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So many of my woofers over the years have been the children of immigrants. And, for me, the most wonderful thing about having such kids around is the discussions about the food their parents have brought to America with them.  Food is big talk… Continue Reading “POLISH DUMPLINGS (PIEROGI RUSKIE)”

10,001 AT 7.47PM

I realized last night when I was loading pictures that my blog has attracted over 10,000 follows now. This blog is my solace and comfort and company, without you all I would never have survived out here in the Midwest. Thank you all so… Continue Reading “10,001 AT 7.47PM”


If you were hanging out in the Kitchen’s Garden Lounge of Comments yesterday you would have read that a piglet was lost in that first cold night.  I found him dead on Poppy’s side of their quarters.  Being the Lady Pig Farmer is not… Continue Reading “SIX WARM PIGLETS”


GETS into everything.  Snow like Sand. Everywhere. Like the SPOT. Seuss’s spot.


I think we have solved the mystery of the murdered chicken in the loft of the big barn. Boo found a possum in there yesterday evening. And grabbed it!


The chickens are supplying us with at least three dozen eggs a day sometimes more. One dozen a day goes to the pigs and the others are sold.  Last week I sold fifteen dozen eggs. The pigs had a few less though. This week Jake… Continue Reading “EGGS GALORE”

Divide-ing time

I should dig this up and divide it but who has time for things like that. There really is very little time for gardening when there is so much to be done on the farm and The Armadillo and all his skin protocols takes… Continue Reading “Divide-ing time”

Sunday from Monday

And today being Monday  we look back on Sunday which was a gloriously sunny gardening day until the clouds rolled in and it rained buckets again.  So far this summer we have had torrential downpours every week.  Sometimes two or three a week.  … Continue Reading “Sunday from Monday”