I brought a girl baby cow home by mistake.  This was not my intention. But.  Ah well. 

I give in. She is not a Bobby so now she will have a name and join the heifers. This calf is the tamest calf I have ever seen, she will literally stand while I stroke her all over. Too sweet to send back. Pure-bred Hereford. I guess she has joined the fold.

God said No. Fate. 

Molly is literally eating everything, at the risk of the field I had to put her out for a long while yesterday. She is eating sticks, she never has any bedding – she eats it all, she eats the walls and has started on the door. I do not know what is going on. However she is happy eating grass outside and digging holes. Better than her eating my barn. I guess she has cravings. Do pigs have cravings? 

I think Lady Astors udder is getting bigger but longer not wider.  Not filling up. One month to go.

Tima on her long walk home from the field. 

Tia looking beautiful with TonTon.

The white flock has moved into the tin chicken tractor in the garden. Their job is to clear and scratch up a new strip of vegetable garden. Once they get used to it they will realise they are much happier in there.

The turkey house will be cleaned out and sanitised for the arrival of the first batch of meat chickens that arrive next week.

Good morning. Yesterday was a pearl of a day and we began to edge and organise the first gardens in preparation for planting.  Though the wind was blowing it was from the North and the first gardens are on the South of the house so we were sheltered and happy.

Last night was clear, I saw the moon for the first time in a long time.  The wind comes today with some warmth. But we need the wind to dry that big pig garden. The warmth will be very much enjoyed.

I hope you have a lovely day.



Day: Abundant sunshine. Warmer. High 69F. Winds S at 15 to 25 mph.

Night: Clear to partly cloudy. Low 53F. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph.





41 Comments on “oops

  1. What a sweet little calf. 🙂

    It’s a beautiful day here too. I’m on the way to town with my dog. It’s the first time she’s been to the ‘big city’. Everything’s exciting when you’re a 10-month-old pup!

  2. Someone gave me a bottle lamb years ago because it was a “ram lamb”…and it wasn’t ;-). Luckily I didn’t have to give her back.

  3. Yes, she is a beauty and Mad Dog makes a good point; she may well provide you with a Bobby and, more likely, more than one. Your weather forecast sounds pretty perfect. No where near that warm here but a sunny day predicted also. Am looking forward to getting out into it. Hope you have a lovely day too ~ Mame 🙂

  4. If you didn’t have to follow the R regime (Regina?) you could name her Oopsy-Daisy (also as a Tribute to the first beloved Daisy).

  5. My comment vanished into the either. I will try to post it again. ..If you didn’t have to follow your R regime (Regina?), you could name her OopsieDaisy (also as a Tribute to the first beloved Daisy). She is a lovely little Keeper.

  6. Oh well, a new little lady.
    Have a great weekend. Gorgeous day here today. 25 degrees and sunny. We are going to crank up the BBQ for the first time this season. Can’t wait. Making pork ribs.

  7. My sis just gave me her old Fitbit that tracks my steps daily. So I just got a big laugh imagining Tima with one on her front leg tracking her steps on her long walk with Ton Ton. Silly, I know, but funny too, as she is a little tank and needs her fitness regime! 🙂

  8. Lovely little heifer! I am waiting for the nice weather to come to us, probably tomorrow. It’s breezy and chill here in coastal Maine today, but we are promised lovely temperatures in the next few days. I am making your bread recipe today, Celi, it’s very similar to the Ken Forkish method, but yours seems a little less complicated. Sausage and peppers for supper tonight! (with lovely bread, I hope!)

  9. I’m glad Tima is not a car chaser, tho that would be a funny sight. Rosie, aka red for females?

  10. Ria (as in Ria and Tia), sweet girl 🙂 Soon Molly soon. Laura

    • Just seen the pic of the 9 new little ones. Well done Molly 🙂 Laura

  11. What a beautiful heifer she has a really sweet face, I’m glad you made a happy mistake. 😀 Just seen the video of mollys babies too, so cute! Well done Molly.

    • Yes, more rain! How did you fare in that last storm? I was just going to post to C that it is colder here at night, in my Walnut Creek garden, than it is in her Illinois one! I am dying to plant tomatoes, but they’ll have to spend a few more weeks in the greenhouse.
      Cheers, Elizabeth

  12. I still like the name Red. She can be your Lucille Ball in the herd. Glad she’s found a good home. You both win the lottery. Enjoy your day. Congrats on the piglets. Since I’m away I missed the announcement. I will have to read back.

    • Aw, wouldn’t Lucy be just perfect for her? Too bad “Rucy” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. *L*

  13. I guess Molly has had her piglets but I haven’t seen them.
    Love the face of the new calf!

  14. Naww she was meant to be yours! She looks like a Rosie to me 🙂
    Molly is looking HUGE! and then I read above she has delivered! I am off to Insta to check them out! ❤

  15. I’m with Oopsy Daisy too! Rules are meant to be broken right? 🙂 Congratulations Mama Molly and Mama C! Darling babies!

  16. Hey Congratulations Molly!! I was gonna say ~ of course she’s got cravings when she’s pregnant~~ and suggest you give her some ice cream!! Actually last nite I saw the big moon and thought ~ uh oh ~ what’s gonna happen!! And Molly pops!! Absolutely love that picture of Tima and TonTon walking up the drive!!! I can hear her gruntin!! And love the darling calf!! She’s got a sweet little face!! Let’s call her Angel!! As I’m writing this note and looking out to a beautiful sunny day blessing us ~ I’ve IL Divo playing on youtube ~ oh so beautiful!! Four gorgeous voices from these gentlemen!! Try that sometime Celi!! you can click on one that plays 50 of their songs ~ we’ve seen in Chicago a few years ago ~ what a fantastic performance!!! Have a great day with Miss Molly!!

  17. Rose Red. She has such a sweet, foolish, furry face, I love her already. And Molly! Well done that pig! So all that eating was a last minute attempt to build up her strength for the effort of squeezing out NINE babies. What a clever, clever girl.

  18. I would assume that pigs do get cravings. Our tortoises will often eat things that they shouldn’t, like rocks, when gravid. We have learned to provide cuttlebone for them to help increase their calcium. Certain species will eat it like crazy because their calcium needs are so high. Since they are a more primitive animal than a mammal, I would assume something more complex would have cravings, too. Roughage?

  19. Good job, Molly!!! That is a lovely Hereford heifer, I’m sure there was a reason you ended up with her instead of a him. Lovely day today, supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. We had a very wet and unpleasant night with the last rains, the roof on the building literally folded back about half way (it’s a flat roof) and the water was coming down the walls and damaging the ceilings, one fell in with the mess of sodden drywall and fiberglass. There has been a crew working up there yesterday and today, hoping they get it buttoned up by tomorrow evening, rain forecast for Monday.

  20. Nine is a nice number methinks ! Look after them well Molly! At least you can enjoy your luncheon guests in peace with just a few quick forays to the barn to check . . .

  21. The new calf is so beautiful – and a sweetie to boot!! I’m so happy you’re finely getting some good weather. It is starting to feel like spring, isn’t it?

  22. Ah well, as they say, things happen. I once bought a mare I thought was fat, three weeks later she presented me with a beautiful tri colored colt foal! Is that the road at the end of your drive and does Tima cross it? Congrats on the adorable little piggies, I’m afraid I’d have to keep them all!

  23. I’ve been absent for a while, with trips away and offline. It’s nice to come back in to ‘a pearl of a day’ and a girl calf by mistake! ??? I thought you’d be an expert on the difference by now. But maybe she beguiled you.

  24. I love the picture of Tima ambling down the country road. This little pig went wee wee wee all the way home. And the dear little heifer. I would like to run my hand down her side too.

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