This is the only word I have in my head. The. With a Full Stop. (In New Zealand that little dot is called a Full Stop. Here in America they call it a Period).


Do you think that  ‘The.’ means something?  Or nothing. Or maybe it means the beginning – of nothing. All I have in my head is the start of a sentence but no content?  I think it is perfectly reasonable to assume that there is no content in my head.  No actual sentence. At least not fully formed as sentences are wont to be. Like a song only partially remembered and that part is the sound of the chorus, no words, no name. Just a sound.


My arms are tired from carrying buckets of water and heaving about the hay that I want the cows to eat while I am away, into one pile and putting the bales for the milking (that they are not allowed to eat yet) in a dark corner.  (Some women put labelled meat-loaves in the freezer for their husbands to eat while they are away – I organise feed for pigs and cows).

It was. ? Oh. There I go again. Nothing.


This view is from the North door of the West barn.

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi

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  1. It’s so exciting to look forward to seeing children and grandchildren! I can hardly wait to see the photos of New Zealand and Australia.

  2. I learned Fullstop too at school. Period for the end of a sentence? Never heard before… 🙂
    Geraldine shows her pretty dress to us. It’s wonderful.
    Lovely cirrus sky – they look always so fragrant and tender. They are said to be ambassadors for a warm front to come…
    I hope you enjoy your day!

      • Whew! So sorry 😦 Poor you, poor anipals… – But maybe the prediction time of that clouds is a little bit longer… (?) Hm…

  3. i think that the cold has got to Mr Brain….best stay warm Miss C cccc

  4. I see a jet plane taking off in your cloudscape. I think your mind is already up, up & away. All of those left behind may be bereft, but I know you will have a Bon Voyage. It’s time.

  5. I’m not sure if this is South African (only) or not but ‘the’ is sometimes pronounced as ‘thee’ for emphasis? Just 7 days now …. Laura

      • I do that too. In fact as a child i did not understand how the and The could be spelled the same. The boy for instance is pronounced ‘tha boy’. Whereas ‘The only way out of here’ is pronounced ‘thee only way…’ The vowels have such influence. (as opposed to thee and thou which is a completely different discussion). Maybe this is an accent thing? c

        • Thanks for perfect example … couldn’t come up with one myself 🙂 Laura

        • PERFECT answer! Vowels do change things. And not an accent thing. Much love, Gayle

  6. I have a similar state in my head. Words pop up but full thoughts and sentences just do not form. Sigh. Breathe. Think. Sleep. full stops at the end of each word. It must be our coping mechanism to deal with so many balls up in the air.

  7. There are days when words flow like lava
    and other days more like a blocked-up sink.
    This is a day to get out the plunger .


    We’ll communicate
    until the end of words
    love, humour and hope,
    instruction, stories and aid,
    And when words fail us,
    we can always smile
    and laugh and hug.
    Our humanity
    demands it.

    The definite article is something we can usually do without.

    ViV xox

  8. It’s because you are thinking of so many things. Overload! That is one of the annoying things about going on a holiday, all the preparation, and I don’t have a Farm to run. Not long now though and you will be able to sit back and relax, and read a good book on the plane. Full stop here too. 😊

  9. Some days are like that. Some days there isn’t even the The. It’s all empty staring into space until someone waves a hand in front of one’s eyes. Time for a vacation! (no full stop…exclamation point.) 😀

  10. Too much on your mind. But you will enjoy your time away because you have done so much preparation. The peahen looks like she’s waiting for the Full Stop to startup again and everything to carry on as normal. Take a break, then it will be easier.

  11. I could scream! Recently, Viv I believe described a sky of yours as ….????? I can’t remember, but I looked it up at the time and learned the name for TODAY’S sky is “horse tails”.
    The sky she named had myriad little clouds, all the same size. What WAS it? HELP!!

    • Was it Cirrus, the soft feathery clouds? Or a Mackerel sky, a sort of patchwork of small cloud blobs? So called because it looks like the markings on the side of a mackerel…

  12. “The.” It means nothing, really. Like an egg that never was fertilized. Or perhaps a fertilized egg that just stopped developing. It started out to be something but then just stopped. Love your comment about the labeling of meat loaves…
    “Tha.” may be an accent thing. As a Canadian, I think I say something more like ‘thu’ (not ‘thoo’, more like the u in ‘up’) than ‘tha’. And more inclined to say ‘Thee’, rather than ‘Thu’, when speaking of “the only way out of here”. LOL… this is beginning to cause me some brain freeze now.
    And it is going to get warmer… perhaps not today, but soon. How long ahead of time for your prediction, Irmi? According to the weatherman here, it will be back up around the freezing point by Monday, so I am telling myself to just hang on for three days and life will become easier. Three days — by then your arms will be used to hauling the water… lol
    In the meantime, keep warm and you, too, have a lovely day! ~ Mame 🙂

    • No-no, Mame, it’s not my prediction. I took this from (German) Wiki just in a quick read. But checking now deeper even here ( it’s more difficult than I thought because of the different occurences of this nice cirrus forms. Sorry when I took for granted what is not. OK, I’m not a wheather man. How ever it may be: these clouds are lovely. And my heart widens when I see them… Let’s see what happens after that three days… 🙂

      • I agree, it is a beautiful sky. If I were you I would stick to my prediction of warmer weather ahead… for a couple of reasons. No. 1, people will love you for your prediction… hehehehe… and No. 2, for sure it will be true because at some point in the future it will certainly get warmer…. (really lol)

  13. I think it is an accent thing…but what do I know? (The) last photo is a stunner C..period! So soon now and off you’ll go…getting everything in place before you leave is reassurance that all will be well in your absence. I can’t leave on a holiday until my kitchen is completely clean and everything put away and the rest of the house and yards are in order, even though I know it won’t stay that way a day after I walk out the door. I haven’t heard anything about the Cadet in quite some time…Is she ok, does she still come by to spend time at the Farmy?

  14. There was…..still is….an altrock new wave band in the early 80s called “the The.”….tha Thee…..that I used to follow… idea why they chose that name. Just a piece of trivia to go with your post title 🙂

  15. Have a great holiday. When the words run out it’s a sign . . . time for a good rest – or a change.

  16. Hah! When my sons were little I occasionally would use have to use this phrase to emphasize the importance of them doing what I had just said:
    “No questioning- do what I said. Period the end!!” Have a lovely evening!

  17. I think you are suffering from Premature Soul Lag. Soul Lag is my name for what happens when mind and body feel disconnected by flying across time zones. Your body is in Singapore, but your brain still thinks it’s London. Your mind is already on the way to Sydney, but your body is still sorting out feed and water buckets. And I’m with you on the pronunciation. Still talking like a Pom, I say Thee Apple, Thu (or Tha) Bear. I call them Full Stops… and Exclamation Marks!

  18. I see that Polar Vortex playing havoc in your area. There are all kinds of warnings out about protecting everyone and everything as the temps drop lower and lower. Lets just hope it gets over with now before you leave and stays nice while you are gone. You won’t worry about everything so much then. I get the brain freeze. My kids are always telling me to finish the sentence. It’s like the rest of it has gone on walk about. Comes back when it’s good and ready. Sometimes it’s from brain overload. I think that’s where you are. Good luck keeping all of you warm and hopefully have a nice night.

  19. there are a couple of counties in the midlands of Ireland where This That These and Those, are pronounced did dat dees and does. It grates on me every time I hear that accent. I had brain freeze for a couple of months on my blog, no matter how often I tried to type, the blank page syndrome set in and my fingers and brain refused to work. Hopefully the ice has thawed and I am back to normal.

  20. I am sitting here in lounge with enlarged copy of sky photo reading conversation not saying uh (a).
    I could write articles for photograph but won’t because I don’t know what is matter or what is thought.
    THuh (the).

    • Should be:

      am sitting here in lounge with enlarged copy of sky
      reading conversation not saying uh (a)

      could write articles for photograph but won’t
      don’t know what is matter or what is thuh (the)

      • That’s it! That’s what I was trying to do… its pronunciation is ‘thuh’….. lol (not ‘thu’, as I previously suggested). That’s English for you; what a goofy language. If we would just spell according to how we speak, it would be so much easier.

  21. Lyrics seem to abound and I’ll add: All my bags are packed,
    I am ready to go,
    I am standing here outside the door
    It’s early morn . . . . . [John Denver]
    And I use a ‘full stop’ . . . and if you already have not, DO read Roger’s of yesterday . . . . .brilliant . . .

  22. The view from the North door of the West barn is print or calendar worthy. I get the ‘The.’ thing… maybe our words are off elsewhere playing together… I lose mine when I’m tired… which I am at the moment. I’m guessing you are too. I hope this cold means progress towards warmth, and when you return from your trip it will be moving on.

  23. The desk (a particular desk); The Man ( remember that one?); The Mama (The in front of some words denotes a title); The dog is sick (either there is only one dog or it is understood a particular animal is being discussed). English is a fun toy!

  24. Interesting sky shot. Lovely peafowl. Is that Auntie Del who is getting so tall? I’m sure you have a lot on your mind. If a three-letter word–and a full stop–are what you have, then that’s what you have! Have a lovely day!

  25. After reading all of these comments, I had all sorts of thoughts swimming around and couldn’t organize any of it. Maybe I need another cup of coffee? I decided just to go back up and look at the images and keep it simple. Period. (I didn’t know it was called anything else and frankly have never give “The” much thought!)

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