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Pouring Up

  Someone has a milk mustache. I once nursed a very old lady called Maisy.  I was very young – in my teens – dressed all in white, working in an old folks home.  She was very old, round with sparse white comb over… Continue Reading “Pouring Up”

Toot Toot

I am sorry – ‘Toot Toot’ has nothing to do with anything, it is just a sound I make when I am moving an animal aside. It is just so cheerful, musical even. Just a childish ‘Toot Toot’ all by your self out in… Continue Reading “Toot Toot”

Cameos of Cold and Calm

Queenie waits now. Altogether Daisy gave 70 pounds of milk again yesterday. But this morning is very, very cold. I am worried that the milking machine will not work. I held the calf back from Daisy yesterday because she had started holding her milk back… Continue Reading “Cameos of Cold and Calm”

Sunday Walkies

All these babies wake up a farm from its frigid winter slumber much faster than the weather.  Even though we only just reached above freezing yesterday, still the babies all commanded attention and sweetness and good food. Even the biggest baby of them all… Continue Reading “Sunday Walkies”

Fitting the Puzzle Together

Yesterday the warmth began to melt a little snow, then the water began to make a lot of mist then a lot of fog, then we lost the horizon.  Gone.  I thought  that today I would have a little round up of what’s happening… Continue Reading “Fitting the Puzzle Together”

Part two of the farmy walkabout but have I missed somebody?

This is what the very few people who drive down our country road are seeing. Daily changes. Not much changing with Daisy though. She stands exactly here for most of the day. Watching the kitchen door for movement.  Daisy is an Ayrshire. A very… Continue Reading “Part two of the farmy walkabout but have I missed somebody?”