In Toad Hall

Yesterday I was driving to the little store to buy some cheese and milk (I can’t wait until  I don’t need to do that anymore) and my car stopped. Dead. Dead.  Stopped. It would not start again. So the dogs and I turned around and walked home. The car had Run out of gas evidently. oops. Stupid but better than having REAL car trouble.

Then I was digging in the garden and jammed my spade into the ground to dig out a big clump of soil  to plant a tomato and two pieces of toad flew to either side. I was horrified, had I chopped a poor fat toad in half? Then on closer inspection I saw that it was two whole toads who had sprung apart. Rudely awakened. They stood very still and glared so I placed them back in their house and gently put the lid back on. I chose another position for my tomato. I always plant a couple of cherry tomatoes by the back door for quick snacks.

My friend who knows about pigs came to see Poppy and said she was not bred, unless it was recently.  I simply cannot believe it so I am going to ignore it. In fact I am going to put her out in the back paddock with Sheila and ignore her completely. They can fight over who gets the comfy side of the bed. She is definitely not having piglets anytime soon though.  She was with the boar on and off for four cycles so it would be very surprising if she was not pregnant.  Maybe as Mad says Sheila has been feeding her contraceptives. Poppy

Ah well. Maybe I should just stick to cows. We seem to be doing alright with cows at the moment. Touch Wood. I am thinking I will get Aunty Del blood tested soon in case we need to breed her again next month.  Though I have not seen her come back into heat and she has been hanging out with the Baby Bull the whole winter and he has shown no interest in her at all.

Lady Aster wandered into the barn in the evening.

Lady Astor

Taking to her new routine without much trouble at all.  It is a bit rainy.  The others are out under the trees.  I prefer Lady slept alone  and out of the rain just in case though she has just over a week to go.

cow and calf

The rain was gentle and warm. The perfect rain to bring up seedlings and settle in new plants.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


28 Comments on “In Toad Hall

  1. Made a delicious coq au vin last night with real coq for once. One of the advantages of living in the country, I got an organic, one year old rooster from a local poultry farm. Was so much more flavorful than using chicken.

  2. I’m glad to hear the toads escaped – I used to love that film with Toad driving his car.
    I’m sorry to hear about Poppy – she was such a good mum last year.

  3. I can’t believe Poppy won’t surprise you suddenly… Surely all that fun with the boar cannot have come to nothing? I do love the photo of Txiki at Mama’s breakfast bar.

  4. We left Ellie Mae in with Jethro until right before she was ready to farrow. Perhaps Poppy can just hang out with Manu? Although I’m thinking that the twins will also be visiting Manu soon. Is there a place where all three girls and Manu can live together? Our pigs have always been quite social, happily living together and sharing space. Except for Sheila, who is quite spoiled I must say :), I bet all of yours would get along like one big happy family! You’d just have to be extra vigilant to see who goes into heat and when.

    • Yes the twins are over there with Manu now – there is room, but I have to trailer her over and wanted her here and settled to farrow in the home barn.. I can’t put her in with him now because if he bred her now then i would have THREE litters at the same time.. two is too many already – you see my problem.. c

      • Gosh! Yes, I do see the problem. Well, maybe they can ‘hook up’ in two months time. Then by the time Poppy’s are born, then the Twin’s piglets will be 8 weeks and ready for new homes, unless you plan to raise the Twin’s piglets to maturity.

        • yes. If he is fertile. How come you get your boar and he is impregnating gilts when he is still a baby and I have SO MUCH trouble! Though i will not be keeping his daughters – the plan was to keep him at work for a while with just the three. sigh. Mice and men! c

  5. That must of given you quite a shock two toads jumping out at you! Mind you I bet they were none too happy either. I’m glad it wasn’t one cut in half. 😳

  6. IMO, the one picture is just begging to be turned into an oil painting titled “Pig Waiting at the Fence”, don’t you think?

  7. I’m glad the toads were okay. That could have disturbed you for months! I ran out of gas and since it was at the top of a hill, coasted down easily to the gas station at the bottom of the street. True story😎 Have a great time in the garden.

  8. Never a dull moment…..hope your walk home wasn’t too far away! Love the photo of little Txiki having a snack- and Mommy’s hairdo is quite fetching!
    Cheers and have a lovely day!

  9. Yet another reason for writing: you would have forgotten the toad story within a week, and we would not be just a little bit happier today because of the telling, and how it reminded us of the child within. Great blog! Carry on!

  10. There’s something so charming about toads. Such a crime humans hang negative meanings on critters.

  11. Toads are weird – the smaller male riding around for days clamped to his mate. I’m glad you didn’t do anything more drastic than separate them! I’m sorry Poppy isn’t pregnant – does the boar not fancy her?
    Be happy,,

  12. Not everybody can get pregnant , I couldn’t because of a hormone imbalance . Poppy could have a similar problem. Don’t give up
    on raising pigs.

  13. Well… Poppy just may be what the Bible always called ‘barren’ – who knows… And don’t you just love a gentle rain spring.. giving, as you said, those seeds and seedlings just enough water for them to thrive and not be drowned..

  14. Another lovely day at the farmy. Txiki is growing, isn’t she? Doesn’t she look a bit bigger? Lots of love, Gayle

  15. Well Chickie and Mom at comfort and peace, rain or no rain . . . lovely . . . and I am glad those toads escaped the Grim Reaper . . . we have our ANZAC Day Long Weekend coming up – one quietly thinks of those who gave their lives so we could be free and of others who have crossed the river . . . peace and contemplation . . .

  16. I’m glad it was two toads, after all! Love the cute pic of Alex with eight legs! LOL Oh, dear. The Poppy and Sheila Show. That should provide good blog fodder.

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