Of CoursE. IT SnowS.

More than the predicted three inches too.  Tomorrow I catch a plane to California to get ready to catch a plane to Australia. Of course it snows. Just to give me The Fear. And it is forecast to snow a little tomorrow too so I seriously have The Fear. cat

My bags are ready. (I fly out to California tomorrow then on to New Zealand then Melbourne the next day). I am a seasoned traveller –  I can pack with my eyes closed (though I always get it wrong) actually it is the cooking that gets my packing brain really sharp- I  have to take my favourite knives and my apron (not always the same apron it  depends on The Event) and my special whisk and my copper bowl (this time) ! I  packed my special cake tin but my daughter said she had one ( I guess they have cake tins in Australia now!)  So I took it out.snow

That is how mental my packing is!

As you know – with my family it is all about the food.snow

John and Jake are training to take over the farm, today. Actually John has been segueing himself in over the last few days. So he is feeling confident. I just have to remind him to check the right end of the cow! Health is not determined by the cow making cows eyes!


Oh and Poppy (Hereford sow) would have come into heat yesterday if she was going to, she and Manu were a little feisty with each other yesterday but I think that was because I had to close their door due to the snow flying in.  But she is not showing outward signs of heat so fingers crossed.

Good morning. I think that officially, today, I will have one of those days when I am almost there and not quite here and want to be ON THE ROAD! I love to travel.  LOVE IT!

rocking chair

And that is OK. There is nothing in the rule book that says you cannot YEARN to leave every now and then. I love to go out there into the world all by myself.  Sheila will help the boys hold the fort and Tima is under orders not to wander. It is only for a few weeks. And I need to take my hands off and give the others a turn.

We will be a travel blog for a few weeks – I am taking you all with me – all 5008 of you!

And when I get back our first woofer will be right behind me! If all goes well. And the season will commence!

Have a lovely day

Love  celi



117 Comments on “Of CoursE. IT SnowS.

  1. I think someone told me that runways are heated these days, so a couple of inches should be OK. Fingers crossed for Poppy 😉

  2. Yep snowing here too – already over the 5 inches they predicted.
    Dont worry my friend the plane will leave with you on it, and the guys will cope, and although everyone will miss you, they will be fine until you get back!

  3. Good morning! Oh dear, don’t let a little snow get to you and cause you FEAR. After all, planes operate in snow too, and a ‘little snow’ is not going to stop them. Only a major storm will do that and I haven’t heard of one predicted at this point… so have no fear. I’m so excited… I have never been down under except with you so I am really looking forward to the trip. You can spend the day today assuring your crew that you’ll return in a few weeks and that they’ll be just fine with ‘the boys’ looking after them. Try to enjoy your day. ~ Mame 🙂

    • Even yesterdays snow caused delays and cancellations at our airport.. but there is not much forecast for Tuesday which is takeoff day – they will have cleaned up and caught up by then. I hope.. c

      • Is that O’Hare? If so, then I shouldn’t be worried a bit. It’s supposed to be one of the largest airports in the world, right? I’m sure they have all angles covered. 🙂

  4. Down Under, we too have the FEAR, that despite long and excited anticipation, we will not get to see Miss C.
    Of COURSE you will travel. It’s just a little frozen water, not a giant volcanic ash cloud or a rain of frogs. You are fully tooled up, the boys are braced for anything. Just breathe, and breathe some more, and think transglobal thoughts, and before you know it, you’ll be down our way.

  5. Morning Celi,
    A beautiful white Valentines Day here with at least 5″ in Pontiac!! All the Kids will be OK. It’s time for you to get goin’ – I’m really happy for you to get back home!! They are all getting excited to see you again! I love to hear some of the stuff you pack and take with you!! See ya!! Carol

  6. 5008 followers! Good for you ! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time with your family. See you when you get back. …maybe it will be spring by then.

  7. What amazing luggage you pack! I try to limit myself to one small cabin bag, but then I’m not having to take clothes for two contrasting seasons, and I certainly don’t take cooking stuff!
    Fingers crossed that the snow doesn’t prevent you getting to the airport, and that from then on everything’s plain sailing (or flying). I’m looking forward to the travelogue, and heaving about the epoch-making blogger-meeting with Kate C.

    Be good, and if you can’t be good, be careful.
    Lots of love,

    • Plus the mountain of presents!! I can travel with just cabin baggage but it is such a bore when you run out of clothes (the next day) and we don’t all have clothes dryers down home. And then the freedom of checking everything through and walking from terminal to terminal with just my satchel, not dragging baggage – that is the bit I like the most! c

  8. Thinking snow-melting thoughts for your state. I would never think to pack knives, but then mine are the block set that someone gave me at my wedding 20 years ago. I cook, but I am not A cook.

    Safe travels. I hope your yearning day passes quickly and uneventfully.

      • I detest a dull knife, yessssss…. and sharpen whenever I get the chance. I still have a knife I got almost 50 years ago when I was first married (which, in itself, is ancient history) and it wasn’t a particularly good one… but I don’t see an end in it at all. Funny thing, I do see an end to me …. lol

  9. So happy you are taking us with you. 🙂 Cant’ wait to hear of your adventures and I am confident your farm will be in good hands. We were supposed to get a ton of freezing rain and ice last night but I see nothing this morno when I got up. Maybe it will miss us? Fingers crossed. Hope your travels are smooth and your luggage arrives with you!

  10. Have no fear..of snow. Of time,of nothing..we are all here with you so you are not alone, I anticipate a calm ,easy journey ..full of laughter

  11. I love the fact that you travel with your knives, whisk and copper bowl. I bought my daughter a few good knives for when I visit her.
    So excited you surpassed 5000, amazing. Have a superb holiday. I can’t wait to read about your travels.

    • I bet you have a few kitchen things you will not travel without! The bowl is copper and is very light and as many of my recipes have eggs it makes my life a lot easier when cooking in a number fo different kitchens.. cc

  12. Madly windmilling my arms here hoping some of our hot dry air makes its way up and across to you. Happy travelling, see you on the other side. Laura

  13. Blimey 5008! Good job they don’t all comment or else I would never get anything done! Can’t wait to join you on your travels, and I hope the snow holds off for you. We only have to have a little bit here and we grind to a standstill. Have a happy fearless day.

    • O’Hare has no tolerance for weather. It is so close to the lake, so it cancels flights very easily.. contrary to popular opinion planes do not fly in snow, they wait and so do we and i have waited OFTEN. Plus if there is snow where your plane is coming From – you wait. But that is why I book my first flight the day before my international flight – it gives me a buffer. c

  14. Even the packing can be unnerving for me when getting ready for a trip. I try to go very light, as I did when traveling the world with only a backpack and very few clothes. But invariably I run out of clothes when I away. So I often overcompensate with too many!!! No happy medium! So excited about your trip!!! xoxoxo

    • I agree. it is either my passport, knickers a dress and a pair of jeans or EVERYTHING. Luckily I don’t actually have many presentable clothes so it is not difficult. c

  15. Have safe travels Miss C, and I can’t wait to hear and see your adventures. Is John at all into photos? Perhaps he could take a few of the animals while you are gone for us…then you could share some of the adventures of the farmy without Miss C when you come back.

  16. love to travel – HATE to fly (pretty sure I was born with my feet firmly on the ground – lol) – LOVE your pics…will send some farmie dust your way for a safe and uneventful journey!

  17. I’m gonna huff and puff and blow some southerly breezes up your way so it will be pleasant for all on the farmy while you’re gone. We are expecting 60’s up into the 80’s this week! I’m super excited!! I wish you happy travels and great adventure this week!!

  18. Joyful travels, my dear Celi! May the weather gods be as kind to you as they just were to us, sending unexpectedly easy roads & skies despite all crowds, cold, and dire predictions. It *is* good to have exciting travels. May yours be delightfully inspiring, silly, and yes, full of good eating and drinking!

  19. When I used to travel, my packing began with my riding boots. I carried my camera. Everything else was secondary.
    Good luck – I hope you have fine, clear weather and a smooth trip!

      • Squeals – I know it will be a fabulous trip my friend full of fun and fascination. I can’t wait to see your pictures that you will be sharing. Be safe. XOXO – Bacon

  20. I’ll try to part the weather north and south of where you are. If we think good thoughts, the weather will cooperate. Wishing you a lovely flight and a happy journey. It’s time.

  21. Bon Voyage Cinders! All will be well…it’s just the worry before that plane is actually in the air that’s the worst! That dang fear thing! But as everyone has said…we are all packed and ready to board with you!

  22. You’re past the 5,000 mark – congratulations!
    I’m looking forward to your adventures in NZ and Oz and if you come to the Fraser Coast in Queensland, you could pop in and see me…..we live right at the beach, you would love it.
    Safe travels!

  23. I am so glad – and at the same time so so sad :

    A wonder-full thing has happened: I’ve got an employment (for 6 months as a start) – after being two years unemployed. I signed the new contract on Friday and it started today. A sad situation has come to an end. A reason to be happy – for sure. And I am. On the other hand it makes me sad, because spare time will be a foreign word from now on. I have to reduce my being online drastically. – Winds of Change…

    It was not that easy for me to keep track everyday, to read all your posts and every and each of the Fellowship’s comments – but I did. And I did like it. Very much. Daily. I have to slow down now, due to time. Just hopping by now and then. Although I’ll miss my daily dose of the Farmy…. I have had the wonderfullyest and lovelyest time with the Farmy and with you all in the past months – loved and enjoyed it so much. And that lasts. I’ll keep that. Your gifts to me. Thank you very much for all… – Take care! And all my best wishes for your big journey, dear Celi! Have a great time, happy days and a safe return! – So long!

    So my appearance here will change all of a sudden from everyday to only now and then – just hopping by… and being a silent reader to come… So sorry… 😦 Sniff… Ah, and what happens to my English?? I will loose it!!!

    What a cute cat shot today! 🙂 Great shots anyway – as always!

    • Irmi – I fully understand your joy and hope that your new position does work out fulltime if you like it! Methinks you would miss the farmy and its occupants . . . so why not make it a one-a-week trip to catch up – that will only take a few minutes and we would love to hear how you are getting along . . .

      • Thank you so much dear Eha! My joy is because of the money of course but I do not like at all to be absent for more than ten hours daily and come home exhausted and done. I never liked that. But – have to deal with it…
        Have a great time, Eha!

    • Oh Irmi – wonderful news for you – I am thrilled to bits. No need to worry about us we will be here if you want to drop in every now and then.. Let us know how you are sometimes, if you have a moment – just to practice your English of course!! We will miss you but it is good that you are working. Well done. Congratulations.. ! c

      • Thank you so much, dear Celi°! I so hope you arrived well and you’ve had the loveliest reunion with your daughter and family. My new life started as it had to, I’m exhausted though already and my back hurts like hell (there are very unhealthy office chairs). I will get used to it – it’ll be for six months only… Anyway better than having no money for nothing left and that’s why I was so glad for getting this opportunity. People there are friendly anyway. – Again, have a great time, Celi! Be lucky, joyfull, happy and have nice experiences, meet lovely people and have safe travels… – From my heart ❤

    • Oh Irmi – it’s wonderful news. I have been in a similar spot in life and it is very difficult. Then going back to full-time work is a different kind of difficult – all those things you got used to doing and taking your time – ha – gone!

      I think Eha has a good idea – perhaps on Saturday or Sunday morning it could become your routine to relax with tea or coffee and catch up on the Farmy. Might be a really nice way to start your weekend. OR – as time goes along and you start building a new routine, you might find that checking the Farmy is a good-night ritual to help you sleep.

      Don’t say goodbye just yet, give yourself time to get used to the new way of managing things. We’ll be happy when you pop in!
      Chris S in Canada

      • Thank you Chris, for your kind reply! – You are so so right: It’s “a different kind of difficult”. All things I loved so much – gone! So sad about that. – Now that I have had four days in a row at the office I’m exhausted, my back hurts so much and I feel thrown out of my live… Well, I will get used to it. I must. Have no choice at all. I’m on my way to start a new routine, yes, but a routine like that is never ever that what I think live is meant for…
        Thank you again for your kind words, Chris! — Haha, it’s night here right now, could not sleep anymore…. 😉
        Love, Irmi

    • And the weekend is here now, Irmi, I hope you have a few minutes to catch up with the farmy and its followers. Grand news about the job and hope your aches and pains will fade out with time. I, too, know how difficult it is but I appreciate fully the need to make a little money. So it is very good news the job is available to you. I will miss you and hope you are able to pop in now and then to keep us updated on you! Sending you best wishes! – Mame 🙂

      • Thank you, Mame, for thinking of me – that’s so lovely… It’s so nice to be missed by someone. 🙂 Yes, my back still hurts and I’m awfully tired.

        Oh yes, I’ll do my best to say hello from time to time! I think I must. Being a member of the Farmy means being addicted. That’s it.

        Love to you, Mame!

  24. Have a wonderful trip. Maybe we can all send lullaby vibes to Sheila while you are away. I love when I am in that “not quite here but not there yet” stage of travel. Congrats on the +5K!

  25. Update on our sweet piggies: Our Willow had 12 piglets (!) yesterday morning. 6 red ones and 6 pink ones. All but one are active and healthy looking. (One looks a bit puny. I’m trying to resist swooping in to rescue the little thing. He just looks like he can’t decide if he wants to live…. he is very sleepy.) Otherwise they are precious! Loud and demanding with momma. I haven’t peeked at the boy/ girl parts yet. We’ll probably check tomorrow. Though Willow is pretty calm, this is her first family and I don’t want her to feel threatened by someone picking up her babies, even if it’s just me. Thank you for your advice about tails, teeth and iron shots. The 4H market insists that the boys be castrated so we’ll probably castrate at least a couple of them and see if there is a market for the uncut ones. So much to do so I’m off! Have a wonderful trip. We’ll all be praying for safe travels for you!

    • Yes, castrate in that case, and don’t forget Lots of feed for her, it will keep her nice and quiet, otherwise she will leap into action (and step on someone) when she sees you coming in with the bucket! Well done.. now leave her quite quite alone for a few days – an old farmer told me this, the less interference the better. great news!! What type of pig is Willow? c

      • She’s a pink pig. (HA!) She was one of 4 from the Yorky/ Duroc 4H pigs we purchased last spring. But she had a sweet temperament and very nice hams so after some discussion with our children, we thought we’d try a litter. What a wonderful experience so far! We are fortunate that our Jersey is in milk as well. Maisy gives us 4 gallons of rich creamy milk a day and she’s happy to contribute to Willow’s well being with a gallon or so mixed in with her daily rations. Happy animals = healthy food = healthy happy family. Yippee!

    • Elizabeth?….thanks for the update, I’m late here as I’ve been moving house, but I loved hearing about your piglets. How exciting to have all those wriggly babies.

  26. Do have a wonderful holiday with over 5000 followers rising and dipping through the skies with you, like a giant murmuration. Sleep well tonight, my friend. I am so looking forward to your word pictures and produce of camera house.

  27. Sheesh Cecilia!! Now many cooks travel with their own knives, but ma’am, you are coming to the food capital of one of the most food conscious countries in the world today – and you travel with aprons, whisks and copper bowls: yes, Miss C ; we have heard of those and our cupboards are usually filled with them 😀 !! Honestly!!!! Bring your glam gear!!!! And the camping trip with family does sound wonderful, but I DO hope you have opportunities to sample the enviable Melbourne food scene and partake of some of its cultural and artistic offerings, even tho’ the wonderfully busy winter season has yet to set in . . . . oh, I DO hope for the greatest time for you which no amount of ruddy snow is going to set back 🙂 !

    • Oh lots of people I know travel with their own knives – we are very particular about our knives in my family!! I leave straight from the airport to the beach! then straight from the beach to wellington, then zoom here and there, bowl and whisk in hand! .. etc and etc it will be a whirlwind.. I love it. c

      • Sugar: can’t wait to hear!! An there I thought you would be settling down for a week of daily degustations and nightly ‘clapping events’ in our favourite cultural hotspot 😀 !! Restaurants, art galleries, theatres!!!! Oh DO have fun with making everyone happy with bowl and whisk . . . just DO keep us informed . . . 🙂 !!

  28. I envy you your vacay, it’s a part of the world I’d love to see (especially in Feb. in Wi!), have a wonderful time. Funny thing, I almost always enjoy myself once I get there but absolutely positively HATE leaving home, crazy, huh? Our weather gurus say little to no precip the next several days so you should be good to go. Funny tale about snow, some time ago my brother was flying his wife and another couple from Wi. to Mississippi. Being a smaller plane they had to stop in Tennessee to refuel. They had had less than 2″ of snow and closed the airport! They were terribly upset when my brother said he was going to take off anyway because there was more than that on the ground when he left here. They made him sign a waiver absolving them of any responsibility for his “reckless actions”.

  29. Bon Voyage, Celi!! Have a wonderful trip. I’m looking forward to following along. Congrats on breaking 5000 followers, they’ve got good taste in blogs. Enjoy the warm weather, family, food and adventures. Found out a couple weeks ago we’ve got grandbaby number 18 on the way.

  30. Have no fear. All will be well! My father used to bring me — every time — cast iron cookware when he came to Milan. Poor thing, his bags were so heavy. But he wanted me to have it…that and Cheerios which remind me of my childhood. Funny what we have to take-have-bring.

  31. Happy travels 🙂 I’m packing too… if only it were just knives, whisk, apron and copper bowls. I’m packing a caravan -which I’ve never done before. It feels like moving all over again. I too am keen to get to the point of being on the road.

  32. If you happen to look here this morning, C, I notice Chicago is just under the freezing point, cloudy, but only a 15% chance of precipitation… so appears it’s a ‘go’ for today! yipppeeeeeee…. have a wonderful holiday and we all look forward to your reports! Best wishes! ~ Mame 🙂

  33. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Enjoy the time with your family and the weather – hope it’s warmer there.

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