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Jake could best be described as my closest friend and good food soulmate here in America. He has his own huge gardens selling vegetables and eggs to Chicago,  is developing a farm to table restaurant and also, above the restaurant ,has an airbnb. Last night… Continue Reading “A PRETEND PARTY AT JAKES”

Route 66 Day

Yesterday we went for a Sunday drive on Saturday –  along Route 66. A number of towns along Route 66, which is just 30 minutes from here, hosted what they called the Route 66  Red Carpet Corridor or something like that. And as the day was sunny… Continue Reading “Route 66 Day”

In between Time

I am sitting in my hotel room in Los Angeles, California. I have a long list of paper work that is not really paper work  it is all done on the computer but you know what I mean. First order of the day for… Continue Reading “In between Time”

Another Peek at Route 66 – Just for Kicks

I am trying to distract myself from staring at Charlotte all day, she has SEVEN days to go before we can even think about expecting any piglets after all. Pigs are usually farrow quite close to their dates and I hope she goes all… Continue Reading “Another Peek at Route 66 – Just for Kicks”

A Route 66 Reconnoitre

When I was small I wondered whether the colours that I saw were the same as the colours you saw. I wondered if what we both called blue was as blue to me, as it was to you. I asked my mother,” What if… Continue Reading “A Route 66 Reconnoitre”

Hope you are right!

I have been watching The Poll and so far the  winning group is 8 or 9 piglets.  What do you think of that Charlotte? “Trying not to think about it miss c.  Now tell the barn flock to stop staring at Tui on the nest, they… Continue Reading “Hope you are right!”

New Zealand Week: watching the rugby from the prairies!

As you know we do not have cable TV. But because the rugby world cup had low ratings in the States, it was being shown on the free TV channels out here on the prairies. So we got to see a bit of it.… Continue Reading “New Zealand Week: watching the rugby from the prairies!”

Route 66 and Lasagne

A wee while ago we traveled down Route 66 from Chicago to California.  We did not get to eat any lasagna on our travels. Because no-one wants any lasagna other than Mama’s.  I am going to part with my old family lasagna recipe.  I… Continue Reading “Route 66 and Lasagne”

Bridge on Route 66

Yesterday we were on Route 66 and we found an amazing working drawbridge.  I am now a confirmed drawbridge stalker. I am gobsmacked by the engineering and sheer weight of the components and how they all link into each other. Plus as the traffic… Continue Reading “Bridge on Route 66”