Chicken Dances

Rooster at the West Barn, enters Stage Left.


chicken dance

chicken dance

chicken dance

chicken dance

Tough audience.


Cattle Call auditions. I hate them.   Though I believe this particular audition was called by the cattle.

aunty del

I knew a guy once, when I was running in such circles, who actually wrote his thesis on the Entrances and Exits of Shakespeare.  It was a dry piece. And has absolutely nothing to do with Dancing Roosters.

I hope you have a lovely day.


117 Comments on “Chicken Dances

  1. Oooh, I think someone has demob fever! You are just a little bit on your way already, in your head…
    I love your rooster, strutting onto the stage like a particularly muscular male lead.
    PS, by popular request, the pink hat now features in my avatar image. I’m not quite sure about it yet…. What do you think?

  2. Ha ha now that’s what I call giving someone the cold shoulder 😂 All those bums!

  3. Rooster in movement – great and beautiful shots! But your text of today – – – is a bit dark to me. Did not understand at all. Never mind. Have a nice Sunday!

    • When you begin to audition for extras in a play or a film or commercial you have what is called a Cattle Call. All the people turn up, get a number and stand around and the casting people look them over and sign up the ones they want. The rest are sent home. We call it a Cattle Call because you are herded about like cattle. Does that makes sense?

      • Thank you, Celi, for helping me out. – For Audition we use “casting” here… (G-english). But I could not bring it together with the farmy and as you said you hate it… And yes, suddenly Shakespeare here: Why? OK our rooster on “stage” was the base of mentioning it. So far so good. But then: Entrances and exits? I was indeed a little bit confused. So I missed the joke. Never mind. Maybe it has to do with your past life that I do not know very well…? Did you work as an actress?
        For that Cattle Call – strange, crazy expression though (dictionary has no idea about it). We have something similar: In doing political decisions i.e. your parliamentary voting process is called “Division”. Here it’s called “Hammelsprung” (Hammel = male sheep, Sprung = jump), just found it literally on Wiki: Wether’s leap. What a crazy name for that process! The polititians have to divide into three groups by leaving the plenary hall and then re-enter through one of three doors designated for “yes”, “no”, or “abstention”. Don’t know what it’s got to do with wethers and leaps. Hehe… – Same as with Cattle Call, isn’t it?

        • Irmi – use this as a delightful ‘learning lesson’ about differences in language usage and culture around the world 🙂 ! Firstly, does the farmy ‘cast” not make you think of a ‘drama plot’ at times 🙂 ? So since Miss C was a drama teacher for so long and then worked for a film director in England . . . methinks I can see a logical ‘side movement’ at which those of us who grew up in a more-or-less Anglo-Saxon environment would love and understand!! My High School years had about six hours of Shakespeare per week and another couple re other dramatists and ‘stage left’ or ‘right’ and ‘cattle call’ were part of the ‘insider’ knowledge . . . it kind’of made us ‘belong’ 🙂 !! And most of us thus schooled have loved the theatre all our lives as a result . . . read more, have fun . . .

          • Yes, “stage left” was an Expression too I had to struggle with: On the pic it was the “right side”. OK, it depends where you stand at, which side you are looking from… 🙂 Thank you, Eha, for enlighten me a bit as an Insider you are…. 😉

  4. Winter Stock in the Stage Barn. Mickey & Judy would approve the old Buck & Wing. (Early morning LOL with my tea, Celi. Bravo!)

    • Irmi, Mickey and Judy refers to Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. They made a few movies in the 1940’s. Much love, Gayle

  5. Gosh I just love stopping by your blog. As I can always guarantee some deliciously beautiful photographs. And again today I wasn’t disappointed 😃.

  6. My day just got way lovelier and laugh-ier. This is a hoot. Or a cackle. Or something. So incredibly funny. I see a new book in our future with a chicken in the lead. What is this starlets name? I vote for Gregory Peck. Ha!

    • Definitely a cackle.. Maybe about Peghorn who hides all day from the other big roosters (behind rocks – or at the bottom of a tree, even in a SHADOW.. he could be a hero in the making.. c

  7. Birds are such grand performers, but I think among their own kind it’s a tough world out there! I see it in nature all of the time. Those females can be hard to reach… all that performing and dance just to be snubbed! Well, I for one enjoyed the chicken dance!! Good morning…we have an opera here – birds are singing loudly in the woodlands. Spring is just around the corner!

  8. Happy Valentines to all my Farmy Buudies! Luv to all of ya! Hugs n Kisses! Hope none of your Family felt the earthquake in New Zealand. Ready to go? Smooth flyin! Cheers!

  9. Oh Miss C- I have a small question that has nothing to do with chickens or roosters but everything to do with pigs. Our sweet Willow is due with her first piggy litter very soon and since this is her first litter, it’s ours as well. Do you castrate the little boys and cut their teeth and give them iron shots? The internet insists that we do all these things to the babies, but I’m not so sure everything the net suggests is necessary. What are your thoughts?

    Thank you

    • If you are going to castrate then I do it in the first week. I get someone who knows what they are doing – I don’t do it myself. It is very fast but pretty noisy. Be completely organised with your sow locked outside. Plenty of iodine. This year I let one boy through intact to test for boar taint and there was none – he was very tasty actually but he was smaller which was interesting. Not all pigs get boar taint. I never cut teeth or take off tails. Horrible. Iron is optional. I don’t. My pigs have a good diet. As long as your piglets have space to get away from Mum (warm light in creep corner) and tons of room otherwise they will do well. And the moment my sow looks like going into labour I set up the ALL SHE CAN EAT bar with high quality varied feeds so the piglets get some pretty good milk and she will be a lot calmer – worked for Poppy anyway. Add eggs for the iron. Then leave her to it. Let me know how it goes. Remember the birth can take a few hours all done. Good luck. let me know how it goes.

  10. What’s is so amazing is you knew this Act 1 was about to happen?

  11. hehehehehe…. Tough audience, indeed! A great laugh in the morning, thank you 🙂
    Of course, now I can’t get that dumb chicken dance song out of my head… you know, the one that for some unknown reason seems to be a standard at weddings, with all the hand motions. Oh well, I am easily swayed, so will just put on some other tunes to drown that one out… but the images are perfect 🙂
    Rooster just heard of your grand success in going over the top of 5,000 and it is his celebratory jig!
    Hope you have a great day too ~ Mame 🙂

  12. Oh what a beautiful dance! Yesterday’s post about artistry: I have always held the belief that photography is art – because of it is the composition and collection into the instant that is orchestrated by so many factors – timing, the artists choice of whats in the middle and then the lighting and everything that it takes to make a great photo. So many people take snapshots – but few create true photographs of quality and interest. You my dear – are an excellent artist.

  13. Your images are stunning. Would you mind sharing the camera settings for the Chicken Dance when you have a chance? It can wait until after you take us to New Zealand.

  14. I never had to audition, but I was an actor doing dinner theatre! It was fun, and I never had a bit of stage fright. Even the one time I forgot my lines, went silent, and gave a big goofy grin to the man who I was meant to be conversing with. It was a comedy, of course! And no one noticed 🙂 I’d not be keen on any sort of cattle call that didn’t involve actual cattle.

  15. Auditions are hell on wheels for anyone . . . I bet he gets a lead part though. And in case you’re missing the news, it’s a great year for cicadas here in NZ.

  16. On Cattle Call Valentine’s Day
    The rooster, the music will sway
    To soon, June and moon
    A catchy dear tune
    That makes us all enter the fray.
    ~~Gayle, 2.14.16, with usual much love…

  17. Boy that looked very similar to the Chicken Dance I have done at weddings…and I got the same reaction!! 😉 That Cattle has a look of knowing in his eyes…not sure what he knows, but he does and he’s not sharing. Your pictures are so clear! Wonderful shots!!

  18. Oh Celi – you have made my morning!!! Going back and remembering! You taught and directed, I was taught and acted . . . loved Shakespeare to bits and still do . . . in my High School years was rather a wellknown Portia in NSW- wide, a blonde one at that – in schoolgirl film for Dept.Ed and all that! Adored the almost walk-on stately Calpurnia, did Perdita, Hermia and Viola . . . refused Ophelia and Titania and, of course, ‘the Lady’. . . oh what glorious fun to remember . . . 😀 !! Stage left indeed and thank God I never had to go thru’ a cattle call . . . Kate: that hat pink pic is just fabulous and what a time to trot it out . . . Irmi: don’t change yours – it is beautiful . . .

    • Thank you Celi for making me do some homework , , , even tho’ some real work has been put on the backburner for late night hours. Actually did not realize the very famous ‘entrances and exits’ quote stems from ‘As you like it’ . . . but have certainly purchased the Judy Dench/David Suchet book on the theme . . . can’t wait to receive and read . . . thank you for the stimulus!!!

  19. That’s a fancy chicken dance, I can’t imagine the ladies weren’t impressed. Lovely cow peeking over.

  20. Loungers are as much fun to listen to today as your delightful (and quite striking) photographs are to see. A hazy milky morning here just cleared up. Would you believe, I had to ask My Dear what a chicken dance was. She said, “Of course, we did that at Danny’s wedding.” Then she showed me. I almost spilled my coffee, she in her bathrobe, humming, flapping and wriggling, faster and faster, both off us laughing. I went back to my newspaper feeling like the cow in the last picture.

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