GETS into everything.  Snow like Sand. Everywhere. Like the SPOT. Seuss’s spot.

And this was sloppy, slushy, heavy wet snow  – coming in horizontally with a good strong wind behind it. Sticky.


We must have got just over two inches. Nothing like what was hysterically forecast. It started yesterday morning. After the first heavy fall the snow fell lightly for hours.  But was melting as the temperatures rose.  So the roads turned slushy fast.


I don’t mind it – most, if not all of it, will disappear today as the sun melts it and we need the moisture in the earth to get the old pasture rising and prepare the new for sowing seeds. We have rain coming in a few days.

That dark blue white world was just for the day.


Sheila in her house in the snow saying, I love you, I really  do but I am not coming out into that weather until it eases up. I am good right here.  Snort.

As another band of snow roars through.


Poppy still holding on, hopefully for another week or so.  I have found a second hand baby monitor with enough reach to give me a good picture of the farrowing pen from the kitchen.  (My old fellowship monitor, after doing two really good summers of work, finally gave up the ghost).  So I will turn that new monitor on tonight.

I think yesterday was our coldest miserablist day, maybe/hopefully/touchwood the last of the season. I think (I really hope) we are starting to slowly warm up now.  Though the cold nights seem to be hanging on in the forecast.


All the animals slept in their shelters for the day yesterday. Curled up and relaxed. Just waiting the storm out. It was a loud storm – the wind. It Howled.  The cows and pigs all slept – even I was in the grip of inertia – just rolling along doing only what I needed to do.  Winding down as the day went on.


But this morning is dawning still and calm and cold and pink –  22F/-5C as I write.  With the welcome sun rising to put the fields back to rights and encourage grass growth as the new moisture soaks into the wakening roots.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


Sunday 03/25 0% / 0 in
Sunny to partly cloudy. High near 45F/7C. Winds E at 15 to 25 mph.

Sunday Night 03/25 0% / 0 in
A clear sky. Low 27F/-2C. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph.

6:47 am  – 7:10 pm

First Quarter, 59% visible 12:51 pm 2:53 am

29 Comments on “SNOW LIKE SAND

  1. Sometimes the inertia of a snowy winter day can be a wonderful thing. Gives us time to just sit and watch the beauty as the flakes fall, and marvel over them. 🙂

  2. I worked in the little town just north of me yesterday. I drove 30 up that blacktop and with a death grip on the steering wheel. (It had snowed in my little town all night. ). 4 miles north of my little town ……nothing! The road was clear..not one white spot in the fields…..nothing! It was so strange to see that. When I pulled into Casey’s the girls inside were looking at my car and asked where I had come from. . I said only 8 miles south. People came in the little PO all morning to ask about the snow on my car. 🙄 But by the time I headed home they were getting snow. So I had to drive 8 miles back on slushy roads. It will be gone soon. See you this week!

    • A friend up in Herscher said they got only a dusting – what a weird localised series of squalls. Funny you thinking you were in for a nasty drive and there was nothing at all!!

  3. We remained dry all day due to the winds off The Lake. With the water temp only in the upper 30s, that wind kept it pretty cold. We were lucky, though. Iowa got hit pretty hard. I do think you’re right, that this is the last of it but I’m still not going to drain the snowblower’s gas tank. There’s belief and there’s reality. 😉

      • Ah, well this is a scene from Star Wars Episode 2, where a very poorly-written character is trying to romance a princess. He does this by talking about how much he hates sand and how she’s nothing like sand. He specifically says sand is “irritating and gets everywhere… Not like you.”
        It’s painted as a very serious and romantic moment while this moody teen is waxing poetic about how bad sand is. His sandy speech makes her swoon and they kiss and it’s all very strange.
        It’s become a moment of great amusement on the internet for how bad and awkward it is, and it’s made fun of a lot. Now whenever someone mentions how much they hate sand or how it gets everywhere all I can think of is a moody teen boy gazing into the camera and saying “Not like you.” as if it were a compliment to be compared to sand.

  4. The eerie blue in your pictures is quite picturesque even if the snow and chill is not particularly pleasant. Spring will come in its own good time and the animals are wise enough to shelter and wait it out. It’s only we humans who are impatient … I think. 🙂

    I’m fortunate to be living in south-western Ontario, with mild weather for much of the year. Even in the worst of weather, when our cousins in Toronto (the Good) whine and complain about the snow storms coming their way, we’re snug and warm and know that the worst will rarely hit us. The tulip, narcissus and Naked Lily leaves have been up for about a month now and are over six inches tall. I don’t know if I’ll have flowers for Easter but I’m keeping an eye out. Take care.

  5. I think a day of puttering about sounds just like what you needed. And all the creatures thought so too, and stayed comfortably and quietly at home. I must look back through the posts and find myself a photo of Miss Sheila with a nose that’s bright lipstick pink from the cold…

  6. Signage on our highway says to “carry chains at all times”. More than once this has proven itself true. I was in the flatlands of Fresno and surrounding areas a couple of days ago…warm, sunny with skittering clouds. By the time I got to the highlands, lightning, thunder, rain in sheets, and then snow! Power outages, floods, cave-ins, cars floating away, flash floods, ad infinitum! Just a nice, calm snowy day like yours would be so pleasant! Stay warm and happy!

  7. No snow here, no rain either, just windy and kind of raw. I like the moody blue and white photos. I wish things weren’t so circumscribed here with all the buildings and the hill. It would be wonderful to live somewhere with that openness and space.

  8. A snowstorm can be lovely and elemental and when it happens in March, the bonus is the stuff will be gone shortly…

  9. I had an internet attack a couple of days ago so I’ve been cleaning it up and all seems well now. Catching up now. Glad to hear the storm wasn’t. Everyone there is safe and sound. Hope the possum doesn’t come back. Keeping good thoughts for you.

  10. Me and my peculiar sense of humour: can’t stop laughing about Poppy and you being connected by a baby monitor when her ‘time comes’ ! And to someone looking out of the window knowing our autumn weather this week will still top the 30C mark with being warned by the weather Bureau that the nights will unfortunately be ‘cold’ at 14-18C . . . well, that snow looks so pretty even tho’ I hate the sinister clouds . . . 🙂 !

  11. OMG – more snow!
    There was even snow on the hills around Barcelona last week, but it rained cats and dogs on Saturday, so I think it’s gone now.

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