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Talia: the little calf

Special Edition. Here are a few photographs of Talia for you as promised. And yes with all the changes and the Last Dinner for Kevin and Victoria things were pretty stretched today.  So I am a little later than I had anticipated. Teensy Talia… Continue Reading “Talia: the little calf”

Baby Pictures

Nothing like baby animals on the farm.  This Bobby still surprises me with his vigor.  He is dancing about and chasing birds and dogs. A happy bull calf. Lady Astor has already introduced him to Alex and her girl.  And when I went out… Continue Reading “Baby Pictures”

Pouring Up

  Someone has a milk mustache. I once nursed a very old lady called Maisy.  I was very young – in my teens – dressed all in white, working in an old folks home.  She was very old, round with sparse white comb over… Continue Reading “Pouring Up”

In Toad Hall

Yesterday I was driving to the little store to buy some cheese and milk (I can’t wait until  I don’t need to do that anymore) and my car stopped. Dead. Dead.  Stopped. It would not start again. So the dogs and I turned around… Continue Reading “In Toad Hall”

Cows, cows, cows and a pig.

Poppy the pig, it was so cold yesterday Sheila took to her bed and Poppy spent the day gazing mournfully out the door. The brown cows are all together again. Finally, says Aunty Del. We have discovered that Lady Astor will stand completely still… Continue Reading “Cows, cows, cows and a pig.”

Sunday Walkies

All these babies wake up a farm from its frigid winter slumber much faster than the weather.  Even though we only just reached above freezing yesterday, still the babies all commanded attention and sweetness and good food. Even the biggest baby of them all… Continue Reading “Sunday Walkies”

The Bobby is here at Last.

Every morning for the last 10 days John has pulled the 4am shift – he gets up that early anyway. I would check Daisy when I finished reading about 10pm, and when he got up to get ready for work in the morning at… Continue Reading “The Bobby is here at Last.”