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Who is looking in your door?

I am a very lucky girl. A. because I love to have Tima looking through my door and B. because Tane cannot climb the steps – yet! Anyway he is too busy in the frog garden, he has discovered some unharvested beets and has a… Continue Reading “Who is looking in your door?”


Awake to Dawn Light. Awake. Really Awake. Barely Awake. Sometimes Awake. Oh, there you are. Awake. Yesterday we were simply awake. Drifting through our day and tired at the end of it. Daisy’s udder is showing considerable fullness. And she stood quietly for almost… Continue Reading “Awake”

Ice, Ice everywhere and not a block for my drink

Thank you for all yesterdays excellent comments re: printing Sheila’s calender. I have some wonderful avenues to explore now, in my search for ways for Sheila to make some pin money to buy extra feed and maybe outfit a new summer area for her… Continue Reading “Ice, Ice everywhere and not a block for my drink”

Blankets for Pigs

Last night was not so cold, but late in the night I got it into my head that Sheila, my big Hereford pig, needed a blanket – and you know how these thoughts are, after the initial thought, nothing will turn it away.. not… Continue Reading “Blankets for Pigs”

Food Photography is not my Forte – (doesn’t mean I can’t learn though)

You may have guessed that I am now determined to improve my food photography. Winter is coming (don’t tell anyone I said that though) and there will be more time to make new feeds from all the food I am storing in the cellar,… Continue Reading “Food Photography is not my Forte – (doesn’t mean I can’t learn though)”

Charlotte makes a run for it – ungrateful pig.

So yesterday on my rounds I took the piggies out into pats paddock to have a munch on the grass. They love good long grass and there was a little out there. Then with no warning, Charlotte, aka Miss Naughty, went for a walk… Continue Reading “Charlotte makes a run for it – ungrateful pig.”

Off we go for our walkabout on The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy

Walkabouts are my favourite posts. Today we will wander through the cast of the Kitchens Garden Farm. I could not fit everyone on the one page but you will get the idea. This is The Duke of Kupa.  He has two wives  and spends… Continue Reading “Off we go for our walkabout on The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy”