The New Order

Today Kevin and Victoria leave which is miserable. They really have become part of the fabric of the farm, taking on real responsibility and positive roles in the running of the farm.  For the next few weeks I have my two Frenchmen and one American lass.


As these two beautiful souls exit stage left, there is no opening on stage right. After a wild and hilarious week of five volunteers, now there are three. There has been peer training and a tearful hand-over  and for the next few weeks my farmers will be these two Frenchmen (who got into a wee muddle running electrical wire yesterday to much hilarity) and McKenna my beautiful American girl who is here a little while longer.

French farmers



Almost time for me to get up and get ready for the morning milking.

I have two cows waiting! This is my first time milking more than one cow and I am happy to say that their training is paying off. So far they move in and out of the sheds, entering and exiting through the correct doors without any problems. I am milking into two separate buckets which doubles the cleaning but also works seamlessly.  I had it all planned and luckily was ahead in the preparations. My  calculations gave July 12th as the due date for Talia so we are lucky she is doing so well I am not even going to count how many days early she was.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Aunty to get a full udder – only getting half a gallon from an Ayrshire is a new experience for me. Even her teats are tiny.  Luckily baby drinks well from the bottle.

I posted some baby photos here last night if you want to pop back and look.

Tomorrow is the blog rest day remember. So I will see you Monday.


16 Comments on “The New Order

  1. I am up your way for the next week working. The new girl is on vacation. I may try to stop quickly and see this new tiny addition.

  2. Thanks for the extra post and pics. Have a great rest day tomorrow although I doubt you will be doing much resting😃

  3. Enjoy your well earned rest, if you can call it that. A rest day where you still do 99% of what you normally do… So long, Victoria and Kevin, hello French boys.

  4. The benefits and blessings of the Woofers must be slightly marred by having to say goodbye. Here’s hoping they have loved their stay with you and profited from the sane and healthy farming they’ve helped with.

  5. So glad the baby is doing well – here’s hoping she catches up and mama’s production increases as expected. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  6. omg! that wire! I’ve been there before while I moved the cows by myself. … the cows laughed at me and I shocked myself twice on my way out. doh!

  7. Bye bye Victoria and Kevin – we’ll miss you. You’d had an unforgettable experience that you’ll never forget!! ; o )

  8. I have a question for you, Miss Celi: New calf. Is her name pronounced Tuh-LEE-ya or Tuhl-ya or something I have not yet imagined? You may use part of your day off to figure out this complex question (heheh). Lots of love, Your Gayle

    • *smile* Well Gayle, perhaps I should not be speaking since I am from the ‘other’ side of the Pond, but my granddaughter’s name is pronounced ‘Tah-lee-ya’ – since she is making quite a name for herself as a TV political and economic interviewer and commentator and signs off in just that manner, that at least is one way . . .

  9. Farewell to Kevin and Victoria. May the week ahead bring an increased milk flow and as much work as laughter from McKenna and the two Frenchmen! Enjoy your day off line. I do hope that you find some time to think your own thoughts and rest.

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