Flip Side

And so it started to snow. Just a little bit for a long time.


And still it was not cold. Not really cold. Just snowing cold. But quite, quite different from the last few weeks of mild winter.


Not one of the animals changed any of their behaviours.  Only the Miss C animal. I did not drive the tractor down the back through the blowing snow with their hay, feeding them in the yards instead and I carried all their water out in buckets but all the birds stayed inside (just for the moment they assured me, until the wind stopped).



Today will be colder but a little more of the same.  I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi

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  1. our snow has gone and for two days the sun came out but today it is cloudy , cold and a bitter wind

    All stay warm over in that strange land that u live in…lots of love


  2. Yeah, it’s cold down here too, and with a ferocious wind yesterday! Today is supposed to be a bit warmer. Fingers crossed! Stay snug and warm!!! XO

  3. Snow always seems to make the landscape seem so vast. Little Not-so-difficult seems to be filling out and growing up at last. Keep warm and stay off the ice. Laura

  4. Snow and clouds hold the warm in. When they go and the sun comes back, that’s when it can get cold again. Keeps life interesting with the landscaping changing every day. Have a wonderfilled Wednesday.

  5. i like the picture of the house and trees. All of the animals seem content to stick close. Wrap your hands around a warm cup of tea.

  6. Got Max his food this morning and a pot of soup is on the stove. Bring it on! I’m about as ready as I’m going to be. 🙂
    I hope this cold snap is as short as they claim it will be.

  7. I love seeing mammals with a fluff of snow on their backs! A healthy, well-insulated cow looks like a walking frost ball. It’s not unlike a well-insulated home having snow or frost on the roof. The hair protects the body from the cold. Underneath that winter coat of hair is a very healthy, warm, comfortable cow that is not stressed at all by the cold. You have happy cows!! 🙂

  8. The farmy with its bare surrounding trees looks so pretty with that little bit of snow . . . and some of these cow tummies ARE growing at a comfortable rate . . . nice . . .

  9. We had a lovely day of sunshine but it was cold. The rain is due back tomorrow, I think it just took a day off. My father often said when talking of the weather that it was to cold to snow. Is the Cow bar sinking? It looks closer to the ground each time I see it. Stay warm Miss c.

  10. So, so lucky Miss C. Hot here today. Melbourne weather just perfect, practicing for your visit I’d say.

  11. Unseasonably warm here in Sacramento, California. 72 today. Just nice and mild and keep the door open weather. There is a screen door to keep out the bugs, although I haven’t seen any so far. Went to my daughter’s storage locker today and she pointed out “the biggest cockroach you’ve ever seen” and I took a picture of it. *I* think it’s not a cockroach after all, but a big beetle of sorts. The bug was dead and had been there since she had rented the storage unit. No granddaughter today and my daughter and I had a really good time, even though it entailed moving some boxes. Much love to you allllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Gayle

  12. It looks inexplicably cosy, even in the knowledge that it’s so-so-so cold. I love the way a camera can filter out the hardship if you put your eye to it. It’s all in the believing. We have sun, believe it or not. Lovely blue sky and a rock hard frost. xx

  13. The photograph of the trees is haunting. They seem angry. Or frightened. The house looks lonely. You caught cold. Well.

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