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Little Hiccups along the Road

The family has been busy these last few weeks minding The Matriarch who had a fall. You know how these things are. But with a very determined and positive attitude she is well on the way to a complete recovery. But the first few… Continue Reading “Little Hiccups along the Road”


The wheat has been harvested and my fields have lost their romance. The wheat has gone. It was here – so beautiful and now harvested and collected and gone to be tested for all manner of things before the women at the Mill turn… Continue Reading “Endings”


So many of my woofers over the years have been the children of immigrants. And, for me, the most wonderful thing about having such kids around is the discussions about the food their parents have brought to America with them.  Food is big talk… Continue Reading “POLISH DUMPLINGS (PIEROGI RUSKIE)”


Jake could best be described as my closest friend and good food soulmate here in America. He has his own huge gardens selling vegetables and eggs to Chicago,  is developing a farm to table restaurant and also, above the restaurant ,has an airbnb. Last night… Continue Reading “A PRETEND PARTY AT JAKES”

Making Ravioli

Yesterday Chicago John drove down from the city to help us make ravioli for the freezer. This is an old family tradition and he came armed with the filling and the flour, his rollers and molds. Everything we needed. My chickens supplied the eggs… Continue Reading “Making Ravioli”

After Dusk

I was making dinner last night (the creamy dill chicken in pasta with a butternut salad)  and hanging a yoghurt up to drain for the labneh today when I suddenly realised I had not taken any photos for you. So I pulled off my… Continue Reading “After Dusk”

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips on the Beach. Nothing better on a beachy sunny day. Today we drive off into the country to set up the venue for Senior sons wedding. Lots to do yet! Life is good. Love your friend, celi        

The Omnivore’s Farm

Things are starting to wind down on the farmy in some ways. And wind up in others. The bulk of the apples and tomatoes and vegetables are in jars and in the cellar. The pears and apples are next in the crusher, not quite… Continue Reading “The Omnivore’s Farm”

The Last of September – What I learnt from the Challenge.

For the last meal of the Home Grown September Challenge we had roast lamb slathered in a yogurt, lavender and garlic paste.  Roasted baby pumpkin, roasted beets, roasted shallots tossed in rosemary and hot butter and a huge green salad with an olive oil,… Continue Reading “The Last of September – What I learnt from the Challenge.”

Uova da Raviolo .. kind of

But first it was dog wash day. Poor fellows – commiserating with each other. Well Ton is commiserating, already Boo has lost focus. The dough for the pizza bianca.  It will be brushed with olive oil, a little salt and a whisper of rosemary.… Continue Reading “Uova da Raviolo .. kind of”