What cold looks like

By the time I got in last night from feeding and bedding down all the creatures it was 16 degrees (-8C) . With wind.

They were forecasting an overnight temperature of 7F (-13C)  but I have not checked to see what it went down to yet. And it is getting colder – much colder before it warms up again on the weekend.

I know many of you are colder, I am not competing or complaining – merely reporting.  One of the aims of this blog is to be a diary of sorts.  A record I can look back on to compare years .

Pick a year – it is interesting to go back in time every now and then. 2014 was frightful. If we can live through that, and we did, we only laugh at todays cold. These short bursts that hurt my hands but not much else.

February 11 –





I hope you all have a lovely day.


57 Comments on “What cold looks like

  1. Just as long as all the animals and people are safely tucked up..the cold can come and go….brrrrr

  2. It’s a little colder up here in MN, but cold is cold after a certain point. We have these ridiculous gloves — practically gauntlets — that are tough and bulky on the outside and padded and warm inside. They make precision work impossible, but so do frozen hands! At least there’s less pain this way! I’m so happy to see above-freezing highs for next week. What a treat that will be, especially for the chickens!

    • Yes I have those too – so bulky – I wear my waterproof (and slim) gardening gloves underneath them so when i slide off the big ones to Do the things I am in the barn to do, my hands are still covered.. my gardening gloves are very worn too and soft so it works well. c

  3. I pray that it warms up soon for you – and stays that way while you are away, to make life easier for the fort-holders.
    We’re chillyi, but still just above freezing

    Look after yourself, as well as the flerd.

  4. Amazing what the animals can take! My dog doesn’t care how cold it is, he still wants his daily walk. The pace goes up as the temps go down! Got him a coat for the coldest days – I don’t think he really cares, but it makes me feel better!

    • Boo likes his coat, but Ton is always anxious if I lock him in at night, he is a nuisance to sleep until I let him out.. I should get him a coat too for at night. c

  5. It is cold here, too, at least for Tennessee. We’ll dip into the teens for a bitter weekend. New Zealand is looking rather good right now.

  6. I almost feel guilty writing about our weather in Oklahoma… it’s been anywhere from the 40’s to near 80 this week. Of course with that comes high winds and high fire danger. Lots of wildfires lately.

    • No need to feel guilty, as I said it is not a competition and with your warm temperatures come other challenges. We are not in forest at all so we have no forest fire risk here!.. c

  7. I can’t conceive cold like that ….until you mentioned hands. The tips of my index fingers are the most sensitive thermometers and turn white even in the freezer section of a supermarket. Once it’s below freezing, even with thermal gloves on, i can only endure a very short time cutting wood or the like. Bit soft, these Poms:)

  8. You’ve reminded me of 1983 — the year Galveston bay froze, millions of fish died, and I ice skated on the rink created with my apartment complex’s pipes froze and burst. Oh, my. I’m feeling ever so much better about our 50s at this point! Here’s to spring!

  9. It is all perspective for sure and what one is accustomed too! In Alberta -13 for day time is a lovely reprieve from -25 during the day. We’ve had a really mild winter this year. Only -30 a few times. Celsius of course!

    • yes it is all perspective you are right- celsius always SOUNDS colder. We are down to -3F on Friday which is -20C. The celsius version definitely sounds colder. And if i do not look up the temperature on the computer or my phone I actually don’t know what the temperature is here – inside or outside as we have no temperature gauge.. this has made a huge difference to my attitude. It is either Cold or not Too Cold. And this is what Cold looks like. Interesting how perspective and attitude makes such a difference.. c

  10. Brrr, that is cold and I remember some of those cold winters in Germany. It was almost 80 here in California. The almond trees are ready to bloom.

  11. the good thing about cold is it eliminates a lot of pesky bugs that show up in the summertime! Cold weather creates crystal clear air and magnificent views where we live- so I don’t mind the cold either! Have a lovely day today with all your Farmy Family!

  12. Yes, the past two winters have been dreadfully bone chilling here as well. This winter has, by comparison, been positively tropical, I’m sure! Like yours, it is very cold here today and, unlike yours, will stay very cold through the weekend… Saturday’s low predicted at minus 23 c. Right now, at 10:30 a.m., it is minus 14. But then come Monday the weatherman predicts temps back up around the freezing point, which, as I said earlier, is positively tropical for this locality in February…. so we are, for the most part, happy campers! After all, what’s winter without a good cold snap or two?
    I have been with you for about a year and a half now… and I do so recall the past two winters. So I went back further to 2013 and loved reading about your candle making enterprise. I am sad you no longer have bee hives, which I guess you had, and wonder why not. It appeared, from the rich looking honey in those jars, that you had a good harvest. And also reading about home schooled children you were involved with…that would have been fun. And no more?
    Hope you have a great day too! Keep warm. ~ Mame 🙂

    • Yes our temperatures are still dropping. The bees kept dying in the winters here – after three winters in a row of losing them I quit. It was too expensive. The home schooled children moved to Phoenix. Their mother did not like the cold. c

      • Oh, so sorry to hear about your bee experience. I often wondered about bee keeping and was on the verge of giving it a go when we lived in a rural setting, but that came to an abrupt halt after four years so it never took off. I was just reading last night about bees and their wonderful contribution to the environment and sustainable gardens. After three winters in a row of losing them…. hmmm, and one of those winters would have been 2013 when it wasn’t such a tough one. I can appreciate your giving it up in that case; it must have been very disappointing.

  13. It is now 5.38pm and it is still 31C/88F here, but your current temps are too cold. Hoping you warm up soon. Laura

  14. It’s warmer than last year here in Canada – today a high of -15C (5F) but windy (which feels like -25C / -13F). Last year was brutal in the -30C. Keep warm!

  15. You can always tell how cold it is outside by the fluffy size of your birds! LOL – our peacock looked the same during our storms last week. This week we are getting tons of sun and 60+degrees (C) so now everything has turned into a huge slushy – LOL. He (the peacock) doesn’t like that either – picky bird!?!

  16. I think as I get older I feel the cold more, a lack of natural insulation and a metal hip do not help. I am not complaining, I can get up, move about, go out and have fun. There are many my age or younger unable to do any of those things unaided. Next week I will be on holiday feeling the warmth of Australian and New Zealand’s sunshine through your photos, Miss c. I am so looking forward to our virtual vacation.

  17. I’m glad you are warm in your clowny blimp outfit. If it works, wear it. That’s my motto. I HATE being cold almost more than anything, although I have to say there’s one aspect of coldness I like. It makes things seem cleaner. And your farm does look beautiful, crisp and clean.

  18. When I think of the length and width of Sheila blocking the two girls in, she is a formidable door.

  19. With so many competent knitters amongst the Lounge visitors we really should have sent a few pairs of leg warmers over for those poor birds with no flesh on their legs . . . and, hmmm, am certain you will be warmed in more than one way by Melbourne . . . from your Wellington visits seem to remember a cappuccino/latte whatever does not go astray: well that city with its gorgeous alleyways isn’t short of places to sit down . . .

  20. It’s a great photo against the sun! And I love the header shot. Great landscape shooting both!
    Stay fine, Celi!

  21. I remember that bitterly cold winter that never seemed to end, and the time you fell and hurt your back.

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