Friday nights

Friday nights are my favourite nights for visitors … and so there were visitors.. my herd gathering and ME tired the next day. Which is today.   So here was yesterday.  cow in field



kids goats

… and my favourite – Sheila. pig sleeping

I just love this pig.  I love her.

I hope you have a lovely day. A pigs day.

Your friend on the farm





32 Comments on “Friday nights

  1. A very calming post, and welcomed here. Up early today and getting ready to face a busy one.
    Hope the day rolls along as it should for you — and Sheila keeps you smiling.
    🙂 Mame

  2. Did the wind farm go up recently? I don’t recall seeing it in your photos before. Goodmorning, it will be above 70F here for the first time this year 🙂

    • Yes, they all snuck in this last winter.. the farmland is a mess up there now.. and when they come online the whole horizon will be blinking with red lights all night every night.. ah well.. nothing to do.. but it does feel very industrial .. c

      • We have them all over the place here, the like to place them high which means on the Niagara Escarpment here. Fortunately we don’t see any from here but they are some of the ugliest things on earth and not particularly efficient either.

  3. who on this earth could not love Sheila. She is a pig with character, charm, wit and a mind of her own. I think we all love Sheila but you have her with you so you can touch her and talk to her and you are part of her life… are one very lucky lady! love to you all xxxxx

  4. Sheila looks quite content – very glad she didn’t have to muck around with babies, I’m sure 😉

  5. A smiling pig!! A smiling sleeping pig!!! All’s right with the world!!

  6. Ahh what a smiley pig. She looks like she is having sweet dreams, about food I bet! That rain is coming our way soon Viv x

  7. If the weather forecast is true your temps are higher than mine today – for the first time this year 🙂 Bakerpete is right – I’ve never noticed the windfarm on your horizon before either! Enjoy your weekend. Laura

  8. There isn’t a face in the world that can show contentment better that that little (big) piggie face. We all love Sheila. 😀

  9. Snap! We both have wind turbines in our daily view. I can see fifteen from the windows at the back of my bungalow. They are on and partly behind a hill in the distance. I love when the sun catches the base and slowly moves upwards as if to set the blases in motion. In my next life I want to be a pig living at the Farmy!!!

  10. Aw, pure contentment on Sheila’s face! I am getting ready to head to the next town (twenty miles) to the pool place and the farm stores – and I am wearing my Sheila t-shirt! Oink oink!!

  11. Sheila has the contented air of a queen. Great close-up of her with her eyes closed.

  12. Happy animals and a tired, but happy farmer. The sun is shining here, but the temperature has stayed lower than usual, i.e., cool nights and not sweltering yet. It is wonderful. Have a good day, do the minimum, pet the herd. 🙂

  13. Well crap, thanks. Now I’m singing one of the worst songs to come out of Fame the T.V. series. Watched every episode. Appreciate the earworm and a blast from the past!!

  14. From the rusty hinge right down to Sheila’s sleepy smile, every image in this post is beautiful and speaks thousands of words. What a beautiful day!

  15. Think of the wind farm as kinetic sculptures. I will remember Sheila’s contented face next time I am thinking ‘as happy as a pig in…’ xx

  16. Being of Scandinavian background I absolutely delight in the elegant stylish simplicity of windfarms: think how successful Denmark is with its both on land and snuggled into the sea! Have actually just looked at the published negatives of our growing number as blinking red lights throughout the night would not thrill me either! Seems to depend on how close one is to an airport . . . noise: looking at the picture you should not hear . . . Oh, but think of the wonderful benefits 🙂 !! Wind, water, sun . . . more please!!!

  17. I can’t remember seeing the turbines in any winter photos – is it not clear enough to see them Celi, or you just dont take pics in that direction when it’s snowing? 🙂

  18. Sheila looks happy. Maybe you can train her to return her bowl at feeding time. 😉

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