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ALEX and her daughter go to their new home on the 10th of this month.  December already! In fact December 2nd. I am away on my travels in 15 sleeps. FIFTEEN!



Any News?


Aunty Anna

But first, here is the picture Lori sent me of Wai. I have not seen him myself so this is all I know.  He is staying in a crate pen in her basement so it is hard for her to get a good shot.… Continue Reading “Aunty Anna”

Pouring Up

  Someone has a milk mustache. I once nursed a very old lady called Maisy.  I was very young – in my teens – dressed all in white, working in an old folks home.  She was very old, round with sparse white comb over… Continue Reading “Pouring Up”

Boar Tusks – Up Close

Yesterday Inaki and I dug out the cows winter pen. This is a big spring job as I always have a deep bed of straw in the winter which is warm for the cows but a lot of heavy work in the spring. Thank… Continue Reading “Boar Tusks – Up Close”

Possibly Poppy.

I have three entries in my diary – all possible farrowing dates for Poppy. They read. April 04 – Possibly Poppy. April 25 – Possibly Poppy. May 17 – Possibly Poppy. I don’t think it will be April 04. Poppy and all the other… Continue Reading “Possibly Poppy.”

Alex – the Dexter

I very, very seldom go outside with the Camera House intending to take a specific shot to match an idea. In fact I never do that. My mind is usually quite empty as usual. So I take photos during the day as I see them,… Continue Reading “Alex – the Dexter”

The winter barn

John has been working hard to get the winter barn, our other barn across the creek that is really a ditch, up to code  for the winter. We prefer this barn for the animals in the winter as it has a dirt floor. The… Continue Reading “The winter barn”