in, out, off, on, gone

airport lobbyI reached California last night, safely encased in my travel bubble, booked into my cupboard sized relatively economically priced hotel room, pulled off all my winter gear, went back to the lobby and bought fruit, water and toothpaste, (always with the toothpaste) then lay down on my big crisp white perfectly made bed and slept for eight hours. Waking in a dark room lit by a parking building glow seeping under the curtains but no sunrise.

And now I am back in the lobby restaurant eating an egg white frittata (thank you California – travelling without eating meat or flour is such a bother sometimes) and more fruit. Drinking my third cup of coffee (equal in caffeine to half a cup of coffee at my house) and lots and lots of water.

My little lobby hotel is so close to the airport I can hear the planes taxiing, and the trucks and the traffic and there is music and people looking and talking and asking questions and answering them. And coming and going. But no-one bounces into my bubble – the shutters are up. DSC_0371

The plane that will take me to Melbourne, Australia via Auckland New Zealand (not the above plane I always fly Air New Zealand when I go home) leaves early evening so I have the day to bounce along in my bubble, walking as much as I can and preparing for about 15 hours of flying. I prefer not to know exactly how many hours so no counting.  I will travel  7,931 miles. This is equivalent to 12 764 kilometers or 6,892 nautical miles. Though I am not going on a boat. This is just an interesting but useless piece of information for us to ponder over.

Now I have to go back  to Mr Google and find out why a nautical mile is different from a regular mile and if so is there a nautical kilometre? Or is that not a term. And how many miles would it be as the crow flies. The same? Though I am not a crow or a boat.

So,  the next time I talk to you,  if all goes well in my little bubble,   I will be at Apollo beach in Melbourne, Australia. Cooking with my family. Our favourite thing. We have rented a house at the beach that has a huge kitchen: the first requirement of a holiday home for my family. DSC_0374

The weather in Melbourne as I write is 63F and is exactly the same here in Los Angeles – 63F  a beautiful 17C.  Clear and calm. Though I think there is a forecast for rain when I arrive in Melbourne.

At the farm it is 34F  – 1C – quite nice there too! But I have to say it is very pleasant here!

I hope you have a lovely few days because it will take me a few days to get where I am going but I will be back in touch asap. Things are different for a travel blog!

Love celi



40 Comments on “in, out, off, on, gone

  1. Ah! So nice to know first leg went according to plan 🙂 And you’ve got it : lots of water and lots of walking previous to those 15hours in flight 😉
    Wishing you good flights and nice landings . Turtle Hugs

  2. Safe travels Celi!! Sleep well on the plane – grab an empty middle row and put up all the hand rails, grab all the blankets and pillows and make your bed!!! And sack out till you arrive!!!

  3. Hi miss C, I learn so much when you travel, fruit & water a must and I love the bubble idea, I will definitely be In a bubble from now on traveling.
    Australia on the beach sounds exquisite, I can imagine how excited you are. Do you go to New Zealand also? Can’t wait to hear what’s next!
    Have a fun journey

  4. Remember to take your shoes off, and squeeze the carpeting with your toes. Over and over and over again. It’s the best way to keep your lower circulation moving, and keep your ankles and legs from swelling. Bon voyage. xx

  5. What a lovely surprise to find your posting at lunch time today, thank you!
    Useless bits of information (i.e. trivia) — except this one is really interesting. A nautical mile should probably not use the word ‘mile’ in its name because it neither relates to miles nor to kilometers — it’s entirely different. It would make more sense to call it a blip… lol It’s 1/60th of one degree of a circle (of 360 degrees), the circle being the equator — this is an international unit of measurement for sea and air, so recognized by metric countries as well as those that are not. Very cool, thank you for the lesson!
    I love your bubble and often use one too but never named it as such. 63 f. doesn’t sound terribly warm for Australia in the summertime. Is that a normal temp or are they experiencing cooler than normal for this time of year?
    Enjoy your flight! ~ Mame 🙂

  6. So lovely to go with you on journey to far away lands, without my having to bestir myself one little bit. No packing, no kissing my dear creatures goodbye, no flight angst. Just off into the wild blue yonder with a wonderful photographer-writer guide. Safe & delightful travels. Bon Voyage, Celi.

  7. I’ll be thinking of you as you pass by overhead. I hear the jets heading out to the Tasman from home, but It is too cloudy to see any today. Safe travels Miss C.

  8. I’m so glad the snow allowed you to get to California and onward. Good for you drinking lots of water- dehydration can cause all sorts of problems, specially on long flights. Have a fabulous time at the beach, you deserve it.
    ViV xox

  9. You did such a great job of describing everything – I felt as if I were there with you!! I’m so excited for you that the next time youe feet hit the ground, you’ll be in Australian. HOW EXCITING!! Looking forward to hearing – and seeing – all the wonderful happenings during your vacation… (or should I say, holiday’?)

  10. One finger, one thumb, one arm, one leg, one nod of the head, keep moving! That and plenty of rain juice will prevent the ankles swelling. Safe journey Celi and have a ball when you get there!

  11. So glad to hear from you. I lost count of the days so was surprised at no posting yesterday. Back on track now. I’m guessing you’re out of the range of snow now…goodie, goodie, goodie! Safe travels. You have excellent plans and suggestions for being as comfy as you can! Much love, Gayle

  12. I knew you would make it out. I was thinking of you all day yesterday wishing the storm to go completely around you. You drink your coffee like I do. Weak. My sister makes fun of me for drinking colored water. 🙂 I’m not so jittery as she. Hope all your connections go well and you have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  13. So happy you’ll have some warm weather to warm your bones for awhile!!! XO

  14. Peaceful travels, Miss C. I sympathise about the difficulty with travel food, and have learned to carry emergency rations for when the ‘special diet’ offering is too yucky. I’m soooo jealous of your first stop; Apollo Bay is gorgeous. Melbourne’s forecast is cooler till Sunday, then hot till Wednesday (up to 34C on Monday), and then cooler again for a few days. You’ve got some real Melbourne weather coming: if you don’t like it, wait 5 minutes! See you soon…

  15. Excellent that you’re away… if not quite up and over yet. We’ll cross paths with you and then retrace your steps… Apollo Bay and the Greal Ocean Road will be on our route home.

  16. Oh wonderful! I love the Great Ocean Road and if you get fed up of the local nature, there are plenty of lovely trips to make: now your saying [methinks] awhile back that you would go climbing makes sense – aren’t the Otway Ranges or similar in the vicinity? So even if you are far too early for the big music festival, you should have a fab time with the family 😀 !!

  17. Sounds like it’s going well …if long distance can ever be said to be going well! I cannot get my head around egg white omelettes or frittatas …but then there are so many things that I can’t get my head around:)

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