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in, out, off, on, gone

I reached California last night, safely encased in my travel bubble, booked into my cupboard sized relatively economically priced hotel room, pulled off all my winter gear, went back to the lobby and bought fruit, water and toothpaste, (always with the toothpaste) then lay… Continue Reading “in, out, off, on, gone”


I am off to California today. To visit another branch of my family.My third son and his family. If I had been able to get out  to Canada as well this winter, to see my Eldest son, I would have seen all five of my children… Continue Reading “Gone”

In between Time

I am sitting in my hotel room in Los Angeles, California. I have a long list of paper work that is not really paper work  it is all done on the computer but you know what I mean. First order of the day for… Continue Reading “In between Time”

I think I might go to the beach

Look at my sunrise.  Yes. You are right. There is no rising sun.  No sun. No sky. Everything white and frozen. -7F (-21C). We have a hoar of a frost.  The trees are creaking and cracking under this ice. This bitter prairie goodbye. I… Continue Reading “I think I might go to the beach”

Cameos from California

Actually more of a vignette, but cameo and California rolls off the tongue.. As we speak I am off out this morning to check all our animals on the farmy. c Tomorrow we will get ourselves all up to date on the farm. But… Continue Reading “Cameos from California”

Landing in the land of FAST internet.

I left the damp and sepia plains at 6.30 in the morning and drove in  a very bumpy bus up to Chicago. Sometimes I question whether these buses produce their own sneaky versions of square wheels.  The jiggling out of focus red hat of… Continue Reading “Landing in the land of FAST internet.”

Following a Mandarin through a massive Californian Packhouse

We are going to follow a mandarin today.   We are going to visit a fruit packhouse, it is my last day in Central California. Nothing you will see  is sustainable or organic and absolutely nothing is old fashioned. But interesting nevertheless.  This packhouse… Continue Reading “Following a Mandarin through a massive Californian Packhouse”

Steak and Cheese Pie around the pool in the Californian Fall.

My son’s wife, who loves good food, has been patiently waiting for me to cook a Steak and Cheese Pie.  There have been jokes about me using a steel glove in the kitchen from now on. So I sat by the pool for a… Continue Reading “Steak and Cheese Pie around the pool in the Californian Fall.”