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Miles in a Day

I have a new phone – this in itself is not particularly interesting unless we need to go into the kicking and fighting I did trying not to have to succumb to another phone.  I liked my old phone. However now I have a… Continue Reading “Miles in a Day”

4 Times a Day

Look at these lovely wee goats. I will be bottle feeding four times a day. They have holders that the bottles slide into so I can feed four kids at a time. Goats are so much more polite than lambs, so it is not… Continue Reading “4 Times a Day”

The camera sees all

I may have discovered the source of Godot’s strange behaviour.  What do you think this is? One leg is black. Here is a close up.  Is that dirt, from when he was stuck under the bush the other day? or something more sinister.  He was… Continue Reading “The camera sees all”


You remember that my Dad always said that “where there is light there is a photograph.” Godot says, where there is light there is warmth. And whenever I turn the big overhead light on in the barn  – within minutes Godot is perched under… Continue Reading “Light”

Who is looking in your door?

I am a very lucky girl. A. because I love to have Tima looking through my door and B. because Tane cannot climb the steps – yet! Anyway he is too busy in the frog garden, he has discovered some unharvested beets and has a… Continue Reading “Who is looking in your door?”

BooBoo gets a shock

The four kittens left are wilder than ever.  As though the lightness of their numbers has lightened their thoughts. I almost caught Godot in flight. We are getting closer to that perfect image. His wings are so glorious. This is a very long away… Continue Reading “BooBoo gets a shock”


For the first time since early summer Our john had both weekend days off. So between much deserved naps he was able to get some barn maintanence done. This whole barn is slipping North, sliding off its concrete foundation.  Years and years ago it… Continue Reading “Dancing”

Human Burial Rites

In the last two days three members of The Fellowship have lost someone they loved.  A husband, a father, an aunt.  People.  While exchanging emails with each of our friends it has become very clear to me that many of us have very different,… Continue Reading “Human Burial Rites”

The Legacy

When the  Bastard Minks came last time, to the chook house, and killed eleven of our lovely heritage chickens they also killed the  big white Rooster.  Thankfully they have not been back.   As well as everything else on that dark farmy  day, losing Mr… Continue Reading “The Legacy”


Last night turned into ‘yarn to midnight’ night with my old friend the Kiwi Builder resulting in an unhurried start this morning. A bonus of not milking. So here are a few shots from yesterday just to tide you over. I shall be back at… Continue Reading “Oops”