Talia: the little calf

Special Edition.cow and calf9

Here are a few photographs of Talia for you as promised. And yes with all the changes and the Last Dinner for Kevin and Victoria things were pretty stretched today.  So I am a little later than I had anticipated.



Teensy Talia is inquisitive, hungry and already making herself at home. Aunty is confused, feeling a bit wonky but lining up for milking with Lady.  Aunty stood perfectly for both milkings yesterday – her udder is still very small – she gave only half a gallon each time but never once lifted her leg or even looked like being uncomfortable in the milking shed. I am sure her production will increase with time. cow and calf

In fact her udder is so small that baby goes looking for it and ends up walking straight under her mother and coming out the other side not terribly sure of what just happened.

cow and calf


Talk to you tomorrow!


35 Comments on “Talia: the little calf

  1. She looks much more like a baby who plans to stay and be pretty and playful than she did in the early pics. I’m so glad.

  2. Terrific photo update before I go to bed. Your blog is about living and breathing -LIFE- so it is a stand out!

  3. Wonderful… She has her mother’s heart-shaped ‘kiss’ on the forehead, and the same luminous dark eyes. They both look glossy and healthy, and the fact that Aunty is a co-operative milker is so helpful. Talia will learn good manners from her mama.

  4. this all is almost too Tender to bear. How they are Who They Are…Beings…doing what they Can in this world and then also expected to GIVE to us…it’s just so
    the relationship

  5. She is beautiful. So very thankful for the update and the news that all seems to be well.

  6. A huge ‘thank you’ for the ‘second edition’!! Gorgeous-looking ‘monkey-face’ up on her feet: thank you for all those who stood by!!! No apology for the moniker; I called my own two that name 🙂 ! Talia will find the teat or else will be well looked after . . . .glory hallelujah!!

  7. So lovely! And I am so grateful for the photos. She looks so NEW! Eager to learn of her exploits. Much love, Your Gayle

  8. Talia is an exquisite little calf. Aunty Del seems to be very nuturing. Hopefully the stars line up and all goes well. Beautiful pictures. Thank you

  9. Good gracious, what a beautiful little critter! And out in the grass already, so very tiny. Thanks so much for this update! Hope the rest of your day was a good one too. ~ Mame 🙂

  10. I’m so very glad to hear that little Talia is doing well – and Aunty Del, too! Thank you for the update.

  11. Teensy, tiny Talia is so dainty, so beautiful and so healthy with her glossy coat! She will get the hang (so to speak) of her mama’s udder and then everything will drop into place for her. She has an exceptional mama to learn from. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

  12. Aunty looks like I felt as a new mother with a preemie. Good things she has lots of experienced mums to help out. Welcome, little Talia!

  13. So pleased to see this post this morning. Talia looks to be a carbon copy of Aunty Del 🙂 Laura

  14. Just beautiful! And just what we needed over here in the midst of the nonstop news. A reminder that life just goes on.

  15. Talia is gorgeous! So tiny. Hope all goes well with mommy and baby. I so look forward to your updates.

  16. I’m so, so happy to see such wonderful photos, and have assurance that things are going well. I can’t say I’ve ever worried over a cow and calf before, but we all need new experiences. 🙂

  17. She is such a beautiful little calf and Auntie Del is so sweet. Such a beautiful pair they look very healthy too with shiny coats and bright eyes.

  18. I believe we are all very much in love with little Talia – she’s gorgeous, just like her mother. I absolutely love the top photo of Aunty gazing at her new one!! ; o )

  19. Yes we are all falling in love with little Talia. She is as beautiful as her name. Just so happy with all the stress everything has worked out so well. You have to be so very proud of all you have accomplished.

  20. Talia is absolutely beautiful. I could look at pictures of those two lovely ladies all day long. So glad she’s doing well.

  21. She surely is tiny and so so beautiful 🙂
    Thank you very much for this 2nd edition updating us with this amazing photos of little Talia and her surprised mother , on what surely was a very full day for you all 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

  22. She’s so beautiful. Aunty must be thinking “I can’t have done this, can I?” I hope the udder is located quickly, it’s no fun being confused about where the food is when you’re hungry.

  23. Pictures of new life is just what I need right now, though I am rather late to see them. Mother and daughter look glossy and healthy, I am sure Talia will soon stretch a few inches and feed more comfortably from her mama.

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