(Is that a bad word? But it is the word I need). Slowly I settled back into the farm yesterday. I took a mental health day and decided not to talk to any humans. It was lovely.

The sun was out and so was I. Look at our sleeping kune kune. The most entertaining pigs.
kune kune

Until they start sleeping Top and Tail, then things just get mean.

kune kune

(As an aside for all you Fellowship Farmers, Tane has begun to grow his ..  um .. cajones .. literally as well as figuratively. This is what farming is about you know!!  Procreation!. But we will see.) readers-023

Have you heard that saying let sleeping pigs lie?  Oh. Wait. It is dogs. Well never mind. This is a prime example. In a few more days we will know if Poppy is pregnant or not until then we will let this unusually relaxed sleeping pig lie.

barn chicken

While I was away (for TWO days) the chooks went into overdrive and are now laying at full speed.  Yesterday I found twenty fresh eggs. There are about fifty eggs waiting in the egg basket.   So now the pigs protein is sorted. Eggs from now on. readers-013

Our wee herd of goats (I have decided that Freya looks like a camel) followed me across the quad to play in the wee field Tima was in last year.  This was one of those times I wished for a video camera on a stick. I had to walk with the minutest of steps, the kids stayed so close. You would have laughed out loud. They nibbled on weeds and grass and did what goats do.


The cats followed along behind and they all played in their playground for a while then slept in the sun for a while longer before I took them back to the barn for night time.  Without a mother they can’t stay out in the fields at night.

goat kids

la mancha kid

Not yet anyway.

barn chickens

The layer flock is now allowed out for a wee while in the late afternoon.  There were immediate cock fights though and old Peghorn (who lives in that field) got the worst of it. So I am going to just let the hens out in future and leave the roosters inside. Or lock up Peghorn. I have a broom I use for separating fighting cocks – it works the same for drafting hens. Peghorn is such a dear old fella.  That is him on the far right. One of these roosters almost killed him last year and he has limped ever since.  It is a catch 22 really.  Too many roosters. Needing the hens to get the grass. A few of these boys will be  destined for the freezer I think, as much as for the health of my hens as anything else.  Old roosters make the best stock. Not Peghorn though – he has a name.

I hope you have a lovely day.

your friend back on the farm



63 Comments on “Cojones

  1. which life is best..the high-life, with hotels and dressing up, wearing make up, doing the hair just so…or being loose and free…I know I would prefer the farm. Here the life is busy but relaxed and gives so much satisfaction, love and care…in the high life it is too competitive and a rat race……So it is good to see you back where you belong!

  2. That headline does get your attention! 🙂 Seems like spring is being felt by all! Another busy day on the farm!

  3. Definitely cojones! Tima even sleeps with a smile on her dial… ‘Bout time that bad girl learned about the joys of motherhood, and it looks as if Tane is getting ready to oblige.

  4. Lovely sleeping pigs and you have the prettiest of Roosters!

    So I got my photo’s uploaded – a wee bit of editing but really not very much…. I didn’t even cull out the duplicates or ones I didn’t care for. Just uploaded the lot. Anyone ready to see Tulips and Cherry Blossoms from TEXAS -> go here:


    • Thank you! And to be honest our spring is late in arriving. In Texas – we usually have daffodils the last week of Feb/first week of March. Tulips in mid March and by this time the azalea are in full bloom. So I estimate we are two weeks behind. I hope that holds true the remainder of the year and we wait a couple of weeks for that 100 degree day.

  5. My two boys parted with theirs yesterday. Way to go Tane, watch out Tima 🙂 Laura

  6. How fun to take the goaties out for a walk and a jaunt. They look so excited and jumbled all together. What is that stuck to their coats? Big brown seed pods of some kind? They look like giant warts. Good to have a day without voices after all the cacophony of the weekend. Just baa-ing, barking, grunting, squealing, and squawking and mooing. A good day. E I E I O Hopefully, today will be just as pleasant at the farmy.

    • Looks like burdock to me – but I could be wrong. Love to see your animals enjoying the sunshine! Was great to see you and put a voice to a face on Saturday too. Glad you are home safe!

  7. That sun is beautiful. That is a lot of eggs, amazing.
    On a side note, we saw 3 geese on the weekend. I think they made it, maybe those are 3 scouts.

  8. Cajones is only bad if you use “chupa” with it. I grew up near Mexico, can you tell?

      • oops. I shouldn’t have gone down this road. It was Miss C’s fault! but also don’t use “chupa” with “huevos” … but who knows, I’ve been a long time away from Mexico, maybe it’s a term of endearment by now. ( “chupa” means “suck” ).

  9. Poppy is such a lovely colour, the colour reminds me of an old fashioned shoe polish that was around when I was a kid, it was called oxblood I think.

  10. Glad you are back! I was traveling so missed hearing you speak on Saturday. Hope Poppy is going to have some piglets!

  11. It’s amazing how much I miss these photos of the animals in the morning, and it’s only been a very few days. Such color and life and adventure are the best things first thing in the morning. They help to set the mood for the day and turn rain and wind and thunder (we have spring storms for a few days) into gloriously happy attitudes.

  12. I think withdrawing from the human race is a symptom of fatigue. I do it from time to time.

    Those goats are rapidly assuming their rightful places in our hearts, as well as in the flerd.

    Have a great day.

  13. I only joined your blog on Sunday and am already looking forward to your daily news, love the pics of the farm animals, heard so much about you from my daughter Connie, I feel I know you, maybe she will bring me to see your farm, we were farmers once,good to see spring in the air,Virginian

  14. Spring is springing up everywhere. A short time ago I looked out my kitchen window and saw buds on my lilac bushes. How I love the smell of lilacs. Wish they would stick around longer.

    My garden awaits my attention. Unfortunately, I’ve managed to do something to my back. Muscles tight and causing spasms. I must get this under control because there is work to be done on such beautiful spring days.

    Enjoy your day on the farmy!!!!

  15. I think it is quite understandable that you needed to be with only the animals and birds yesterday. That is my desire much of the time… especially after an immersion of “people” like you may have had in Portland. I’m happy you got out with the camera and enjoyed the antics and “being” of the barnyard. There is little else in life that just feels comforting – at home, being with nature, taking in the wisdom and calm that comes from sitting, listening and meditating simply living in the moment.

  16. Good to see you back on the farm. I hope you liked our beautiful Oregon weather this weekend. I so wanted to attend the WP workshop and hear you speak, but life had other plans for me this past weekend. 😦 I know what you mean about having too many roosters….we run with one only, it gives our hens a break…and he is a great Roo. He’s a Buff Orphington….he wil also never go to the stew pot…he has a name…Benedict (as in Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare)…we have three hens from that named group…Don John, Don Pedro, and Claudio….Hahaha. They will be lifers on our farm!! Anyway…good to have you back!!

    • Oregon was superb. I thoroughly enjoyed my walk through the streets on sunday morning, and those mountains as we flew out were fantastic.. all in all it was a tremendous weekend.. c

  17. Never mind stock, what about cock au vin and the even better cock-a-leekie? Perfect for old roosters!

  18. Who says blogging isn’t educational? I learned a new word ….. cojones. The only other word I knew for testicles was Rocky Mountain oysters , and no, I never ate them.

  19. Sometimes one just needs to not have to interact with humans, right? I totally get that. I wish I had all those critters to spend time with when I am on human overload.

  20. Had to laugh. Your title word is so commonly used here with our relaxed multicultural mix.
    So once again you are leading kids like in kindergarden? Lovely pix as usual. Glad the sun is out while you get yourself sorted and back into rhythm.

  21. One day walking the city streets of Portland, the next walking with goats; from presenting to people to wrangling roosters! The epitome of two aspects. I’m so pleased you have sun 🙂

  22. Aah, to be home an indescribable feeling sometimes.
    Did someone get into the burdocks? They are the bane of my existence; when they entangle themselves into Angora goat and llama fiber ~ Oy.
    Cute lil fellas, those goaties.

  23. Cojones is a new one on me! Glad you were welcomed home with sunshine, Today we had gales hail rain & snow and the trees are bending double. Want to swap? I am sitting by the fire now making pompoms for Easter bunny rabbits.

  24. Based on some reading, it seems that the burdock plant has a lot of medicinal qualities in addition to its stick to it-iveness.

  25. Roared with laughter seeing the heading: such a ‘polite’ way to make a point!! Knew that word, but ‘chupa’ had passed me by! What one learns to use at morning coffee 🙂 ! By the bye my dear very feminist father [when I was growing up – and that was a wee while ago!] believed every female needed a well grown set to of those get on in life at the time!!!!! To add to her charming smile and feminine manner of course !!!!!

  26. Hello lovely! I hope you’ve had a lovely month, I was offline for most of last month and missed your adventures! It all looks lovely and peaceful at your place. And reading this has reminded me – I need to go and change the page on my farmy calendar! 🙂 xxx

  27. Oh those goats. So adorable. Someday I’ll make my way out to your farm to get my hands dirty and work my butt off. A little slice of heaven! 🙂

  28. The goats look so busy! Sweet sleeping pigs. Poor Peghorn–he’s ruled the roost for so long, those young fellas should show him a little respect. But, that is not the way in nature, is it? I’m glad he has a name. 🙂

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