I always think that for the first few days in a new country a person runs on pure adrenaline.  And adrenaline is injected via images and sounds and scents. Each creating the push that keeps one going.  But in so doing: disabling the ability to disassemble the sounds and scents and visuals and reassemble them into a coherent form.



So, the best way to deal with these first few days is to simply flow.  To reunite with family and old friends and new friends. To just feel. To eat and drink and leave all the important stuff for another day. Though I did find an Australian cow,  a calm moment.


Of course there is also the adrenaline hit from sightings of TWO very long very poisonous snakes – (A Tiger Snake and a Common Brown Snake).  Both from a distance of course.


My daughter and her most able Kitchen Attendant created a feast for last night with a Turkish influence, filled with Persian flavours  and laden with the colours and bustle of the markets and joy.


Today we have more people arriving. More food to be caught on film and more wine bottles to air and sip from.

olive oil

Tomorrow Fede (did you guess?) and I will be cooking. Today my son and his beautiful wife are in charge of the kitchen.


We take turns cooking because we are ALL about the food in my family and very competitive in the kitchen.  On this trip two of the best cooks in my family are here.  They are both VERY good cooks.  This is where Kitchen Mama comes in.  One boss in the kitchen for the day.   Makes for a calmer atmosphere.



I hope you have a lovely day.



Sea Spray.

Love celiDSC_0440


52 Comments on “Adrenaline

  1. I guessed, I guessed! Bienvenido, Fede! Is he coming on Monday? My mouth is watering at the sight of the food, and it’s not yet 6am. What a wonderful and extraordinary family you are…

    • Yes – spiders too – here they supply gloves to collect the firewood from the stack because poisonous spiders hide in wood pile- with instructions to check the Gloves first because the spiders will hide in there too. c

  2. Are we ever going to see full face photos of your daughters? I’d like to see how they compare to you. Much love, Gayle

    • No Gayle. I am sorry but you won’t. And you won’t be seeing pictures of me either! Those are rare and make me feel uncomfortable. I am very selfish when it comes to images of my close family. I slipped one through today but that will be all.. c

      • I’m the same way with photos of my family, as I don’t feel it is my right to share them far and wide. That’s their choice. And I hate photos of myself. I really love the way you frame the photos so we get a bit of a glimpse at your family without disturbing their privacy.

  3. Wonderful ingredients for a holiday – family, friends, food, the coast… and time to enjoy them. It’s great you are able to gather together, sometimes life conjures these magic moments.

  4. Woohoo!!!! Could not have worked out better!!! There will be some grand cooking in that kitchen. 🙂 So happy it worked out so well. I thought it might be Fede but didn’t want to say. I am not fond of spiders and snakes. Therefore, I probably couldn’t even visit Australia or New Zealand or anywhere tropical. Give me ice and no bugs and I’ll be happy. 🙂 I don’t like to share photos of family either.

    • dearHeart – I fervently promise you that you can come Down Under and travel around for weeks and months and never meet one single one of the ‘nasties’ – there ARE 24 million of us to proclaim that it is safe to do so t! And most of Australia is not ‘tropical’ . . . we basically live around a 2-hoiur drive around the Coast and for 80% of us it is a case of a 4-season climate!! Well, not the way Celi and John and Kristy etc see it every year but . . . 🙂 !!!

      • Good to know. I don’t go down south in my own country anymore. I hate spiders and snakes. 😦 I have an aunt and cousins in Australia and have often thought of visiting but hate the idea of the heat. I’d probably wait till we have summer and you have winter. 🙂

        • Hmmm! Which heat? OK – Dec- Feb you may have an occasional 40+ C day in parts of the country if you are in Sydney or surrounds or north or west . . . soon over and much covered by AC tho’ I have never had any 🙂 ! You just do things a bit slower !!! Have not minded or been slowed down by one single day this year! Adelaide and Perth may kind’of be trying for a day or two more but how do we you think we all manage? C’mon!!! We have a most delightful autumn to come and a spring the same but a wee bit blowy! Sort’of 20 Cs temps and fine weather for most: you would enjoy!! And wherever you are in the winter you won’t hit less than about -2 C !! Oh, DO COME!! We shan’t bite you . . . wherever . . . . 😀 !! Promise you would supremely like, especially if you have family to show you around here !!!!!

          • But perhaps you wouldn’t enjoy the tropics quite so much, where temperatures have been over 30C/86F for *months*, combined with high humidity. We don’t have much by way of spring or autumn, and our winter is more or less what Eha is experiencing for autumn. The Dry is warm and dry, the Wet is hot and wet, and yes, we have a slightly greater share of the creepy, crawly, bity, stingy things, but oh, the beauty… I think you’d like a visit to the southern states (cooler Down Under), but perhaps the north (the tropics) would be a bit too much.

          • I’m still waiting for the invitation from the family outside Brisbane. My aunt is always saying how hot the summers are. It looks like a lovely place to visit and I keep trying to find a way to do it. It’s on my list of things to do. 🙂 Thanks for making me smile here. 😉

    • Then you will love New Zealand – no snakes, no spiders (except the very common Daddy long legs varieties etc, that you get worldwide, and are of normal size and non-biting varieties), and our temperatures rarely get above 30 in summer! DO come – we love visitors!

      • I like daddy long legs. They are good spiders. I have thought about a visit. Maybe I can figure out a way to do it. 😉 Thank you for the information.

    • New Zealand has no snakes. It’s safe to walk bare-footed here. We have very different creatures from Australia.

  5. I guessed too, but stayed silent. I am drooling at the foodie photos. Enjoy your family by nature and adoption. It is easy to see that Fede has a very special place in your heart. I am sure by now you are well into the planning and preparation for Sunday lunch.

  6. Aah, Aussie summer at the beach, the best. I had a snake in my yard the other day, lots of activity and noise as garden structures were moved for removal to new home, and it came out of hiding. Lovely long one, stretched from one side of the yard almost to the other, so dog and I quietly retreated and went the long way round to the front door. And there was a lovely big spider on my clean clothes when I got out of the shower….a shake and a shoo and she was gone…..we know these creatures are there but ( I…not everyone) just share the space with them and take precautions as Celi says….gloves and closed in shoes around the yard. Wonderful Fede could join you for your Aussie sojourn, have fun.

  7. Snakes I can live without. How great that Fede is joining you. Sounds like you are going to have great food while there. Is your daughter a professional chef?

  8. Snippets: Since he hails from the gaucho country NO WAY did I think of Fede: how absolutely bloody fabulous [no apologies for language, we are in Australia !] Your walking-track in the Aussie bush is a bit sanitized but also recognizably real: my new computer background !! Love the Turkish/Persian theme of your first communal dinner: nought strange for me: this IS multicultural Australia: learn from it !!!! But you have had a couple too many encounters of our slithering friends, some of whom are absolutely ferocious – I live in the country and have been lucky not to scream at a brown for some 6-7 years! Oh, this IS fun 😀 !! Can’t wait till tomorrow!!!!!!

  9. Hey cuzzy. Can’t wait to join the festivities for 36 hours starting monday29. PM me a meeting point. I will be in Melbourne at sunrise. lot s of love. Apollo looks amazing. Beautiful coast that one! mcc

  10. Adrenaline. You described so nicely the experiences one has in a foreign country: Images, sounds, scents – and yes, not to forget food! – A little bit of all that I do experience right now in my new office at my new workplace – haha… Adrenaline.

    Your today’s header shot is great – a beautiful melange of colours and vegies. Love it. Looks so natural.

    And – the surprise is yours: Fédé! What a thing. Incredible! And just so lovely! – It’s. So. Great. – Enjoy!!! Everything. And, please, don’t forget to pass my Hello to him! Have a great, great time together!

    Thank you so much for sharing everything of your excitement! Makes me all excited too!

  11. My very best wishes to you all during this joyous gathering. Nothing (NOTHING) beats a family get-together. And I love the sea spray photo. Reminds me of the northern California coast.

  12. Well, my guess was wrong! I was thinking that it might be your Dad! But then he probably wouldn’t be arriving by bus, but would have come with your New Zealand children instead! How wonderful that Fede could join you all! It sounds like a fabulous time is being had by all!!!!
    Just the way it should be!!! XO

  13. I loved the ‘cow’ photo and the photo of the ‘sea spray’ was simply magnificent. And, for some reason, the photo of the dirt road surrounded by trees really, really touched my soul – I could just see myself walking down that road…. keeping an eye for snakes!! ; o )

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