Lifting Gloom

For the last few days we have had good big periods of sun.  Vitamin D is flooding back into our systems. sat-011

All the animals lounge in the delicious sunlight. Soaking it up. Like yellow flowers.


Though a good number stare through the window (where I am cooking for dinner guests) saying –  Now? Are you coming out Now? Now? What about now? Is someone going to clean this window soon?

pigs and dogs



kunekune pigs

Life on the verandah.


Now. Says BooBoo. Time to finish with the cooking and come outside. Things are getting a wee bit out of control.


So out we go.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


ps. The ballet was wonderful by the way. SO much dancing and no-one got puffed!




37 Comments on “Lifting Gloom

  1. Ahhhh! My day started with a cup of coffee and these wonderful photos. The way to this girl’s smile is a piggy. And Vitamin D. Lots of D.

  2. No wonder the window needs cleaning: all that drooling.
    Glad you enjoyed the ballet – dancers are as fit as Olympic athletes, so they don’t get out of puff!
    PS it’s brilliant sunshine here too, so we’re going to walk by the sea this pm.

  3. Life on the verandah. Best pictures ever Miss C. I do believe that it’s high time for a very large coffee table book of these farmy characters. Amazon would go crazy with sales 🙂

  4. Ducks and Guinea fowl peering in through my window are comical enough but YOUR menagerie, well, what can I say?!

  5. Love the shots of everyone either waiting and hoping to go in, or wanting you to go out! Just like our ‘porch animals’ who are constantly peering in and wanting us to either let them in, or join them outside, as well! Only we don’t have pigs on the porch!!! Hoping we both get lots more sun!!! xoxoxo

  6. The window shots are so fun! Who else has two dogs a pig and a cat staring in their window. No one : )

  7. Ha ha ha, R and I are laughing at those cute little faces pressed up against the glass. You must have to keep blinders on to resist that lot! Of course, R being British will never use the word “cute”, so we must say that they are all “remarkably attractive”. 😀

  8. Too “remarkably attractive” C. Ha ha! Pigs on a Porch! I love it! What a way to start your day…looking at that love looking back at you!

  9. PS. I LOVE my Sheila T! Can’t wait to wear it when the weather warms up!

  10. i am in love with all your window shots – oh, the joy!!! what a wonderful life you live – thank you for sharing – you made my day!!

  11. i like marmalade looking indignant that she is fastened out of house with the common riff raff.

  12. What lovely photos to wake up to! Good morning, Miss C, good morning, darling animals, bless your furry faces (I don’t mean you, Celi!). Enjoy your sunshine.

  13. I can handle the cheekiness of Tima and the insouciance of Tane, the indignant glare of Marmalade, but not the wistful sadness of Boo ….
    thank heavens you gave in and went out!

  14. We only have cats looking in the window which makes us feel like we are in a fishbowl! When the sun is shining and it’s warm, they don’t necessarily want in – just want to look and see what we are doing once in a while – rest of the time, our two don’t give us the time of day! COLD today – they’ll be in the house.

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