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I am delighted to report that we have so many zucchini that we are eating them at every meal and so are Molly and Sheila and Poppy and even Manu. Though John: not so much – he is already ‘over’ them.


So many of my woofers over the years have been the children of immigrants. And, for me, the most wonderful thing about having such kids around is the discussions about the food their parents have brought to America with them.  Food is big talk… Continue Reading “POLISH DUMPLINGS (PIEROGI RUSKIE)”


I always think that for the first few days in a new country a person runs on pure adrenaline.  And adrenaline is injected via images and sounds and scents. Each creating the push that keeps one going.  But in so doing: disabling the ability… Continue Reading “Adrenaline”