have to wait.  
Thunder and lightning again last night. They even had a severe thunderstorm warning.  This seems silly to me – a storm is obviously going to have severe components or it would not be called a STORM. Is there such a thing as a mild thunderstorm.   Boo is spending a lot of time in his anti- thunder wardrobe hiding his head amongst the hems of my coats. He takes heed of all the warnings.
Tomorrow our new girl Rosie arrives. Just in the nick of time.
I hope you have a lovely day.
love celi
Weather Forecast: Good. .

Sunday 06/18 20% / 0 inCloudy skies early, then partly cloudy in the afternoon. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 81F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.

Sunday Night 06/18 10% / 0 inMostly clear skies. Low around 60F. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph

53 Comments on “Aunty Anna

  1. The poor little pig – I’m sure he will perk up considerably when he arrives.
    I’ve just seen my egg lady in the farmers’ market – she said they’ve bought some large fans for their chickens because it’s so hot. Great minds think alike 🙂

    • It is hot over there too? My chickens love the fans but the fans are not loving the feathers that seem to be sticking in there – I am not sure how to get them out.. c

      • Oh dear – it sounds like they get close to the fan.
        Yes it’s due to be 30+ºC here all week with killer humidity. At least the egg lady’s chicken don’t have to deal with that out in Hertfordshire.

      • My uncle that had the hatchery would cover the fans in ordinary screening, like that used in windows. He really liked the fiberglass screening when it came out because he could make a big bag to go over the box fans which could be taken off and vacuumed or rinsed easily.
        All the best to Wai, hope he does well with you, although I suspect being with you might just be enough as he’ll have other pigs, the cows, the chickens, dogs, cats and you. I do know that feeding the poor creature rat poison was cruel beyond tolerance. There is a special place in hell for people like that.

  2. It’s a good job I’m not there, or I’d be heading over to Wai’s old home to give his former owner a good seeing to with a baseball bat. People like that give the entire human race a bad name… I’m looking forward to seeing this poor old boy restored to health and happiness. I hope Sheila will be kind to him…

    • Violence already breeds violence – but I wish people would stop the pot belly thing. Over 90 percent of them end up back in rescue centers – usually terribly overfed – this is an outrageous number. Pigs always look hungry but anything more than a cup a day and they will grow quickly to obese proportions. then they cry for more and the humans thing they are helping by feeding them more. Wai will be outside and fed on a kunekune diet so lets hope he can lose this extra 80 pounds!

  3. If Wai van recover at all it will be at the Farmy and with you. What a sad life he has had but l know that with your love and care and the prescence of all the other animals..he will emerge like a beautiful butterfly from a cacoon

  4. Very sad tale of a sorry wee Wei, but one with a happy ending. I wonder if Boo will accept him as a new ‘charge’ to be looked after or if Wei is too old for Boo to care much about. What an added bonus that would be for the piggy, as it sounds as though he has been greatly lacking in attention. Ack, sorry about your phone but I must say those are luscious looking raspberries!
    And we had tornado warnings for a short period of time yesterday afternoon in Toronto. Most unusual, I don’t recall that I’ve ever heard of warnings in the city here. Fortunately they didn’t develop but there was a short violent thunder storm, and the warning was lifted after just about a half hour.
    Hope you have a lovely day! ~ Mame 🙂

    • Hmm – tornadoes in Toronto – that would be nasty – I sometimes think they are sending out more warnings now – t I think their warning criteria have dropped somehow. However I am pleased you did not get a tornado – horrible

  5. I hope Wai feels better. We used to have a pot bellied pig named Oscar who was fantastic! He came to us somewhat depressed but after some hugs and lullabies (I’m serious) he was feeling better.
    Hope it all goes well!!

  6. How interesting about the black raspberries! We are picking ours now too, but they are the color of your unripe ones! And our big blackberries are starting to ripen as well! Our blueberries are just about finished producing now. Your garden looks gorgeous! It is so strange to see a garden in the ‘real’ ground. Here in the mountains raised beds are the ticket, so to speak, as the soil needs to be gathered and carefully protected and ‘grown’ just as the plants it supports.

      • Excellent question! But I’m not quite sure of the answer! I pruned mine way back in after last year’s meager harvest, and that really helped, as now they are much more bountiful this year!

  7. I do hope Wai makes it. Intelligent, social animals need companions or they do give up. People are the same, really. You’re giving him the best chance that he’s got. Maybe he can become a therapy pig one day.

    Here in the mountains, we have storms of ALL varieties. Mild thunderstorms actually exist here!

    • Last nights was not mild – terrible storms – right above us the lightening was deafening – at one loud blast Boo literally leapt out of his thunder wardrobe up onto the bed, across Johns head, and tried to get UNDER my pillow . The fact that my head was on my pillow did not help. I do not like dogs on my bed but the poor fellow was a wreck.

    • Though you know how I feel about rescues – I seem to have broken my own rule – after i told Lori i would like to have him she was so glad because she has lots of interest – donations and so forth – but no-one wanted to take him on. I just felt so sad for him living in her basement – sick animals even people need to be up in the air.. c

  8. Heartbreaking pictures of such a neglected animal. Fingers crossed the farmy works it’s magic and this creature pulls through.

  9. Heart-wrenching details from Wai’s past. Incomprehensible. The kindness that most have for animals is always so amazing, like the woman who visit’s with the duck. I can’t wait to see Wai on the farm, and how you and all the others cheer the heart and heal the body of this dear fellow.

  10. I can’t wait until Wai comes into your care! He just won the lottery! I’m confident with the company of chickens and the great diet he will get, he will become your constant shadow : )
    Boo’s new best friend too

    • I look forward to hi arriving as well – it will be interesting to see how Boo reacts seeing as this boy weighs over 170 pounds he might be a bit big for Boo to mother

  11. Are there going to be T-shirts to help you support Wai and his special needs? I’m first on the list, if so! And bless your soul for caring!


  12. Have you decided where to put Wai when he arrives? Great about Aunty Anna. Have a good Sunday C. 🙂

    • Yes. Boo will go in the sunroom – you know the one in the barn – to the right of the door when you walk in – that way when we get him up and walking he will have the little field and he is right where we can see him. I gave it a good scrubbing this morning! c

  13. A sad tale with a ray of hope for recovery. It will be his lucky day when he lands at the Farmy. Best of luck. The berries look yummy! Enjoy your new helper and your new pig.

  14. What a horrid person, how could someone knowingly be so cruel to an animal. You would think that if he couldn’t be sold at auction, they would want to keep him for themselves as food? It is really despicable. I is lovely that you are going to take him in, he will love your farmy and family. Hope he is well enough to visit with us when we see you in July.

  15. Just do not understand cruelty to animals. That poor pig. I know that you will give hime the best care Cecila:)

  16. He may need to be kept out of sun while his burnt skin is healing, hoping Tane will accept him. Vege garden looking good. Laura

  17. Oh, the poor miserable boy…If he is meant to heal and get well, it will definitely be on the Farmy…yes, as someone mentioned..maybe not direct sunlight just yet but I believe that just the fresh air will help heal his wounds and hopefully his spirit! Along with the good diet he will have…tons of friends and definitely the singing…I’m sure he will be lovely in no time…Bless you C!

  18. Chiming in on black raspberries– ours are Black Hawk, summer bearing. Usually picking begins last few days in June through the middle of July, if we beat the birds, that is! Looking at your photo, worried you may be sacrificing taste by not waiting till fully ripe. Hard to pick in bright sunshine because dark red looks black. Do you use the release test? Fully ripe berries will almost fall off into your hand. Any resistance means leave till next picking. They are my favorite of all the berries 🙂 Sending lots of good thoughts for you and Wai tomorrow, and for everyone at the Farmy, of course!

  19. ‘smile’ As if you did not have enough to do! Hope Rosie picks up what is needed quickly . . . methinks you do need that extra pair of hands . . . And, I had never seen black raspberries – another lesson from Miss C !

  20. my phone spat the dummy.
    I had to look it up! I enjoy learning phrases. thanks for this one.

  21. It’s taken me all day to get here again today. I’m keeping good thoughts and fingers crossed that everything works out well. Too tired to think tonight again. I’ll check in with you in the morning.

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