Australia: The Beach House

And so we have arrived at Location Number One. Up into the hills from Apollo Bay. DSC_0391

And this was my view yesterday evening as we carried what seemed like an enormous amount of food through the doors.  DSC_0396We bought a couple of chickens at the local supermarket on the beach, which is quite a ways from here, some fantastic breads from a wee bakery in Melbourne, greens from Victoria street market and good old store bought mayonnaise for dinner last night. The wine was not quite chilled but the beer was cold and as I gathered  these members of my tribe together, watching a sulky sun sink behind the clouds and into the sea, we all smiled and laughed and talked about nothing terribly clever at all and were deeply content.DSC_0397

And this is the view from my bedroom window. Of course I have woken before all my children. But the coffee is hot and good.


I forgot to get the internet information before we all went to bed last night. So I am sorry that this is late getting onto the Australian airwaves and across the world to you as I had to wait for the keeper of the book of instructions  to get up.  And then we had to make crepes using Hugo’s grandmothers recipe.

All my life I have had an image of the Australian countryside as being red and barren and hard  but this landscape has bush that is green and luscious.

I have a surprise guest for you tomorrow. He is coming on the bus today. No guessing in the comments today either you bunch of naughties. Some of you are very canny where I am concerned even though you have never met me and you might say the name and then it will not be a surprise at all!

I can hear the surf from up here on the hill. The sea is rough, there is, what I would describe as, a stiff coastal breeze, cloud and just very distant sounds of gulls. The bush is thick and our minimalist totally incongruous house of glass and concrete and steel perches atop this hill overlooking the bay with the ease of a modern young grungy girl-woman with a good deal of well applied eye liner who has hidden herself on top of  the sprawling home of gentle old spinster ladies.   It has the feeling of a fortress. A kernel of knowledgeable nut sidling out from a canopy of ancient green.

I will collect some images of the  house today for you and the countryside as we drive over to the beach to meet the bus.

My farm blog has morphed into a travel blog and most excitingly a travel food blog.  I will be the photographer for three wonderful meals that are being prepared here over the next three days by three separate teams.

And right now, I am going for a walk.

I hope you have a lovely day!

Love celi



42 Comments on “Australia: The Beach House

  1. Now that you are in our hemisphere I get to be the first to ‘like’! That looks like a wall of rammed earth outside your bedroom. That is the kind of house we live in here in Alice Springs! We’ve been to Apollo Bay, the town, and there were some fires around there last year but it sounds like you are in the opposite direction. Have a wonderful time. xx

  2. Phew, what a fabulous sky! It appears so beautiful. The view from your bedroom makes the sea seem close but the other photos makes the sea appear so far away I am amazed you can hear the surf. Making me dream of living by the sea again — I did years ago in my foolish youth, down in the Bahama Islands in the Caribbean. Looking at your photos, I can smell the sea again and feel the gentle breezes.
    Sounds like you have it all very well organized and fun. Feed us with more and more, please — I am hungry. ~ Mame 🙂

    • Ahhhhhhh, I just looked at a map of the world… . could it possibly be? Thinking of your surprise visitor…. maybe….. lol

  3. you cannot imagine how
    i receive this post. For so long, some of the most loved ones on my blog are from Australia and New Zealand.
    They have become sisters to me over time…and you are there. In their Land, you feel to me like an
    emissary of my own tho i haven’t known you long at all, but you are from a farm, an animal world here in the country
    where i am, and so, this fills me with such JOY

  4. you cannot imagine how
    i receive this post. For so long, some of the most loved ones on my blog are from Australia and New Zealand.
    They have become sisters to me over time…and you are there. In their Land, you feel to me like an
    emissary of my own tho i haven’t known you long at all, but you are from a farm, an animal world here in the country
    where i am, and so, this fills me with such JOY

  5. Good morning Miss C and welcome a hundred times over! Your room looks out over such a typical Australian coastal setting . . . and, no, almost none of that is ‘red and barren’ – and I have to admit that this typically undulating landscape soothes my soul ! And with all the wind here it has to be strong and solid . . . Oh, have a wonderful time and if you do find some to ‘spare’ we all want to know . . . 🙂 ! And naturally we all have made our guesses . . .

  6. Oh Celi!!! Glad you ae there in Austin land!!! Looks like rugged beauty and I can imagine hearing those waves come crashing in and just rocking you to sleep!!! Enjoy sipping on the wine along with some delicious home cooking and sitting around reminiscing!!!!!! Have a grand one!!!

  7. You are on the start of my beloved Great Ocean Road! I hope you have the time between talks, walks and splendid meals to travel some of it. It’s one of my most enduring memories of my first ever visit to Australia. But if you find the bush there lavishly green, I wish I could entice you up to the tropics: the reef, the rainforest, the vast skies. Maybe one day. I hope your surprise guest will also feature in a separate visit…? I wish you a peaceful, joyful visit with your family, and a huge welcome to the Wide Brown Land.

  8. P.S. Celi – pictures are beautiful!! I love looking at that coast and watching the sunurse and sunset!!
    Enjoy for me!!!

  9. Oh Celi – how wonderful – how exciting- how perfect! I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you. Simply wonderful!

  10. Sounds wonderful, Celi. So glad that you were able to get away for a few weeks — and into the sun & surf, to boot! That view from your bedroom is spectacular. How very different from a view of The Plains. You speak of listening to the surf and I’m listening to winds howling. We’ve had very high winds today. In fact my broadband has been in and out all day. Yours was the first notification I’ve read since reconnecting a few minutes ago. Several trees are down and there are power outages scattered throughout the city, as well as some damaged buildings. It is supposed to start calming down shortly. On the plus side, Midway Airport reported a high of 65˚. Our weather is always such a mixed bag. 🙂

  11. Anticipation! How exciting – I’ve always dreamed of visiting Australia, but never have. Now it is my daughter’s dream as well, and she may just have to drag me along. Until then, I’m so looking forward to sharing this adventure with you!! And a mystery surprise guest – I can hardly stand myself!!

  12. We are all so many-faceted and it’s lovely you’re sharing other facets AND giving us a great travel blog. Glad you safely arrived into such a beautiful landscape. Enjoy!

  13. How beautiful. This looks surprisingly like the New Zealand coastline! – where I now am, and soon to take a dip in the surf. Have a great time with your family and a well-earned —well, I know you don’t like this word, but I’ll say it all the same —REST!

  14. There is something that being on the coast fulfils… the smell first I think, the feel of the air and the sound. Enjoy. You’re making my anticipation of our -me & the G.O.’s-upcoming Victoria roadtrip all the sweeter with preview photos 🙂

  15. Welcome to Australia!
    Apollo Bay is a beautiful area and the strong winds can be quite a challenge, especially where you are. We stayed there for a night in a beach house overlooking the Bay and it was magic. You should take a drive along the Great Ocean Road if you get a chance, it’s spectacular!

  16. So glad to know that you touched down safely! I can’t wait to get to know your kids. I am certain that they are wonderful folks. Much love, Gayle

  17. Glad you’ve arrived safely after your marathon flights, and glad you have 3 cooking teams so that you don’t have to do all of it. The sound of the sea is very soothing – the best lullaby – so I hope you get good sleep there.

    I’ve written my guess down, with date and time, but it’s probably wrong.

    ViV xox

  18. Safely on the ground.That is good news! The view from your window is spectacular (spelt wrong),,I hope that you will have a lovely refreshful break from the farmy, and I wait to see who your guest is..have a lovely walk and enjoy your life

  19. Yeah! You are there safely nestled in with your love ones!!! There is absolutely NOTHING like Family Reunions!!!!!! Can’t wait to find out who the surprise visitor is! i have an idea, but am probably wrong! 🙂

  20. There is nothing like holding cherished family in your arms for real and doing that in a location that seems so soul filling is nothing short of awesome. That’s what your sky makes me feel. Awestruck! Enjoy your walks, food, family and fill your soul. I could sit on that hill and watch those clouds for days. Who says a blog has to stay with only one focus. We are diverse humans. 🙂 Giant hugs.

  21. Oh Apollo Bay, I love that place. I try to visit there a few times a year. If I could pack up my life in Melbourne and move it all to the Great Ocean Road, I would.

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