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Pouring Up

  Someone has a milk mustache. I once nursed a very old lady called Maisy.  I was very young – in my teens – dressed all in white, working in an old folks home.  She was very old, round with sparse white comb over… Continue Reading “Pouring Up”

The White Truck

Now that it is colder I need the white truck to transport me and the dogs and the pigs food and waters across to the West Barn. Of course I am usually carrying 6 x 5 gallon buckets  of water. But yesterday was warmer and… Continue Reading “The White Truck”


(Is that a bad word? But it is the word I need). Slowly I settled back into the farm yesterday. I took a mental health day and decided not to talk to any humans. It was lovely. The sun was out and so was… Continue Reading “Cojones”

Sheila Snores

Did you know that? She is a great old snorer. Though you will only hear the snoring if you creep very, very quietly into the barn with ears at the ready. Pigs have incredibly good hearing.  And the moment they hear a sound out of the… Continue Reading “Sheila Snores”