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I always think that for the first few days in a new country a person runs on pure adrenaline.  And adrenaline is injected via images and sounds and scents. Each creating the push that keeps one going.  But in so doing: disabling the ability… Continue Reading “Adrenaline”

Pumpkin Whispering

I hope you have a lovely day.  Love your friend on the farm celi (pictures of lunch and dinner taken by Kristy with her cell phone -lovely)

Pizza Friday and Tips on Food Photography

Pizza Friday was excellent. By the skin of its teeth. We almost  stopped at the Pizza Bianca.  ‘Good with beer’ was the response from the peanut gallery.  High praise actually. Now we know that pizza bianca is not really an appetiser for pizza but there… Continue Reading “Pizza Friday and Tips on Food Photography”

Pickled Eggs and Food Photography

My first attempt at a real composition. This is not as simple as it looks. I can see everything that is wrong with each of these images and whats more  I can see what to do to make the image better.  And some areas… Continue Reading “Pickled Eggs and Food Photography”

Life is One Great Big Exciting Challenge

The September Home Grown Challenge.   Yes, I am still eating off the farm and have decided that when I do this for a year (feed myself only from my own farm) it will be BOREDOM that gets to me in the end.  I… Continue Reading “Life is One Great Big Exciting Challenge”

Food Photography is not my Forte – (doesn’t mean I can’t learn though)

You may have guessed that I am now determined to improve my food photography. Winter is coming (don’t tell anyone I said that though) and there will be more time to make new feeds from all the food I am storing in the cellar,… Continue Reading “Food Photography is not my Forte – (doesn’t mean I can’t learn though)”

Food I can eat with my eyes!

Do you guys deliver? It is Saturday, the day I usually share some new (to me) blogs with you all.  However this week I succumbed to PRETTY!  and pretty SIMPLE. So I am being naughty and I have swiped some food pictures to show… Continue Reading “Food I can eat with my eyes!”