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Robin Red Breast has arrived

I saw the first robin yesterday. Is spring here yet? Um no. Because it was literally slating for a short while. Covering the windows in ice that almost immediately melted back off. But the robins did not care. They know change is on the… Continue Reading “Robin Red Breast has arrived”

The Sustainable Christmas Tree: Who Let the Grinch OUT!

Lauren, at the Vet’s Clinic, handed me the package. Merry Christmas, Grinch!,  she said.  Who told you I was the Grinch?  I said.  She just laughed.  Poo, I said as I left.  She laughed some more. Mama  (policeman sheep) is suddenly limping badly and… Continue Reading “The Sustainable Christmas Tree: Who Let the Grinch OUT!”

Confessions of a Basement Farmer with a Frisbee

Back to the Farm. There is more to this little farm than meets the eye. And in the interests of honest and transparent discussion I feel I must tell you something. I have been hiding this from you. I have a confession to make.… Continue Reading “Confessions of a Basement Farmer with a Frisbee”