Route 66 Day

Yesterday we went for a Sunday drive on Saturday –  along Route 66.birds in tree

A number of towns along Route 66, which is just 30 minutes from here, hosted what they called the Route 66  Red Carpet Corridor or something like that. And as the day was sunny and still and all the animals were settled and sleeping on the farm…

cows sleeping

.. we decided to take a drive and check out a few of the towns. Naturally Camera house came along for the ride.


And much to my delight Federico brought his camera too.  Quietly, without flare or noise but with great focus we stalked the main roads of each of the towns, photographing what took our fancy. Looking at the world through our lenses. old barn

There was a kindred feeling.

I enjoyed working with another photographer again.


old building route 66

Our Driver (Our John) checked out all the stalls and ambled around and like a loose herd of young cows we kept each other in sight without too much thought as we grazed the images of the towns.

Another great find. A Blacksmith. a real one, more on that later.

black smith route 66

We were not out too long as there was work to be done in the gardens.


Rain is coming and it is warming up so we are working as fast as we can to get all the brassicas planted and some seeds in the ground.old car

And look what I found when I got home.


A peacock egg. The turkey eggs are due ‘Early May’. I will see if the peahens lay any more and possibly put a few of their eggs in with the turkey eggs. I would LOVE to be able to hatch some peafowl after all this time.

I hope you have a lovely day,

Your friend on the farm,




39 Comments on “Route 66 Day

  1. What a nice present after you stole away for a drive. Maybe you should do that more often? (ha ha) Love the pics. I’m just going to bed; you must be early again. Nice to meet like this.

  2. peace and quiet on the Wetsern Front…its nice to have peace and freedom once in a whiile…Have they hatched yet?

  3. For a minute there I thought someone had parked a beetle backed Volvo in the driveway. Looks like a good day was had by all 🙂 Laura

  4. Love the photos. It’s been nice and wArm up here too, lots to get done outside and it was perfect.

  5. What a fun day! I love the shots of the old buildings. I am drawn to them as well as old houses, barns, and rusty things. Will the peacock egg go in the incubator or will they start laying every day?

    • Hopefully they will keep laying if i keep stealing them (they are on the floor though – not in one of the lovely nests I have made!) .. then when the turnkey eggs come I will try and hatch them.. c

  6. Oh, how I enjoyed this and happy to see the peahen’s have been laying. 🙂
    It is a delight to see parts of good old Route 66. I live but two miles from a section of it and have posted on it a few times, including when I accidentally found the sign, under the el tracks, in downtown Chicago that commemorates the spot where the Mother Road started. Those towns were such bustling areas when the old route went through them. It is nice to see they are still standing and being visited on weekends such as this. Thank you.

  7. Gosh, I know how hard it is to ‘get off the farm’ and do and see other things, as there is always so much to do on the farmy! It’s like that here too! But, it is important to get away and check out the world off the farm now and then. So glad you all had a wonderful time! xo

  8. I loved the green growth on the weathered brick wall. Gorgeous!

  9. A lovely outing on a beautiful day. It’s nice to get out and take a drive sometimes, discover new things. I hope Federico is enjoying his stay. It is still and the sun is shining here too. A good day for yard work before the rain comes later this week. YAY for a peacock egg. I hope that egg is the result of Mr. Flowers’ romantic dancing and of course, pea gurrrrl power! Enjoy your Sunday.

  10. I love the old abandoned shops and houses, though they do make me want to live in them and fix them up.
    You should definitely try hatching some peafowl eggs. I might get into trouble for saying this, but I’d be inclined to cook a couple of them to see what they taste like… 😉

  11. “Get your kick on Route 66!” We sure did today with these wonderful photos. I look forward to hearing more about the Blacksmith. The animals all looked so calm & well behaved and what a wonderful gift – a peahen egg. What will you do with this lone one?

  12. The old barns are the ones that grab my attention. Knowing first hand how important a barn is, I find it so hard to see abandoned ones, crumbling and collapsing.

  13. Thank you for the historic trip. I’m glad you sometimes get a treat like that. I was beginning to think your life was all work and no play! Exciting that the peahens are laying. With an egg that size you could make a big cake!

  14. I recall some years ago reading (was it a National Geographic article?) about how Route 66 was falling — had fallen — to rack and ruin, and the memories it brought forward of an emerging modern society. I wonder if Federico has any concept of the historical value of Route 66 and what he witnessed yesterday — well, I suppose your John could fill him in, and so a very good thing he was your driver 🙂
    Your photos are always so wonderful — I love Love LOVE the comparisons here… as in your ‘girls’ lolling in the sun with the barns in sight just a little before there are the boys lolling in the sun with their bikes in sight… lol And yes, the blue window with the tree growing out of the bricks is quite something! Ahhhh, a blacksmith! I had one of those years ago who lived down the concession road and around the corner…. and had him make me a genius of a firescreen.
    Good luck with the — what do you call it properly? A “pea egg”? hehehe… that sounds funny. Regardless, good luck with it! 🙂

  15. I loved this field trip and would have been right with you there, making us a trio of photographers. But since I live too far away in Minnesota… I like your description of wandering like a loose herd of cows. That describes perfectly how my husband and I keep track of each other while exploring small towns. He is, like Our John, without a camera. But he has learned what I enjoy photographing and even finds subjects to photograph that I have not noticed.

    Are the majority of the buildings in the towns you photographed so run down? It makes me incredibly sad to see this.

    • Hi Audrey, yes in Chenoa most of the central town is abandoned.. they closed its school and then the Grocery store and then the Post office – it is a glorious town and one of the saddest i know.. given a chance I would buy it all and give each small shop to a woman or man with a small business dream. – it could come alive again, and the houses in this town are just beautiful, really old and splendid.. why they will not bring it back to life again is beyond me…

  16. I’d be dying of curiosity to see what the egg tasted like, but also reluctant to eat such a rarity because of its potential… Beautiful photography as always, and the subject shows us you can photograph buildings with love as well as landscapes and animals!

  17. We live just a few miles from Route 66 and I travel a portion of that route every time I head into Bloomington.

  18. Oops! Accidentally hit enter. Just a few miles further south of Bloomington on Route 66, is Funks Grove. It’s known for it’s maple syrup. The girls and I drive thru Funks Grove weekly on our way to horseback riding lessons. I’ve lived in Illinois most of my life, so maybe that’s why I don’t think of Illinois as a beautiful state, but there is certainly beauty here and Route 66 takes us right thru some of the most beautiful parts of the state.

  19. I love days like this! Wish all the photos were coming in. It’s not you, it’s me (my rubbish connection hates your posts lately).

  20. What a lovely day out. It’s nice to have a change and dust off something we haven’t done, been or seen for a while; like finding a marker that’s been overlooked that renews perspective. We too love wandering festivals, fairs etch, me with phone… I must get a better phone or revert to camera as I’ve been a bit off it lately… and the G.O. pointing out interesting things. Excellent that all things were in order at home so you could do, some of the work paying itself back.

  21. I can’t wait to hear about the blacksmith! I live on route 66 here in Albuquerque! Great photos!

  22. C. These photos are extraordinary of your drive down Route 66. You won’t believe this but Dave and I were on a portion of it in Albuquerque on Saturday too! I thought of you! 🙂

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