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Yesterday afternoon – Camera House and I visited a little local town for Christmas on Main Street. 

The Morning After

It snowed all day, the day before yesterday, lulling us into it’s clean bright world. Then, yesterday, with a snide attempt at a grin the snow began to melt into muck. The two big cows are still on the concrete yards but Sheila and her calves… Continue Reading “The Morning After”

Flying Turkeys

Did you know – well, who knew –  turkeys fly? They sure love to be all over the roof of my house, but they talk nicely. Though they do not like to be separated. If they are seperated they cry and pace. Then they will… Continue Reading “Flying Turkeys”

Boxing Day

Though Poppy did get some Christmas left overs her manners leave a lot to be desired.  This is her latest trick. To rear up and plant her feet straight on top of the gate or fence snorting and shrieking and drooling. Not a pretty look… Continue Reading “Boxing Day”

Christmas Eve/Day

Because Christmas is not polite enough to fall on the same day of the week each year,  I am Always mixed up. I need continuity. Without a TV or radio to remind me of the day – a muddle happens. Two of my children… Continue Reading “Christmas Eve/Day”

Who is looking in your door?

I am a very lucky girl. A. because I love to have Tima looking through my door and B. because Tane cannot climb the steps – yet! Anyway he is too busy in the frog garden, he has discovered some unharvested beets and has a… Continue Reading “Who is looking in your door?”

The Sustainable Christmas Tree: Who Let the Grinch OUT!

Lauren, at the Vet’s Clinic, handed me the package. Merry Christmas, Grinch!,  she said.  Who told you I was the Grinch?  I said.  She just laughed.  Poo, I said as I left.  She laughed some more. Mama  (policeman sheep) is suddenly limping badly and… Continue Reading “The Sustainable Christmas Tree: Who Let the Grinch OUT!”

How to Make an Ice Bucket for Chilled Champagne

A special occasion needs a special ice bucket just for the bubbly. Here is how to make a nice Icy Ice Bucket.  Fill a clean bucket with water. Sit the bucket outside overnight so that the water in the bucket freezes. The next day,… Continue Reading “How to Make an Ice Bucket for Chilled Champagne”

Little Party nibbles: Mama’s Russian Fudge

Every Christmas our mother would make three different kinds of fudges. We would carefully wrap a selection in crackly difficult, transparent cellophane, then we gathered the corners together,  with a red ribbon, tied  in a bow.  We made  a number of little packages. A… Continue Reading “Little Party nibbles: Mama’s Russian Fudge”