A Creative Life.

It is true – we all have one.  A Creative Life.

freezing creek

I truly believe we are all artists. Whether in the arrangement of the pillows on our beds, or our book shelves, or the swinging copper pans, or a meal on a plate, or a garden, or a photograph, or the ring on an old hand or the perfect balance of spices and herbs or a dance in shades of white, a canvas of paint, brooms leaning on a wall or whatever. It is ALL art.

guinea fowl

Some of us are secret artists, some of us are those gentle auntie artists who drift through our generations leaving strong bright oil paintings on our walls and some of you have a soul that vibrates its art onto a canvas or page and and also have that ability to sell from your studio to my walls. Available for us all to see. Wonderful all.


Us humble bloggers are artists in our own way too.

And here is another gem. We can be artists in an environment that cares not for our art. The art itself is our creative food.  Even if not one soul but us sees the beauty in a fine row of cabbages, or a sparkling kitchen, if we are the only ones who stare into a sunset for so long we forget our feet and frozen hands – we see it and that is enough.  We create and cherish our own Creative Lives within ourselves. You don’t have to sell art to be an artist.  No-one needs to see.


I am a secret artist. We are the ones who watch.

I hope you have a lovely day; fellow artists.

love celi

ps – (for my new readers) If you ever see an image that you like on my blog – STEAL IT! I have no copyright issues, I won’t live long enough or be famous enough to bother minding. Just STEAL IT. If you show it to someone else tell them where you found it. Did you see that if ten more people join the Fellowship there will be 5,00o of you.  FIVE THOUSAND – I remember the excitement of having Forty readers – some of you remember that too.  I opened a bottle of champagne (and drunk it too) I was that excited!  Five thousand – isn’t that lovely.  Thank you.. all ..  c



108 Comments on “A Creative Life.

    • Eight more to go! I am hoping to reach the 5,000 before I get on the plane. And that is not long now. I have a comprehensive grocery list that my daughter is working on we are all taking turns cooking in the holiday home and my daughter and her brother are both very good cooks so we will be eating well! c

  1. You are a wonderful artist in more ways than one.
    5000 is huge – congratulations in advance! How long did it take? Still working my way up slowly, very slowly.

  2. Congratulations on your soon-to-be 5000 readers!

    And with images, I always think it’s polite to credit other bloggers. So if I ever share one of your images, I’ll include a link. 🙂

    • The sunsets here are always different and always sensational. Cloudy days with no colourful sun dropping over the horizon always leave one feeling a little anticlimactic. c

  3. No one could steal a gift. But your pictures are works of art sparking my creativity. So I had to steal some ideas I could get from your pictures to produce my own, be it in sketch, prose, and poetry.

  4. I would like to share you with the whole world, let alone 5001 people. Your blog is the epitome of a healthy, wise and beautiful life. Yes, we are all creators, but I know some who are very diffident about agreeing. Sensational sunset indeed, to round off a lovely collection of words and pictures.
    ViV xox

  5. I quite agree about sunsets and sunrises here. I’ve lived here for more than fifty years and I still stop and watch – like I did yesterday which you photographed perfectly. BTW, I’ve shown many children how sunsets can be watched twice. First below a small rise for the first sunset, then run up the rise for the second.

    • WONDERFUL idea and I’m sure the kids love it. The kid in me certainly responded! Much love, Gayle

      • We are on higher ground than you and a bit more uneven (but not hilly enough to host a wind turbine). If you have an upstairs window facing west, you can do the same thing. The first time I realized I could watch the sun set twice, I watched from my downstairs window, then ran upstairs to watch it again.

  6. Yes, you are an artist indeed Celi, in your photos and how you paint such realistic pictures with your words so that we, too, can be a part of all that happens on the farmy. And also sharing wonderful glimpses into your past and your thoughts with us is wonderful!!! And it’s true! We are all artists in our own ways! xo

  7. You are an amazing artists with your camera, your words and probably with your cabbages too. 😀 I live for art. It’s what saves me every day. I bet loads of people live for art too…even if it’s arranging some flowers in a vase to bring some beauty and pleasure to one’s living space. I bet we all live for and thru art every day. 😀

    • I do love a nice row of cabbages, and your art shows in every corner of your life and home.. wonderful work you do. I was thinking of you when I was writing this morning actually!.. c

  8. Lovely, wonderful post, all of which I heartily agree with. And huge congratulations on getting to 5000!

  9. I love and agree with all that you just said. You spread joy to my day every morning with your words and photos, sharing your creative life and inspiring me to start my day. I thank you for this!!!

  10. You give art a wonderful perspective. Love how the simplest things are artistic through your eyes. That truly makes daily things a gift.

    It’s easy to see why people are drawn to your blog and your life. I haven’t been following all that long, but I find myself checking for new posts. I adore how your animals are named and how they’re part of the family that you so generously share. Love your photos. Congratulations to you- it’s well deserved, I’m sure. 🙂

    • Good morning Jessica, I am glad you are following, and thank you – it is because of the farmy readers that this blog exists – without you all it would have died a natural death a long long time ago. c

        • I am, as stated before, a citygirl, so I’m not drawn for farmy reasons. However, I am drawn to the exquisite portrait you paint of yourself and the farmy, over many, many posts. Keep doing whatever you do to prolong your life. I want you around for a long, long time! Much love, Gayle

  11. It truly is the simplicity of everyday life, that brings out the artist in many of us. I loved what you said about being a “secret” artist. That is a good description of those whose artistic gifts move our souls and draw deeply into who we are and why we are here.

  12. I’ve always thought that we are all artists too. The art nature makes is unparalleled. I took another photo of a rainbow out of my sewing room window last evening. The photo won’t do it justice but it will remind me that the beauty is there if I look up. I’ve just learned to copyright my photos just because I wanted to learn how to do it but am happy to have them stolen too. I just want to put in where they came from so maybe someone new will visit. It’s a learning process and fun for me. The whole blogging thing has been a learning process. Have to keep those old synapses firing. 🙂 Was that a sunset you captured so beautifully? Have a lovely day.

  13. Like Veronica, I hope we do
    Find joy, find meaning, as we see
    And think to add to present beauty
    And make of our own lives a farmy
    For others, and so live beyond art too.

  14. to recognize art is to create art. Your photos and blog are art to me! Cheers and wishing you a happy creative day!

  15. I think you are a word artist, and a great blogger. I’ve been with you from waaaaay back there. 5,000 what a wonderful thing. I got excited when I got to 700.


  16. Soon to be 5,000 subscribers! is marvelous! As a marketing prof, I’m surprised no company has approached you with an offer of money. There are several books out there about how to monetize your blog without selling your soul.

  17. Oef! 5,000!!! That is truly amazing, but well deserved. I look forward to and enjoy every single morning that I log on and click to follow through to read your daily musings; you are a word artist, as ‘dayphoto’ above has said, and your photos are spectacular. Thank you!

  18. Oh congratulations, Cecilia! No one deserves a grand following as much as you do. With all you have to do on the farm, still you have written daily for years! 99.9% of the time and when you knew you wouldn’t be able to (were in transit, for instance) you let us know ahead of time, thus sparing us considerable disappointment!

  19. That is an amazing number of very lucky people to have found you 🙂 And what wise words you gave us today, I especially loved the image of a ring on an old hand. Beautiful.

  20. Not to forget: You are an artist of life !
    Love your super sunset shot and the lovely creek photo with its ice borders…
    Count down – 3- 2 – 1 – 0 – and Up Up and Away (very old song sung by The 5th Dimension 😉 ). Counting the days with you…

  21. Lovely thoughts today C. If you opened and drank a bottle of champagne when you hit 40 followers, I’m afraid the entire Fellowship will have to come and help you with the champagne you will open when you hit 5,000! 🙂 And I promise to put quite a dent in it myself! You are worth every follower and more!

  22. Congratulations Miss C,
    on making close to 5,000 people happier every single day , by bringing them art through your photos words and thoughts 🙂
    Been silently following you for oh so long , and I must thank you for the peace and hope and beauty that you give us every morning .
    You are an amazing artist as you well know 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

  23. Stunning sunset Miss C, and you captured it perfectly with your artist’s eye – just like you do with all the farmy animals. I think you’re right, we are all artists in some way or another; I see beauty or something special in the simplest of things, even in a row of cabbages!
    You will hit 5,000 soon and that would call for BIG celebrations with a bottle (or two) of champers!

  24. You deserve every one of those readers. Amazing. You have earned us one by one by one and made friends with us all. You have given so much. Heart. Yes, art. Wisdom. And great abundant heaping spoonfuls of humor. Think of that. A solo prairie farmer girl with 5000 friends.

  25. One of your artistic endeavours is to give pleasure to thousands every day. Not many can say that; your art is unique. As I said to you elsewhere, your posts are eagerly-anticipated early morning reads to accompany our first coffee of the day. Other forms of beauty: an artist’s eye with the camera; satisfaction gained from a row of cabbages; a freshloaf of bread; a row of happy piggy faces waiting for some attention and a few treats from Miss C. Your art may not be ‘conventional’, but it is truly real…

    • Kate ! Thank you for the mackerel sky! I checked to see if anyone knew what I was talking about. You did. Hugs!

  26. 5000 is amazing and I can see why. A fresh new delivery of word pictures and amazing photos every morning. A wonderful sunset (another few weeks and mine will move around into view!) and the honeymoon suite. The bed seems to have a headboard and the crumpled duvet thrown over on the dresser in the height of the shenanigans! You lift my heart everyday… and today I needed it badly.

  27. This is one of those rare posts that I wish I had written. You are exactly right, Celi, our creativity is our food, our lifeblood. I have no protective devices in place for my photos either! I hope people WANT to use them. It shares the beauty around. Love your work. xx

  28. The G.O. who has been a silent fan to date asked me to sign his up… couldn’t miss out, he was # 4998 🙂 I love what you have put into words today, every day really, but four years ago I realised that the everyday was my inspiration & art-space. It was such a revelation. Just to please myself. Sharing via the blogging community has been a lovely bonus 🙂

  29. Miss C – I have just looked – I have too . . . it DOES say 5000!! Hugs and hugs and more hugs – I SO remember congratulating you when you went over a 1000: what a journey it has been . . . and so agree about all of this being full of art forms . . . actually Celi, perhaps that is your secret success: you have never talked about it but we have felt it, and felt comfortable with it . . . life is full or art forms and the farmy is full of life . . . a daily tonic we all crave . . .thank you ma’am 😀 !!

      • 12.27 pm East Australia Summer Time – and it DOES say 5000: congratulations, and celebrations and felicitations Miss C . . . my bottle is open and hope you are still awake . . . . at this time next year if not earlier we shall celebrate 10, 000 . . . I’m kind;of glad this ‘happened ‘Down Under’ with all your very many friends deep and true here and you being due to lift a glass in bui a few days 😀 !! Blessings!!!

        • My counter says 4,999, EST Australia (I’m in NSW mid north coast right now)… I think WordPress is a bit all over the place with all the Fellowship time zones. Whatever the correct number, congratulations are still in order, I agree!

          • Well, mine said 5000 at about 11 am our time, then backed off to 4998, then played around with 4999 and gave me 5000 even about 30 minutes ago! Well, Kate, if we keep on following, the 5000 even really does not count – all the love and caring does 😀 !! Have good Valentine’s Day . . .

            • Same to you! And Celi has dozen of ‘silent’ followers anyway, the husbands, wives and significant others of many of her Farmy Faithful, so it’s been over 5,000 for ages anyway!

          • Mine shows 5002 at t his moment, just before 3am EST (North America)!!!
            woooooooooo hoooooooooooooo……. well done! Congratulations! Break out in Celebration! 🙂
            (and, yes, those are exclamation marks, many of them…. lol)

  30. 5000, that’s quite a number, congratulations. I love this post , a creative life, the creative process , whatever we call it- it has to be nourished to grow.

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  32. 5001 here in South Africa on 14/02/2016 at 10.16am. I seem to have dropped off your email feed again, but I know where to find you 🙂 You are an artist not sure about the secret part. Weekend visitors prevented me from signing in on schedule. Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us. Laura

  33. And here – in Europe – 5001 is showing right now. Congratulations, Celi!!!!
    And I am part of that number! Wow! – Thank you for all wjat you presented me in that short time I’m with you! For all the gifts of beauty, laughter, comfort, love & peace! Thank you!

  34. Celi, The Turtle Way sent me over to read this lovely post. Thank you for sharing this – I enjoyed reading it very much! Happy day to you! 🙂

  35. Congrats on passing the 5000 mark Celi! I realized yesterday that although I read your blog every morning “I” hadn’t clicked on ‘Follow’! So although your official number says 5006 now you can bet there are more than that who have bookmarked your blog and check in on their own each day. Thank you for the fun, thoughtful, reflective start you bring to my mornings.

  36. Celi, I have so many of your photographs on my Pinterest board, I ought to rename it as “The Farmy.” Thank you for your art.

  37. What a truly beautiful and totally inspiring piece. Your pictures make me smile, that sunset is so peaceful feeling! I came upon you via Turtle she reblogged some of your post and I’m so happy that she did. I feel I am going to receive a lot of inspiration and will also be able to take refuge here on the days I need to! So nice to meet you Celi, what a comforting, lovely site you have and I’ve really only been on this post, I look forward to exploring and discovering more!! Have a wonderful day, something tells me you will. 🙂

    • Yes! I do have wonderful days even when like today it is snowy and windy! Thank you so much for your comment and welcome to The Lounge of Comments! Turtle is such a darling.. c

  38. I wish everyone would embrace your belief that we’re all artists. Bill claims not to have an artistic bone in his body but I can stand and watch him plough a straight furrow across a field and derive as much pleasure from that as from a grand painting.

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