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Home again, Home again …

Jiggidy Jig.  I am home.  Back on the farmy. The sun has risen to a cloudy day. It looks like rain and warm.  42F (9C) .  I can hear the calls of the red winged blackbird outside the window. This is the bird that… Continue Reading “Home again, Home again …”

Australia: Melbourne. Again.

Yesterday after a somewhat harrowing journey with the added interest of a flight that took off over two hours late,  I finally arrived back in Melbourne. After greetings, a few of us walked to a grand little pub called Lincoln for a beautiful small plate dinner… Continue Reading “Australia: Melbourne. Again.”

Through the eyes of a son

Today I leave Wellington and climb back on and off  …another couple of planes and head back to Melbourne, Australia. But before I go my Senior Son took Camera House for a walk around his Wellington garden. Tomato Sauce simmering in the kitchen and all.  Have… Continue Reading “Through the eyes of a son”

bus, train, tram, lunch

Yesterday Fede and I climbed on a bus in Apollo Bay and it carried us to Geelong.  It was a windy road along a series of beautiful beaches.  But a windy road in a bus. Enough said. Then we ran, laughing with relief at being… Continue Reading “bus, train, tram, lunch”

Australia: A Beach

To reach the beach we walked through the bush from the house (in New Zealand and Australia we call the woods/forest The Bush) down a well maintained path that meanders across a reasonably steep hill and then through a lagoon until accompanied by the applause… Continue Reading “Australia: A Beach”


I always think that for the first few days in a new country a person runs on pure adrenaline.  And adrenaline is injected via images and sounds and scents. Each creating the push that keeps one going.  But in so doing: disabling the ability… Continue Reading “Adrenaline”

Australia: The Beach House

And so we have arrived at Location Number One. Up into the hills from Apollo Bay.  And this was my view yesterday evening as we carried what seemed like an enormous amount of food through the doors.  We bought a couple of chickens at… Continue Reading “Australia: The Beach House”

Living in the Land of Flood and Fire . Guest post by Eha.

(Good morning everyone, Eha is our guest Un-Blogger today. As a child she emigrated from Estonia to Sydney on a big ship and now later in an eventful life she is living in a part of Australia that is smouldering with fires.  She wrote… Continue Reading “Living in the Land of Flood and Fire . Guest post by Eha.”

Hello I’m Sally, AKA Red Box Gal –

And I have been asked to be the first  guest blogger whilst Celi is away. I live in Australia but I was not born here.  I grew up in the British countryside then spent many years in various cities (London, New York, Sydney) before… Continue Reading “Hello I’m Sally, AKA Red Box Gal –”