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I brought a girl baby cow home by mistake.  This was not my intention. But.  Ah well.  I give in. She is not a Bobby so now she will have a name and join the heifers. This calf is the tamest calf I have ever… Continue Reading “oops”

Introductions and reflections have no shadows: Weekend Blog Reading

Here you are now.  Your weekend reading. A few sites for you to visit.  As usual I have a few that some of us know well, and also a few new ones who have popped up in my comments this week.  Have fun snooping… Continue Reading “Introductions and reflections have no shadows: Weekend Blog Reading”

100th Post in the middle of NZ week.

When are we going to get back to dining out in New Zealand? and Netball! and the New Zealand Food? Soon, Soon darling. The 100th Post needs to be noted.  This is a milestone.  I need to thank you all for building with me… Continue Reading “100th Post in the middle of NZ week.”