You remember that my Dad always said that “where there is light there is a photograph.”

Godot says, where there is light there is warmth. And whenever I turn the big overhead light on in the barn  – within minutes Godot is perched under it.

Tui had a turn too.peacock-067

I did not have my lens hood on so Tui has a halo.  Ah well.

This is why I think that Queenie Wineti is pregnant. (Other than the fact that she was seen having wild jiggy jig with Psycho Sid on November 25.)  She only ever lies on her side like this when she is preggers. And if so she is only a little over a month pregnant. So who knows.


This is taken from the porch. This image also points out how overweight this cow is. I think it is possible that she had a hard time getting pregnant because of her weight.  Next year I am going to have to stand her in the yards for half the day.. my fields are too good for this cow. The only time in her life she had grain was when she was visiting Psycho Sid the Bull.  But she is back on her maintanence rations now. I wish I had a hilly farm so she could get a bit more exercise. That is a Round Cow.  I hate it when they lie like that.. they look so… well .. dead.


Are you pregnant Queenie Wineti? Hope so.


Good morning, says Sheila.

I called the people at Port-a Hut again today and this time I got the boss and he put me in touch with a fellow in Indianapolis who has two little farrowing/calf huts for sale. So, on Friday, very early, we will hook our woefully inadequate trailer to my mother-in-laws Jeep, stow Camera house in my bag and go on a road trip to collect them. How I long for a rugged hard working farm ute (we call the pick-up truck a Ute in NZ)  that I can load up and that can PULL things.  (In fact you can stack these huts on the bed of a pick-up truck.) My white Ute is so past its use-by date and has so many problems I am not allowed to drive it further than I can walk home (which is pretty far actually). Ah well.  We are saving.  All things come to those who wait they say but it is a lie. If you want something to happen you have to MAKE it happen. But first we save.  I am a good saver. Then I make it happen.

The sheep will use the new huts as shelter for the winter and in the late spring Poppy will use one for her piglets (fingers crossed as she is not bred yet – I need to wait until she is a year old) .. and Sheila will have another so she can camp out under the trees and la la about for the summer.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm,


PS. I am (listening to) reading a book called All The Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr. It is exceptional. I have bought a copy to take across the sea to my daughter. That good.


36 Comments on “Light

  1. It does look weird when cows lie down like that, almost as if some drunk kids have been cow tipping (which I believe has been proved to be a myth). I wonder if Queenie would come with you on the pig and dog walks… 🙂

  2. Godot is getting more beautiful every time I see him, and Tui is beginning to get lovely colours…
    Please don’t let Queenie hear that she looks dead, she would be most upset when all she is doing is basking in the sun, possibly dreaming about Psycho Sid and what a good time she had. I shall be very pleased if she is preggers….
    I do love the way that you write about your animals, I know they are alive but it makes than larger than life if you know what I mean.

    Hopefully one day soon you will get a new Ute…I am sure it will not be long..have a safe journey to get the huts and have a FANTASTIC 2015

  3. She is very round, isn’t she…. But I believe you only have to worry when their legs stick up into the air! Beautiful shot of Godot, glowing like an angel under the light.

  4. I love that shot of Tui, she looks like Elizabethan royalty painted by a dutch master!

  5. The birds look extraordinary in that light. The Farmy Jewels. And Queenie is quite astonishing.

  6. don’t forget to burn your calender on new yrs eve, so bad luck will not follow into the new year.

  7. Oh, I am so glad you are reading All the Light! One of the best books of the year!

    I also hate it when the animals sleep like they are dead. I don’t know how many times I have run up to the paddocks because it looks like one of the goats is dead. And then they look at you like you are crazy!

    • This coming saturday we will do the blood test, otherwise it is hard to tell at this stage.. He will appalled at how fat she is though!.. c

  8. Poor Queenie, must be hard on her hooves to be walking around with such love handles. 🙂 At least those love handles will help keep her warm this winter! Fingers crossed for a positive preg test!

  9. Good luck with the huts, and fingers crossed for Queenie. Saving up is good – it makes us appreciate the object more if we’ve struggled a bit. We pick up the new car today…. Jock hasn’t been able to sit still all weekend! I shall miss the easily-driveable-by-me Picasso.

    Looking out across the fields still gleaming white with last night’s frost, and shining in the bright sunshine.

  10. As always – lovely photos. And that must be a very good book. When I run across glowing recommendations for books I immediately pop over to my local library link and place a hold on it. All the libraries in the Phoenix area are out of it with 91 holds on it in front of me!

  11. I have a 1978 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup that I can use on the farm. It only has 120,000 miles and it runs very well, but it’s so old things fall off it or break, so I can’t even take it to the feed store 10 miles away. I can’t walk as far as you can. I use my RAV4 for everything except hauling hay, and would love to have a “Ute” too. It just sounds tough. In the meantime, thank God for Toyota.

    • I just need something that can pull the stock trailer and take my chickens in for processing. and that i can put the pigs in the back of when we go to the vet. My little old pick up is too weak.. And my poor wee VW is so long suffering. c

  12. That first picture in the post is totally amazing. The textures, the little turquoise, the shadows and light contrast. Looks perfect.
    While you’re saving, keep an eye out for a used Toyota 4Runner? Real workhorses and run forever. Very sturdy (The ancient on we gave my daughter is been hit broadside by 150 speeding pickup, shoved against a freeway embankment, and held together. Frame not even bent. She wants a new car and is saving for one…but even she will be slow to let go of such a dependable, carry anything and not worry, safe car…may keep it for those hiking trips and dog transport.
    Planning to investigate that book…if Ci’s buying it, that’s quite a recommendation
    MORE FOG here….will the sun never return…oh, OK you can keep it until you leave for your trip.

  13. Yes, indeed, it looks like Queenie needs a ‘slim down’ plan and quick!!! One of our precious goats, Betty Boop, born last spring, has been fat since she was four months old, and we have been trying for the past few months to slim her down. She was bred this month and our Goat Lady is encouraging us to tighten up the ‘slim down’ plan so that the birthing is not difficult. So, we are on a mission! 🙂 I’ve heard ‘All The Light We Cannot See’ is fabulous, and my Sweet Sis sent me the book for Xmas, so I’m excited about starting it! Also excited about the upcoming trip with you to New Zealand!!!!! xo

  14. I’m not sure ” little” as in hut and Sheila quite go together. Love Queenie lying down, that’s a big tummy sticking up there, no wonder she wants to get off her feet. New year’s eve here… always this time of year, hot and humid with rumbly thunder and lightening around. I wish all the Farmy a wonderful 2015, may all good things come to you.

  15. I think my heart would stop everytime I saw her lie down like that until I got used to it! I’d be looking for the chest to go up and down just in case. 🙂

  16. I think Queen just has a wee case of morning sickness. I looked like that when I was pregnant. 😉 The huts sound like an excellent idea.

  17. Busy and colourful as ever, Celi! The farmy waits for no woman, it seems, but how lovely it is to see you all again. Do you have a break at Christmas and New year? I hope so: may 2015 be full of those small happinesses you see so expert at cultivating, out there on the plains.

    • I talked to the animals about the possibility of a break on new years but they laughed in a horrified fashion! Surely you jest miss c .. ,kind of thing.. But in 15 days i go to NZ, so that will be a break!.. c

      • I’ve tried to convince my animals ‘brunch’ would be good. Especially when I was working full time and wanted to sleep in a bit on the weekends. They never bought into it.

  18. Thank you for the book rec.,always looking for good ones! I can’t tell you how often I’ve hiked out to pasture because one of the horses looked dead, we had a mare who wouldn’t move even if you drove the tractor right next to her. Drove me nuts. It got to the point we’d look out the window and comment ‘Chicaro’s dead again’. I can’t imagine functioning without our pick-em-up truck. Of course when you have one you’re on the list of everyone who doesn’t and needs something hauled!

  19. I just got the book as well! I have to start it this week. Sounds like a winner. Happy New Year to you and your critters!

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